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Products for the New Year’s table — where to buy meat and poultry

Products for the New Year’s table — where to buy meat and poultry

New Year’s table differs from any other not only in that we prepare for him complex and solemn dishes, but also in the choice of products.

After all, not every day you will buy a goose or duck, marble beef or lamb leg, Astrakhan sterlet or Kamchatka scallops. On the eve of the New Year holidays Gastronom.ru made a list of the best places where you should buy all this luxury — so that the quality was guaranteed high and the price is not exorbitant.

Today — about meat and poultry.

We decided to start with meat and poultry for one reason only: these products should be bought as soon as possible, the best right now, because nothing is more expensive for the New Year as they are. So where is the best?

We have addressed this issue to the professional chefs. «Gastronome» Alexey Ivanov and Igor Letnev.

And they, without saying a word, called the same places.

Mozhaysky shaft, 10
If you focus, first of all, on quality, then Dorogomilovsky is what you need.

The veterinary control system is very well placed here, and competition takes care of the quality control of the products — most Moscow restaurateurs buy food at Dorogomilovsky.

pros. Excellent bird selection.

You can buy both game and half-game (that is, partly fattened on the farm), and farmer free grazing.

And it will always be known exactly from which edges this bird comes.


There are two of them.

First, expensive, and sometimes unjustifiably.

Secondly, it is still a market — that is, you need to understand the quality of products and be able to bargain.

It is best to drop in here from time to time, get acquainted with the sellers, talk with them about the weather and youth fashion, then the attitude towards you will be more affable.

11/3 Hour Street
Our chefs experience says that this is a very good market.

There is no such a choice of everything in the world, as in Dorogomilovsky, but the standards are strictly followed — both veterinary and assortment.

pros. Meat is cheaper here, but if you know how to bargain, it is even cheaper. In addition, excellent butchers work in Leningradsky — practically surgeons.

Lamb, beef, pork are good. Ducks and geese — too, but you need to look at the quail.

A definite plus: if you suddenly need something unusual, say, a calf’s scar, lamb neck, or pig intestines, then you can order, and the next day they will bring it all guaranteed.

Nuances. Uncertainty of origin of meat and poultry. Today, let’s say, lamb from Dagestan, and tomorrow — from under Tula.

But if you ask, they will surely answer and most likely will not lie.

Supermarkets, originally designed for professionals, but now gradually allowing in their bins and lovers.

Just first you need to have a card.

pros. Everything is packaged, verified and certified.

Products are mostly imported and high quality.

If lamb, then New Zealand.

If the duck, then the French.

A lot of carefully prepared semi-finished products: lamb loin, duck breast, marble steaks and so on, and this greatly speeds cooking.

Nuances. The main problem is to get a card; without it, nothing to poke.

The easiest way is to wait for the so-called Customer Day. The second problem: everything here is exactly what it costs, that is, with its own money.

Suppose if you see a cheap duck, you know — it is suitable only for extinguishing.

In addition, certain skills are required to work with imported products.

Zelenograd, st. Panfilova, 30
We can only talk about one of the regional markets — Kryukovsky, located in Zelenograd.

But we believe that if you have something similar nearby, you should definitely keep it in mind.


Kryukovsky is much cheaper than in Moscow.

Meat and poultry are supplied mainly from large farms located in areas adjacent to Moscow — apparently, for some reason, these farms cannot bring their products into Moscow itself.

We advise you to pay attention to counters with “halal” products, because they are usually of very high quality (however, this advice is valid for any market and supermarket).

Nuances. With all due respect, the choice in such markets is rather limited.

Pork is always sold, sometimes lamb, but the highest quality beef is unlikely.

Of the birds, there is guaranteed to be chicken, turkey, and, surprisingly, quail.

No one is sure where everything came from, and therefore many people write with inspiration.

The services of butchers can only be used if they have already seen how they work.

How to distinguish poultry from industrial
The origin of the bird always gives the way it was processed. If there is not a single feather on the bird, not a single speck, if the skin on it is very light and dangles like an overly large sock, these are signs of industrial processing (that is, exposure using a chlorine solution). If a bird was doused with boiling water, scorched over the fire and impacted by some other artisanal method, it means that it was grown without much innovation.

Although full confidence in the origin of the farmers can only give the appropriate certificate — just ask for it, and the seller will gladly present it (if he, of course, has it).

Illustrations in the text: Ltd "Bonnier Publications"/ T. Shkondina, fotoimedia

Where to buy fish

Freshwater fish and sea fish are different things, but one and a very good topic for pre-New Year analysis.

As in the case of meat, we interviewed several professionals. See below.

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