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Products for the New Year’s table — where to buy fish

But first, a few words about where a fish no need to buy. To visit for this purpose small wholesale markets or, especially, to buy a fish We absolutely do not recommend it from mobile trays that are today and left tomorrow.

And the point is not that the quality of the store fish tightly controlled, but not on the market, although in this too. The problem is different: what market traders mold on a fish any labels thoughwhite calf«, though «beluga«, anything.

Of course, lying is not good, but to be deceived is even worse.

Once there was a chain of stores in Moscow “Ocean«. She was successfully plundered in the early 90s, but two years ago, the Federal Agency for Fishery Initiative launched an initiative “The oceans» restore.

Do not worry, nothing happened.

For many years, the Fish Market has been operating in the center of Moscow, not far from Pyatnitskaya Street. To date, practically one name has remained of it — the range there is exactly the same as in the relatively decent fish pavilion of any Moscow market.

Similar grass carp issued for white fish.

In general, there is no need to specifically go.

To distinguish a good fish store from a bad one is very simple.

Fish store or fish department in the store, is required to sparkle clean from the counter to the refrigerator.

In addition, the store should not have fishy smelling from the feet, because fresh fish no such smell can be.

But no matter what, stores are the best place to buy. fish, because no store will accept a fish without documents, and the seller will never put a price tag on it that does not correspond to reality.

La mare

The undisputed leader among Russian suppliers of imported fish.

If you decide to order a fish in some other store, in half the cases it will still be from La mare, and even shops in the all-beloved Dorogomilovsky market receive goods from there. So why beat around the bush if you can turn directly to the original source?

The choice is the widest, although retail prices could be lower!

Fish department stores «Kalinka-Stockmann»

The selection here is not particularly wide, but fresh salmon and other imported sea a fish there is always.

Rumor has it that «Stockmann«Their own supplies from the Baltic countries — it is impossible neither to confirm them nor deny, but the quality of the local fish always on the top.

Fish department stores METRO

We already mentioned METRO, when they wrote about meat and poultry. WITH fish The situation here is no worse — a lot of import and domestic.

Storage conditions are ideal, strictly on ice and in ice, live a fish — in aquarium.

The problem is the same: you must have a treasured card.

Fish farms or fish farms

It is from here that almost all Russian river originates. a fish, sold in our wonderful city.

Only here nobody issues one a fish for another.

And here is cheaper.

There are so many fish farms around Moscow that you really can’t list them. In this case, it is pertinent to recall the proverb that the hungry needs not so much fish, how much in a fishing rod.

Well, here’s a fishing rod.

First, enter into the search box of any search engine the words “fish farms Moscow region”, or “fish farms Ryazan region”, or “fish farms Tula region” — depending on what is closer to you geographically. Then by all means call the selected farm and find out if they have a commodity for sale. a fish and if so, which one.

And go boldly, because the staff of the fish farms never lie to the intended buyers.

As for the range, it is almost the same in all farms: carp, trout, carp, catfish, sturgeon (although this is most likely not real sturgeon, a newly bred hybrid starlet and sturgeon) and the same White amur.

If you are very lucky, you can meet crucians, ruffs, bream and even pike — their young, some farms are buying on the side and releasing into their ponds, for fishing enthusiasts.

Where to buy meat and poultry

The New Year’s table differs from any other not only in that we prepare for it complex and solemn dishes, but also in the choice of products.

See below.

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