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Ponton — a new restaurant in Moscow

And in the trend today — karaoke and sushi, VIP-halls and Georgian specialties, an open kitchen and chef Adrian ketglas, wooden ceilings, retro floor lamps, crystal chandeliers, berry soft drinks, Italian gastronomy, New World wines.

Pontoon can be shown to foreign tourists who arrived in Moscow for unknown reasons, just a day, but who wished for one dinner to find out what it is, the new Moscow cuisine.

Pontoon — These are three floors, seven halls, two summer verandas and five sections in the menu: «Europe«,»Georgia«,»Russia«,»Japan«And»Italy«.

General management is carried out by the great Adrian ketglas (the only restaurant character in Moscow, in the evaluation of whose activities everyone — both the press and the party, and the fellow cooks — are one: he is the best chef in the capital), although, to my great regret, his leadership is not felt on his plate at all and is not felt at the table at all.

However, maybe if there are paella’s in the summer menu, as the chef promises, something personally, the author, will appear among the set of stamps.
The interior solution of the restaurant is subordinated to one goal — to create for the guest a zone of maximum comfort and comfort bordering on the absurd.

Upholstered armchairs and sofas, tubs filled with flowers and pastorals hung in faded frames, flowered wallpaper, curtains with ruches, low ceilings, and painted wood panels.

In general, it’s not bad if we had not seen all this hundreds of times in all other projects from Ginza Project.

Pontoon open on the site of a burnt restaurant Viking, from the former institution of Caucasian cuisine of the mid-90s, perhaps, only kebabs and other grilled meat remained. And they, oddly enough, the absolute leaders in sales. The menu, as mentioned above, is an incredible mess: in order to wade through the list of everything that is now in Moscow-gastronomic trend, you need to make some effort.

You can start with Vitello tnato of calf tongue in tuna sauce (560 rubles) — familiar Italy, slightly faceless, but quite good-quality.

Grilled asparagus with prawns under truffle dressing (780 rubles) is buried in a stack of greens, asparagus crunches nicely and in general in early May is very relevant, and shrimps are familiar to most metropolitan restaurants tasteless.

On the hot — soup (450 rubles). He is beautiful!

The sweetness of the beets is underlined by the softness of the potatoes, beef and cabbage can barely fit in a huge plate, and next to it, on a huge wooden tray, are transparent slices of common lard and salted lard, Borodino bread, fresh garlic, curly greens, cream sour cream, large salt.

For this soup alone, I want to forgive Pontoon and sushi with foie gras (190 rubles), and steamed chicken cutlets with mashed potatoes (410 rubles, and lamb cheburek (170 rubles).

But it is still not clear — why is Ketglass here?

If with food in Pontoon In general, everything is quite clear (simple, not expensive, good enough, without discovery), then with drinks — the story is downright terrible. Wine is worth, as elsewhere — a bottle of 2,000 and to infinity, a glass of white about 400 rubles.

But the prices for non-alcoholic drinks are going through the roof — for a portion of a milkshake they are asked 650 rubles, and for a liter decanter of lemon lemonade (half volume is ice) 1500 rubles.

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