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Poppy dishes

Poppy dishes — This is not only sweet pastry. The seeds of the well-known plant are slightly roasted and sometimes used as breading for fish or meat.

But, nevertheless, poppy seeds are most often used simply — as sprinkling for bread, bagels, bagels and pretzels.

Poppy goes well in cakes with citrus, chocolate, honey. Business card dishes with poppy seeds — roll.

For its preparation, the poppy mass is prepared in a special way so that the seeds in the finished baking are not hard, but turned into a sweet mass with an extraordinary taste.

Poppy seeds with poppies are traditionally cooked in Ukraine, Belarus and Poland. The most important thing in any.

A worthy analog of traditional poppy puffs and beloved with many poppy seeds with poppy seeds.

The smell of freshly baked bread in the morning is fantastic. Hala turns fragrant, light,.

Unusually shaped yeast dough roll stuffed with nuts and poppy seeds.

Unreal tasty.

Very tasty lean buns, easy to prepare, excellent pastries to your favorite tea or.

My mom found this recipe in the 70s of the last century in the Week magazine in the section.

I offer a recipe for bagels from sour cream dough with orange poppy filling! Try it. highly .

In the Orthodox tradia, Kolivo (with juice) is cooked on Christmas Eve, and lean colivo (kutyu) for less.

If you are tired of the same rolls with poppy seeds — this is a new great way to combine poppies.

Very simple salad in the preparation, poppy seeds give spice.

Delicious lush wicker like your household!

Delicious, lush Easter bread is loved in my family. Add candied fruit, raisins, poppy seeds and water.

I hasten to share a recipe for fragrant, rich and very tasty cake. He is so tall as if.

Poppy pancakes on wholegrain flour with such a useful filling will please you! Cook them and.

A healthy breakfast based on cottage cheese will delight all family members, because this is a great start to the day!

The recipe for cooking these pancakes, or rather their molding and cooking, has been familiar to me since childhood. .

Delicious, delicate pancakes with cottage cheese baked in sour cream with poppy.

We do not know if you can call this dish a cookie. Rather, these are soft, smelling of lemon zest and poppy seeds.

At a glance at this salad, the mood rises, it is so bright and colorful. .

Wonderful time — New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. How much desire to cook for their own.

Poppy pies is a memory of childhood. Mom often baked us pies and one of our favorite sweets.

Squids are often added to pumpkin soup. But we propose to replace them with domestic crayfish -.

The recipe is presented by Sergey Sushchenko, brand-chef of the Chayhona.

What could be more delicious than homemade, cozy and most delicious baked pastries? These buns are subdued.

Imagine that you are crossing the threshold of a house and you feel a special smell — it smells like house, and heat.

I love citrus fruits, especially lemons. And today I propose to cook delicious, fragrant.

A simple and tasty cake made from sour cream sponge cake with delicate creamy caramel cream and cakes.

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