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Profiteroles with strawberry filling, step-by-step recipe with photos

  • baking powder — 1 tsp.
  • salt — pinch
  • 2 tsp. gelatin
  • butter — 100 g
  • sugar — 3 tbsp.
  • 400 g frozen strawberries
  • eggs — 6 pcs
  • flour — 200 g

Came on the same rake of this recipe twice.

For the first time I was preparing the dough according to another recipe, and I tried to make the filling with strawberry, as described here.

Following the recipe, nothing thickened. But it turned out that the recipe remained in my bookmarks. Today, two years later, I decided to make profiteroles for my dear colleagues, before February 23rd.

And I stumbled upon this recipe in my bookmarks, not remembering his unfortunate history.

Having made the dough according to the recipe in everything except the number of eggs — I took not six, but five — and even in this case the dough turned out too thin and spread on the baking sheet like a pancake.

Generally, to the culinary sites that are compiled "content managers"rather than people sharing recipes that have been personally verified, trust is very low.

And now I’m here by foot.

And I in this recipe divided the total amount of ingredients into 2 and made a dough. The dough was not liquid, but very thick. Profiteroles turned out wonderful and rose and beautiful.

Thanks for the recipe.

I cook. Indeed, the dough is watery, I would reduce the number of eggs to 5 (and then, if they are not large). I had to lightly boil the ready-made dough, otherwise it would spread into ugly cakes. .and thanks for the recipe 🙂

did not really like the combination of jelly and choux pastry. I will not do more

Guest 07.10.2010: Not so 🙂 This is an eternal dispute between two directions — what to add to choux dough, whole eggs or only yolks. Try differently)

I did not read this in books, but my Mom always baked cakes and custard cakes when she said: while the dough is in the oven, do not kick your feet)). went to the kitchen quietly) and did not swear — and the dough rose

Wonderful recipe, but there is one important "but".

In the recipe and in the description it is not written that it was necessary to use only the yolks.

The photos clearly show that it is the yolks that are added.

Guest baking powder 1 tsp. Thank you for your comment

The dough, unfortunately, did not rise.

And please indicate how much baking powder you need.

I also got the dough a little thin.

Everything was fine, but their shape was not as beautiful as it should be, due to the fact that they immediately began to spread on the baking sheet.

In fact, the filling turns out to be liquid — I took fresh strawberries and even increased the proportion of gelatin, but the jelly did not froze completely, even the next day.

As a result, stuffed profiteroles began to get wet in some places, the second half of them had to be filled with traditional custard.

Tell me please, if the amount of baking powder is not specified, then this means 1 bag?

And yet, they did not rise with me, why?

And everything worked out perfectly for me, the dough was not liquid. Thanks for the recipe 🙂

the filling turned out completely liquid ..

Too many eggs (you need to take 2-3 times less) — the result is very liquid.

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