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Products that perfectly complement each other

There are products that are not only useful in themselves, but also are able to strengthen the positive qualities of each other.

Here are five examples of such salvation tandems that will help you solve the most pressing health problems.

1. Chicken and pine nuts. To strengthen hair and nails

Zinc and proteins
Pine nuts contain a large amount of zinc, which strengthens hair and nails, activates their growth.

But along with zinc it is necessary to eat proteins contained in chicken meat.

Helpful advice
Prepare a chicken and vegetable salad and sprinkle it with pine nuts.

By the way, vitamins and minerals from vegetables are assimilated more successfully due to unsaturated fatty acids, which are contained in nuts.

Alternative option
Cereal products are also rich in zinc.

Therefore, instead of pine nuts, you can add boiled wheat grains to the salad and fill it with a small amount of olive oil.

Vitamin A and healthy fats
Vitamin A is necessary for visual acuity.

It is fat soluble, that is, care must be taken to ensure that with it the body receives fat — in small quantities, preferably polyunsaturated.

Helpful advice
Fry coarsely chopped carrots in a wok.

Or prepare a salad of carrots, avocados, olives, or other foods that contain good fats, and season it with olive oil with a little vinegar.

Alternative option
Instead of carrots, you can take tomatoes, which, by the way, contain lycopene, a substance that strengthens the immune system.

Just like vitamin A, lycopene is better absorbed with fats.

A small amount of pine nuts added to a tomato salad will be an excellent source.

3. Brazil nuts and broccoli. Strengthen the immune system

Selenium, chlorophyll and vitamin E
Brazil nuts are a fantastic source of selenium. This substance, as well as biologically active substances, including chlorophyll and vitamin E, contained in broccoli, is known for its ability to strengthen the immune system.

The researchers found that these substances, entering the body at the same time, increase the useful potential of each other.

In the course of a scientific experiment, it was found that this tandem inhibits the growth of cancer cells 13 times more active than when these substances enter the body separately.

Helpful advice
Prepare a salad of broccoli, low-fat Greek yogurt, dried cranberries and braised nuts.

Alternative option
Tomatoes and broccoli together are as powerful a tandem as Brazil nuts with broccoli.

Instead of Brazil nuts, you can also use flaxseed or sesame seed, or eat broccoli along with fish and clams, which also contain a lot of selenium.

4. Shrimp and pasta. Improve brain function

Vitamin B and magnesium
Magnesium is necessary for normal functioning of brain cells (there is a lot of it in all products of wholemeal flour), and vitamin B6 (there is a lot of it in shrimps) improves absorption of this element.

Helpful advice
The easiest option is pasta with shrimps.

Fast, tasty and good for the mind.

Alternative option
A large amount of vitamin B6 is found in the liver, crustaceans and pistachios.

And magnesium will supply you with a large portion of white beans or lentils.

Phenols and Vitamin C
American scientists found out and documented the fact that the combination of phenols and vitamin C contained in oatmeal doubles the ability of these substances to prevent the formation of cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels.

Helpful advice
Add a handful of berries to the oatmeal and drink down this dish with low-fat milk.

The sweet taste of berries will do without sugar.

Alternative option
A glass of orange juice with a piece of rye bread also perfectly reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.

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