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Pumpkin lentil soup, step by step recipe with photos

  • pumpkin — 500 g
  • pink lentils — 200 g
  • salt
  • fresh thyme — 4 sprigs
  • garlic — 2 cloves
  • vegetable oil — 2 tbsp. l
  • onion — 1 pc
  • water — 1 l

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Pumpkin — one of the most picturesque vegetables. Round, smooth, bright and brilliant — such we are.

Pumpkin soup is eaten everywhere — in Europe, Asia, America, Australia and even in Africa. And more often.

The recipes for soups are incredibly diverse. Hot and cold, light and very nourishing, and transparent.

Pumpkin dishes are very popular all over the world. In Europe, pumpkin soup is cooked, casseroles are prepared,.

Thank you very much. Very tasty and healthy soup! To avoid bloating, try to eat such food with cumin, ground or fennel.

You can just add it to the dishes. Food is easier to process. This is the advice of the Indians!

Be healthy!

Thanks so much for the recipe!

Loved it. I do not really like pumpkin, but then I ate it with pleasure.

A couple of comments: 1) prepare products (wash, clean, cut) in advance, before you turn on the fire. Preparing very quickly, just have time to stir and enclose.

2) thyme, it seems to me better to use dried, because fresh leaflets bitter.

I rubbed a pumpkin on a grater, took red lentils, turned out closer to the soup-mashed potatoes, as the lentils quickly boiled soft.

But it turned out very tasty.

Added smoked chicken.

Loved ate with pleasure.

Soup very much.

Regarding the pumpkin variety, I agree with Natalia; I used the butternat variety. Her flesh is strong and does not boil soft during frying and cooking.

Now I will cook often, quickly, tasty and healthy. I added chili a little bit, the pumpkin loves it.

For this soup, it is important to choose the right pumpkin. We grow Hazelnut, it fits perfectly, does not boil soft and goes very well with lentils and thyme.

But once I used another sort, in my opinion, French or something like that, so the soup really had to be poured into the toilet! Pumpkin boiled soft, in the pan floated fiber, instead of pieces, fu!

But with the fact that it is sold in stores I have never tried, I do not know what will happen. By experience, I can say that a pumpkin should be very tough, then there will be pieces that resemble the consistency of potatoes, but if it is as soft as a zucchini, then after cooking you will have a liquid fibrous zucchini in the soup!

From the best soft soup cooked.

if everything is done correctly and according to the recipe, it turns out very tasty. And if initially there is no particular love for pumpkin or lentils, why cook

comrades who give a full cast of this "wonderful" soup? "to feed" toilet.

Thanks for the recipe, the soup is very, very tasty)))

ochen` vkusniy, aromatniy i krasiviy sup! ya toje dobavila smetanu, timyana ne bylo, k sojaleniyu, no vse ravno ochen` ponravilos`! Spasibo!

Awesome. I added the cream, it turned out a gently piquant taste))) Thanks for the idea !!

Great soup. wonderful combination of ingredients.

Cooked from fine green lentils, added cilantro. Homemade thought that mushroom soup))))

they are different, but not so important that they cannot be replaced .. try with black. With red color, it turns out beautiful)

I want to try!) But tell me, are the lentil varieties very different? I have never eaten it .. I found a beluga (it is black) I can use it? even if everything is colored, it doesn’t matter to me, I’m not going to spoil the main taste? =)

I want to try!) But tell me, are the lentil varieties very different? I have never eaten it .. I found a beluga (it is black) I can use it? even if everything is colored, it doesn’t matter to me, I’m not going to spoil the main taste? =)

It seemed freshly.

She added a little curry, a circle of lemon and cilantro. That’s where the feast of taste happened!


Fast and satisfying.

The husband ate it all at once.

Thyme I did not have, filed with sour cream and dill.

was cooked boiled lentils, saw this recipe, instantly cooked soup, but with dry herbs (a little). thanks! delicious!

I also liked the soup. I, however, added 2 potatoes, respectively, by increasing the volume of water, fresh ginger (1 tsp) and to the starving husband I added grated parmesan to the plate.


Very tasty soup, thank you! Fresh IMYAN not found, prepared with a dry mixture "french herbs" — also great.

Lentils were multi-colored, so everything was colored, next time I will use only pink.

The soup is great!

Hearty, tasty, and most importantly quickly. My husband and little daughter are eating away, they are already bursting behind their ears)))

Wonderful recipe and very original !!

Thanks for the recipe the soup turned out very tasty.

It is true that for medical reasons I cannot eat legumes and I cooked it with brown brown rice, but still it turned out very tasty!

Try to cook will not regret.


Sweet and spicy taste.

Just cooked.

Easy and tasty!

The truth was very tasty! And unusual! :)))

Very tasty and easy to prepare soup. Thanks for the recipe !!

But only red lentils were cooked before the connection with the pumpkin for less than 20 minutes. She very quickly boils soft-))))

Yesterday my husband praised that she began to feed him not only very tasty. but also diverse! I want to try this soup without fail, because I never cooked pumpkin soups, and the reviews impressed me! :)))

Sooo delicious soup.

I advise everyone to try. Prepares quickly and turns out like in a restaurant.

I still add leek instead of onion.

It turned out delicious.

But I would not recommend using green lentils, because in this case, the soup is not very appetizing dark green-brown color.

really very tasty! The combination of pumpkin and lentils with thyme liked even more than with curry. I added fresh ginger root to the soup, it gives a slight sharpness 😉

Wonderful recipe. A very pleasant combination of pumpkin and thyme. I want to add a little about the latter — dried manifests itself in a dish even more fragrant, and if you use fresh, then take only its leaves, since the stems, even from the tops, will remain hard.

And yet, lovers of lentils, can try different varieties.

Pink boils hot stronger than yellow, for example, and you can play with the consistency.

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