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Pumpkin soup with ginger, step by step recipe with photos

  • ginger (root) — 2-3 cm
  • olive oil — 3 tbsp. l
  • medium sized carrots — 1 pc.
  • cream — 0.5 cup
  • small onions — 1 pc.
  • pumpkin — 500 g
  • water or vegetable broth — 500 m
  • salt — to taste

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Pumpkin — one of the most picturesque vegetables. Round, smooth, bright and brilliant — such we are.

Pumpkin soup is eaten everywhere — in Europe, Asia, America, Australia and even in Africa. And more often.

Pumpkin dishes are very popular all over the world. In Europe, pumpkin soup is cooked, casseroles are prepared,.

instead of cream, I add milk and sour cream mixed with very sharp adzhika to the soup. This is a wonderful winter recipe — everything burns!

The recipe for lovers of super spicy dishes — delicious extreme-mm-th!

Super soup. Thanks for the recipe

Thanks for the recipe!

Soup is a miracle!

soup turned out very tasty, that is necessary! thanks for the recipe

in the cafe "Celentano" add chicken breast and together with all the soup they beat the blender too

instead of cream you can add coconut milk, very tasty

No, that should not be so.

Maybe the ginger root got old and fibrous, or you did not grind it enough.

I tried to make soup, the taste turned out to be interesting and original, but ginger, even after grinding in a blender, was felt in the soup, like raw crunchy pieces, is that how it should be?

Tasty soup, my family does not like pumpkin, and, in principle, does not perceive soup-puree, but then they almost licked the plates, put ginger more, see 5 in appearance, but did not feel the spiciness, added only pleasant taste and aroma, cooked 2 times , everyone is delighted, despite the fact that there was no cream in the house during cooking, but I really wanted to cook it, so I replaced it with good butter and milk, I can imagine how much yummy cream will be, and I’m not adding water, but broth from chicken breasts, and part of the breast then spread, when served, in a bowl of soup with top, thanks for the recipe

Good recipe. And I also saw on the site Sushiya that they add fish broth to their soup and try it (dry hondashi broth) instead of water.

And in the finished soup has added shrimp. Generally bomb))

Very tasty soup and simple recipe! Sweet cream with pumpkin in combination with ginger gives a very pleasant taste.

Everyone liked it) Many thanks for the recipe!

My favorite soup: an unforgettable combination of sweet pumpkins and carrots and spicy ginger.

Prepared elementary, ingredients available. I recommend everything.

Wonderful soup! Tasty, nourishing, and at the same time light and fast enough to cook! But instead of pumpkin seeds, I fry shrimps and mussels, added directly to the plate, it turned out incredibly tasty.

I recommend to everyone.

Thanks so much for the recipe!

Just cooked, divinely.

Very tasty soup !!)))) thanks a lot for the recipe))

Thanks for the recipe!

Quick and tasty! The only thing that ginger root put 1 cm, so ginger could barely be felt in the soup.

It turned out magically) although without cream, I did not find it at home, I was too lazy to go to the store.

Ginger rubbed 2 cm — the taste turned out sharper than I expected. But I love spicy and I really liked the soup. The combination of sweet carrots and pumpkins with the sharpness of ginger is delicious!

Prepares elementary.

Thank you.

The soup is just super. )) Thank you so much for the recipe!)))

Very tender soup.

Thanks for the recipe. The main thing is not to overdo it with ginger

Follow the recipe!

Soup is divinely delicious. Thank))

Ginger should be added half a centimeter, otherwise it is very sharp-bitter

Read carefully, fry the onions and ginger in a pan, then cut the carrots and put them in the pan (the same one) and fry a little broth (water), etc.

The recipe is cool, it is not clear just what to do with fried onions 🙂

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