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Pumpkin jam, step by step recipe with photos

  • sugar — 1.5 kg
  • pumpkin — 2 kg
  • Carnation — 7-8 pcs.
  • vanillin — 2 pinches
  • lime — 100 g

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Pumpkin — one of the most picturesque vegetables. Round, smooth, bright and brilliant — such we are.

Jam is considered a traditional Russian delicacy. This is a great way to preserve berries and fruits, the season.

Nowhere is culinary skill closer to alchemy as much as in preparations for the winter! Not so easy .

Pumpkin dishes are very popular all over the world. In Europe, pumpkin soup is cooked, casseroles are prepared,.

This is my favorite jam, crunchy under the teeth, and the taste is such that I can not compare with something.

I love pumpkin in all its forms, from raw to baked, but such jam, the tastiest pumpkin I have tried


Thank you very much for this recipe! Everyone was looking for it.

I am not a fan of pumpkin and my husband too, but I love this jam! I tried it in Armenia! I like this jam because it’s slices, not gruel, but also because it is crunchy! I advise everyone!

lime, this is not strange. I wonder how the recipe was coined. and about the taste, THIS IS THE TASTE OF MY CHILDHOOD. nothing like that.


Today we were treated to this jam, it is very. tasty and unusual, no comparison does not go with the slackness, which is obtained if the pumpkin is cooked simply in sugar pieces. try it.

This is the best recipe for pumpkin jam.

Without lime will never work with a crispy crust. The only thing I want to say is that at the beginning of cooking I take a piece of bandage and put a clove and cinnamon chips there. I tie it in a knot and throw it into jam.

In the end you can easily get this bag out of jam.

At the end of cooking add vanillin.

Remember to pumpkin cinnamon is very suitable.

And it’s not at all ironic about nails and building materials. Indeed, for pumpkin jam, as well as for nut, lime is needed. Chemistry in it exactly the same as in the usual soda or artificial vanillin.

But it is the slaked lime that allows you to give the pumpkin slices a nice crust on top, and inside — to keep an incredibly tender flesh.

Maybe with lime, of course, and tasty, but personally I will not give it away. I do it differently: I cut the pumpkin into smaller pieces, add dried apricots before, sugar / I like sweets / and cook all this, stirring it. Delicious. The taste of apricot jam. Everything I do on the eye. Approximately 3 kg of finished pumpkin 1 kg of dried apricots.

Lime taken in the store

And I do not so. On 1 kg of pumpkin -700 grams of sugar, I cook until readiness at the end of cooking I add a bag of vanillin and that’s all. No water and lime. It turns out very tasty and not cloying, we eat with pleasure.

The people are surprised. But we know that without lime water (this is a natural product and not some kind of chemistry) it cannot be prepared. They sell it in Armenia and this is a common thing. Without this, do not cook walnut jam, too. This is a complicated question. How can you find it. But thanks to this, the jam becomes absolutely awesome. I know that for sure. We always prepare this way.

Add some more plaster or fiber plaster to taste. Yes, there are five nails (finely chopped).

I did not understand a bit! so 100 or 200 grams of lime ?!

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