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Proper food and blood pressure

If your blood pressure (BP) is starting to jump up or down — this problem will not be dismissed.

You can buy a bunch of drugs. And it is possible to begin both prevention and treatment with … food.

Delicious, but correct!

Hypertension and hypotension: what is it?

Hypertension is usually associated with an excess of fluid in the body.

The more blood the heart pumps through the blood vessels, the more it presses against their walls.

And if the vessels are also clogged with cholesterol plaques and the lumen is narrowed … If the heart does not cope with «pumping«And the liquid turns into edema … Did you think that the hypertonic’s main enemy is water?

Not, salt!

Salt retains fluid in the body.

Even if soups, teas and water are minimized, but the herring and smoked meat are abused, the increase in blood pressure to hypertensive patients is guaranteed.

At the rate of fluid intake, opinions of doctors differ.

Some advise it to reduce to a total volume of 1-1.3 liters per day.

Others object that it is water that excretes «waste«, Participates in the metabolism and the gastrointestinal tract — in a word, even with hypertension, it is necessary to adhere to the physiological norm of about 2.0–2.5 liters per day, of which about 1 l is part of the foodsoups, cereals, fruits, vegetables).

Both points of view are confirmed by research … To drink or not to drink — decide for yourself, and better with your doctor.

In hypotonia, in theory, it should be the opposite: salt — handful, water — liters. But! Low blood pressure does not guarantee a person healthy kidneys that are capable of daily records.

In short, when blood pressure has quite specifically fallen, sometimes you can fall on salty. And it is better to drink more — up to 2 liters and more pure water plus to usual food.

Drink a little, but constantly.

And see if there is swelling.

Lipoproteins of different densities carry cholesterol in different directions. Some collect «their» cholesterol throughout the body and deliver it to the liver, from where it is safely eliminated after processing and therefore is called «good.» Others, on the contrary, drag cholesterol into tissues and organs, and it is called «bad.»

Most physicians, however, claim that all types of animal fat replenish the piggy bank of «bad» cholesterol, which is destructive for blood vessels, and hence for the condition of hypertension.

But what is interesting, hypotonicism, they are also not useful!

On the one hand, there are studies that say that fatty foods can increase pressure. On the other hand, in case of hypotension, the vessels are sluggish, the tone is lowered, and we are also going to grow them in cholesterol plaques. It has been established: low pressure is increasingly combined with high cholesterol, especially after the age of 30.

The surest way to hypertension!

What really contains only “good” cholesterol is fish and shell seafood. In order not to get confused, they do not remember him in everyday life, and they generally do not consider all this useful food as cholesteric.

We now turn to the «bad» and call the main products of risk: fatty milk, cottage cheese and kefir, butter, cheese, cakes, ice cream, fatty meat and poultry, offal, any semi-finished meat products, as well as caviar and crustaceans: crabs, crayfish, shrimp.

Of course, it is very important in what quantity these products are and in what combinations.

Advice for all, and especially for hypertensive patients:

  • choose low-fat dairy products;
  • eat fish more often;
  • limit animal fats and partially replace them with vegetable fats, giving preference first cold pressed olive oil; it is better to exclude refined oil in general, the rate of consumption of unrefined oil is 20–35 g per day; vegetable oil does not contain cholesterol, but is very high in calories, like all fats;
  • in the meat row to choose chicken and turkey fillet, veal, lean beef

When hypotension is all the same, but not categorically.

The mere sight of steak juice running out of juice can bring hypotensive to life and even raise pressure a little.

And if you still eat “cholesterol” foods sometimes, remember: a piece of butter, cheese or egg is always better sausage or fast food.

The correct diet is not so much an individual product, but its proper organization, system, way of life.

Frequent, small portions of food, warm and hot drinks. A small interval of not more than 1.5 hours between sleep and food, both in the morning and in the evening. It is clear that the last dinner should be light — a piece of lean fish with a salad or smoothie, or low-fat kefir with a grain loaf.

But he should be!

Many diets, and especially the hungry days, and this: «i don’t eat after six«- the right way to attack hypotension.

We drink

  • Coffee and strong tea are better than green. This, freshly brewed coffee and leaf tea, brewed according to the rules, and not in tea bags. However, it has been proven that even good coffee increases the pressure in only 30% of hypotonic patients.
  • Fresh orange, dogrose broth, sauerkraut juice and other drinks containing vitamin C, which strengthens the walls of blood vessels.
  • Low-fat kefir, tan, airan — natural tonics.

Do not drink

  • Juice bags, sweet soda and all kinds of cold «teas».
  • Cocoa, as studies have shown, with frequent use reduces pressure.


  • Fish, as well as juicy meat in combination with vegetables and small portions of complex carbohydrates, such as: rice, buckwheat, couscous, polenta, fruncheza, soba, etc.
  • Grain bread, bran and porridge.
  • Vegetables and fruits are red, yellow and green. Japanese studies have shown that the bright color of food increases the pressure of hypotensive.
  • Raw celery root — in salads and smoothies.
  • Turmeric, hot pepper, ginger, cinnamon. These spices give a warming and toning effect, and with excess weight they help burn fats.
  • Honey and Royal Jelly.

Do not eat

  • Fat and useless, nothing giving the body food: chips and crackers, hamburgers and pizzas with fillers such as «sausage sausage«.
  • Dark chocolate, in large quantities, it can reduce blood pressure.

Task number 1 — Do not get fat, if necessary, lose weight. Restrictions — yes. Hungry days, as well as any stress, are not.

Problem number 2 — part with cholesterol.

Finally, it is necessary to replenish the reserves of potassium and magnesium, which are necessary for the heart muscle and the walls of blood vessels, which — mainly magnesium — are washed out with pressure-reducing drugs.

Even if you are not taking them yet, “feed” your myocardium and blood vessels.

We drink

  • Milk, cocoa (remember its calorie content!), fruit and vegetable juices, fresh with water, broth hips.

Do not drink

  • Strong tea, coffee.
  • Alcohol in any form.


  • Legumes, potatoes baked or “in uniform”, dried fruits, beets, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, melons and oranges (K and Mg).
  • Fish The proportion of poultry and meat, even the “lean” one, needs to be reduced.
  • Garlic — it is believed that it removes cholesterol and is good for the heart.
  • Citrus fruits contain vitamin P, which strengthens the walls of small vessels.

Do not eat

  • Fats, especially animals.
  • Spicy seasonings.
  • Meat and chicken broths.

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