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Proper nutrition: the relationship of products among themselves

Proper nutrition: the relationship of products among themselves

Our body is a biochemical laboratory, and if in the process of preparing dishes to take into account the nuances of the relationship of products among themselves, we can not only follow the precepts of proper nutrition, but also prevent many diseases.

No wonder the caps of the cook and the pharmacist are so similar. therefore

Gnawing raw carrots or drinking carrot juice is highly commendable. But remember that vitamin A, the source of which are bright orange and yellow vegetables and fruits, liposoluble. That is, this vitamin is easier for the body to absorb in the presence of any fats.

Combine carrots, sweet peppers, pumpkin with vegetable oil, sour cream, cheese.

Apricots, peaches, cherries, currants and even red rowan — with ice cream, whipped cream or cream cheese.

Vitamin A is friendly with vitamins E and C — they protect it from oxidation, so the nuts and citrus will not disturb the harmony of your golden-orange salads and desserts.

And in the morning glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice, it makes sense to add a little cream.

Fish (vitamin D and calcium) and legumes + fermented milk products

All mothers are well acquainted with such a famous couple as calcium and vitamin D.

Calcium is necessary for healthy growth of bones and teeth of children, but even with regular intake of this mineral into the body without vitamin D, it is not absorbed.

Position save sunbathing, fish oil, or going to the pharmacy.

Not everyone will eat calcium-rich fermented milk products with fatty varieties of saltwater fish. Show your imagination: Add cheese to cod liver salads, stew mackerel in sour cream, broaden your horizons and try to cook Scandinavian milk fish soup.

Season the dishes with bean butter, for lentils, peas and beans are real calcium stores, and vitamin D is resistant to high temperatures and does not collapse during cooking.

Mollusks, veal liver, spinach and apples (iron) + vitamin C

Sprinkling seafood, spinach and apples with lemon juice is tasty and healthy. These products contain iron — pretty capricious microelement. With food, the body gets it very little and is absorbed in small quantities.

Vitamin C noticeably activates the process of its absorption and helps to get rid of iron deficiency in the body.

Good sources of iron — veal liver, pork kidneys.

So that the body could “catch” this iron, combine such products with rich vitamin C tomatoes, fresh or sauerkraut.

And do not forget about parsley and dill — their greens contain both iron and ascorbic acid.

When cooking «iron» dishes, avoid dairy products and legumes — calcium reduces the absorption of iron.

Eggs, vegetable oil (vitamin E) + tomatoes, corn, whole-grain bread (selenium)

Scrambled eggs, as an example of mutual reinforcement of antioxidant properties. True, not simple scrambled eggs, but with tomatoes, green onions and greens. This is about selenium and vitamin E.

They are effective antioxidants that protect the body from excessive formation of free radicals. Show their maximum activity in collaboration with each other.

Therefore, their simultaneous entry into the body can only be welcomed.

Egg yolks, green leaves of vegetables, vegetable oil eliminate vitamin E deficiency. Tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms, corn, whole-grain bread — selenium suppliers. But do not get carried away with prolonged heat treatment, it destroys selenium.

Therefore, tomatoes and garlic for the correct country scrambled eggs should not be pre-fry.

Do not hesitate in dressing salads with mayonnaise or sour cream?

Much more useful to use yogurt!

One shot will kill two birds with one stone. First, significantly reduce the calorie content of the dish — for many it is already an argument. But there is a second point: fiber, which is abundant in vegetables and fruits, is a good nutrient medium for the beneficial bacteria contained in yogurt.

In the vicinity of fiber, they feel much more comfortable and better take root in the intestines, healing our microflora, and later on they themselves help the body to extract vitamins and minerals from food.

Of course, we are talking about «live» yogurt, but if they are not, you can use good kefir.

Apples + bitter chocolate or buckwheat porridge + onions

In a healthy body, not only the spirit is healthy, the cardiovascular system is also healthy.

Contrasting showers and sports training sessions are not recommended, but there is a real opportunity to pamper yourself, loved one.

Eat an apple with chocolate. Such a simple dessert starts the process of complex biochemical relationships. quercetin and catechol. Quercetin, a substance found in apples, reduces the risk of allergies, myocardial infarction, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Chocolate (especially bitter) contains catechins, which reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and cancer.

Combining, these substances resist the formation of blood clots, reduce the risk of strokes, and also improve the condition of the cardiovascular system.

If such desserts damage the brutality of your image, feel free to consume buckwheat porridge with onions — the effect will be the same.

AT 12 was considered a vitamin of animal products until scientists paid attention to mushrooms. Significant amounts of this vitamin are found in the pulp. champignon.

According to the biological activity of the “mushroom” B12, it is in no way inferior to that contained in fish and in beef liver. In the fresh champignons of this vitamin, of course, more, and we highly recommend salads and sandwiches with them.

But it is relatively stable and with a not particularly long-lasting heat treatment is slightly destroyed. But vitamin B12 is very picky about their surroundings.

For good digestibility, it needs calcium, but under the influence of iron, copper and vitamin C, it turns into a substance useless for the body.

If you are hunting for vitamin B12, choose mushroom cream soup or julienne in the menu, or spread bread with butter, put thin slices of raw champignon on it and sprinkle it all with salt and freshly ground black pepper — very tasty!

Young baked eggplants (pectin) + unrefined vegetable oil

Fresh eggplants surprise us with their shape and color, and the dishes from them with a variety.

In many recipes Eggplants are friendly with vegetable oil, nuts and garlic.

And it is no coincidence that this wonderful team has good chances to win over low-density lipoproteins, which form cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels. Pectin in combination with unsaturated fatty acids helps lower cholesterol levels.

At the same time, eggplants should be young — they contain more pectin, baked, and not fried or stewed, and seasoned exclusively with unrefined vegetable oil.

In the process of roasting meat, poultry, fish proteins and fatty acids are damaged, are formed carcinogens, which harm the body. For those who are not able to give up the usual dishes, there is good news.

You will gain spices, namely rosemary, cumin, coriander, ginger and turmeric.

With their abundant use, the formation of harmful substances during frying is reduced by half.

And as a side dish, lean on broccoli, which actively removes carcinogens from the body.

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