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Pure emerald: 5 dishes with gooseberries for the economical hostess

Pure emerald: 5 dishes with gooseberries for the economical hostess

The gooseberry season is short — just a couple of summer weeks, and after its berries, neither in stores nor in the markets can you find it anymore. Yes, and a lot of gooseberries from the bush do not eat — too sour these amber berries. However, they contain a whole strategic supply of vitamins and trace elements, starting with vitamin C (it is not less in gooseberry than in oranges) and ending with pectins and organic acids.

It would be a sin to slay such riches — therefore we declare the struggle of the harvest and harvest berries for the future.

Gooseberry sour actually is his unique culinary advantage.

Thanks to her, gooseberry chutney, jam or pickled berries can be eaten not only with tea for dessert, but also used in a variety of roles — from garnish for grilled meat before adding to cabbage provencal.

In addition, with the filling of sour berries get the most delicious sweet cakes and cheesecakes.

It is also worth canceling that in most recipes the gooseberry is completely self-sufficient, while preparing five dishes we spent about the purchase of all the additional ingredients. 1000 rubles.

It has long been observed: with sour berries get the most delicious sweet cakes.

Fresh gooseberry has its own, special aroma, which disappears into the jam, but it is easy to extract and strengthen, if the berries are slightly blanched.

Extra acid will remove the egg-cream, and crunchy shortbread dough will make this gooseberry pie a favorite of summer country dinners.

Gooseberry Pie

At the mention of gooseberry jam, the word immediately comes to mind "royal". And then the imagination helpfully draws a picture of the summer camp of hard labor, when, in order to make the jam transparent, like a tear, the whole family gutted gooseberries for two days in a row, pulling out bones from each berry. Forget the terrible picture — for this jam the bones from the berries do not need to be pulled out, but orange peel gives gooseberry truly royal taste.

Let gooseberry jam does not shine transparency (nobody demands it from him), but with him you will save in the summer — strength, and in the winter — money.

Gooseberry jam

Unusual — spicy, sweet, sour and even a bit bitter — the sauce will set off the taste of steak or fried chicken, it is perfect for sausages and smoked meats, but it is completely self-sufficient: gooseberry chutney is tasty just spread on bread and have a bit of sugar with sweet tea.

Gooseberry Chutney

If you cook only one gooseberry compote — it will be easy "wine" smack that not everyone likes.

But mint and lemon emphasize the merits of the berries, eliminating all the disadvantages. Take on the compote of gooseberries strong, even unripe berries — they will not turn into porridge during cooking. Green varieties preferred — red gooseberry during storage it can change color and appear in compote "rusty" shade.

But if you want to clear a transparent drink with something to color, throw a handful of red currants, raspberries or blackberries into the jars.

Gooseberry Compote

A versatile addition to many winter treats: pickled gooseberries can be added to potato and meat salads, served as a side dish with stewed or baked meat and even red fish, and also, instead of or together with cranberries, put provansal in cabbage.

Try adding pickled gooseberries, for example, instead of capers in Nysuaz or in Olivier instead of pickled cucumbers — you will get a new image of your favorite salad.

Pickled gooseberries

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