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Products for the New Year’s table

Question: what to do?

Answer: Here are 20 foods that you can buy ahead of time, which will not be eaten out of plan by your home, and which will allow you to quickly prepare quite a normal New Year’s treat.

And even very normal.

On the way, you will need to buy only a bottle of champagne and a couple of kilograms of tangerines, you already have everything else.

1. White onion

Pay attention — not the usual yellow onions, and not red, but white.

It is sweet enough to be used in a salad without scalding, and juicy enough to be fried and stewed.

Red sweet onions, great for salad, when frying is made purple, and yellow onions are most often so tearful that you can’t put it on the salad without scalding it.

We advise you to buy fresh fillets, wrap each breast separately in a film, put everything in a bag and freeze.

If you need to cook one or two fillets, do not have to defrost all that is.

To boil the frozen fillet, put it in boiling water (you can even right in the film, it will not dissolve), wait until the water boils again, and remove the pan from the heat. Cover the pan with hot water and fillet lid.

10 minutes after this fillet is ready.

3. Green Peas

preferably French, Hungarian or American (read the label carefully).

Because in France, Hungary and the United States canneries are built right among the pea fields.

The indispensable basis of two dozen fast and quite festive dishes, Russian, French, Spanish — what you want.

4. Hard cheese

It can be of two types.

Type of Parmesan (starting with Lithuanian “Jugas” Parmesan, including “Grana Padano” and “Pecorino”, and ending with “Parmigiano Reggiano” itself), or like cheddar (starting with Dutch cheese, including Swiss cheese and Gruyère, and ending with cheddar itself) .

or canned whole peeled tomatoes in their own juice.

The thing that should be in any decent kitchen always.

If you have canned tomatoes, you can cook lasagna, stew fish or seafood, or make some instant pasta sauce.

If you do not have them, sit down and cry.

If you haven’t bought it yet, it means you are just unlucky.

Reduces the time of preparation of this landmark Russian salad four times.

They are also difficult to use with coffee, while elementary cream sauce will decorate any dish.

8. Frozen Seafood Blend
«Seafood Cocktail»

Affordable and never boring luxury.

9. Pine nuts

The perfect final chord for anything, even a simple green salad, even liver, braised in a Venetian style.

10. Eggs

About a third of any Russian salad, as well as an indispensable part of many ceremonial European dishes.

And in itself is a good snack, especially with a spoon of caviar.

red or pike.

See the previous paragraph.

12. Pickled cucumbers

Take your choice as carefully as possible.

And most importantly, do not eat ahead of time.

They give a lively Mediterranean note to any, even the most banal salad.

But if you don’t like olives, stock up on capers for the same purpose.

Well, firstly, it is an integral part of any decent Russian snack — black bread with butter and herring, white bread with butter and caviar, Borodino bread with butter and salmon. Who would refuse such a snack?

No one will refuse.

Secondly, out of 25 grams of good butter and juice of one lemon, an excellent sauce is prepared for any fish dish: just put the butter in a saucepan and place on a low heat.

When it starts to melt, add lemon juice and mix with a fork.

You can add a pinch of salt, you can — a little fresh dill.

And run, run to the table!

They can boil, fry or bake. Or, say, cut into small pieces and fry in a pan wok with juicy vegetables,

garlic and soy sauce — two billion Chinese can not be mistaken, honestly.

And a kilogram. Cut one lemon in half and squeeze both halves into 25 grams of melted butter, add a pinch of salt and mix. You will get the easiest and perhaps the most delicious fish sauce, about two servings.

The rest of the lemons are also useful — in extreme cases, serve tea.

17. Garlic

Sly cooks in Italian restaurants place a plate of garlic fried in olive oil under the rack.

However, in addition to this, garlic can be applied in a dozen more ways, and each of them causes an active salivation in its own description.

Bitter, because it has a richer and stronger taste, and hot chocolate sauce will turn the most banal purchased cake or creamy ice cream into a balanced and tasty dessert.

And because no one will eat it just like that.

And ordinary homemade chocolate will be found and will certainly be eaten.

The fastest and best dessert in the universe — put a piece or a scoop of ice cream on a plate, put half a tangerine next to it and pour hot chocolate sauce around it.

If you don’t like it, then you are allergic to lactose.

Well, there’s nothing to explain here.

Not small. If champagne always remains, then vodka is never enough.

Put the bottle in the depths of the freezer, fill the package with frozen broccoli, and at the right moment — oops!

And do not run to the store.

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