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Podmoskovnye restaurants, country restaurants

Podmoskovnye restaurants, country restaurants. Restaurant Il Mulino, Giotto Restaurant Club, Children of the Sun, Stagecoach, Roadside Picnic, Gallery Restaurant

Summer and heat are driven from the noisy, dusty city away — to the will, to the air, to the green grass. And in the wild, as you know, appetite wakes up serious. About how to appease his improvised means such as barbecue-picnic, we wrote repeatedly.

But after all, it is possible and in a different way: not caring about anything, on the terrace, with a view of a beautiful pond of some kind, relax, get enough and go further. For lovers of such a carefree holiday and created country restaurants — in the forest, in the park, by the river.

A lot of them were found around our capital.

We will be glad to tell you about some.

A restaurant outside the city is a special atmosphere: with a terrace, barbecue smoke and all sorts of dacha “bonuses”: beach volleyball, a playground, fishing, a sauna, and a tennis court.

Country restaurant Il mulino — this is a kind of excursion. to Italy in Zhukovka near Moscow.

A real stone mill, inside — wooden tables, fireplaces, walls lined with boards of wine boxes with hallmarks best winemakers of the peninsula.

The menu is traditional Italian.

Lamb shank in wine-rosemary sauce with mustard potatoes (1260 rubles), Parmigiano risotto with black truffle (650 rubles), sweet tomato and basil soup (390 rubles), black tagliatelle with scallops and stuffed mini squid (1120 rubles ), Warm octopus medallions with rucola salad, boiled potatoes and tajaské olives (1280 rubles), turbot fish fillet with sauce "Martini" (1980 rubles), all sorts of pizza and more.
The pride of the restaurant is a wine cabinet with a magnificent selection of the best Italian and French wines.

Restaurant Club Giotto

Only eight kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road on the Pirogov highway, near the town of Mytishchi.
Double decker snow-white mansion, summer terrace for a half hundred people playground and cascade water, where in summer the sterlet splashes (if you want to, it will literally be cooked before your eyes). Inside there is a bakery hall, a bar area, on the second floor there are three vip-rooms with satellite TV, video projectors, karaoke, internet and even a sauna and jacuzzi.

On the walls are reproductions of frescoes by Giotto di Bondone (in order to justify the name of the institution).

On the menu — foie gras with flambé under caramel glaze with fresh wild berries (1000 rubles), mussels in shells, baked with vegetables and spices in white wine (520 rubles), pancakes with onions and sour cream (270 rubles), black halibut fillet under the sauce of pink grapefruit with wild rice (620 rubles), «Mideteraneo» — black tagliatelle with seafood in white wine sauce with baked tomatoes, spicy spices and parmesan (690 rubles), “Tenderloin” — a marbled beef steak with cranberry-lingonberry sauce with a mix of green salads and cherry tomatoes and peanut sauce (1900 rubles).

Podmoskovny restaurant Children of the Sun located in the famous «writers» Peredelkino village, on a huge sundeck House of Writers.

Around — Pine forest.

Veranda, thickets of nettle, silence, a gazebo in the garden — all this is indeed similar to the situation of the play of the same name by Gorky (it should be noted that the “Gorky” connections in the history of the creation of this restaurant are very complicated: its owner is Ivan Panfilov, son of actress Inna Churikova and director Gleb Panfilov, who based on Alexei Maksimovich films «Vassa» and «Mother»).

The public here at first glance is very specific, but for Peredelkino it is quite ordinary: the writers, artists, artists, musicians — in a word, people creative, not simple.

Therefore, exhibitions and concerts are not uncommon here, and in the summer every so-called «Literary Tuesdays» — poetic evenings.

The menu in the restaurant is simple, but everything is very yummy and at home: dumplings (550 rubles), fried lula lyula (640 rubles), okroshka (300 rubles), herring with new potatoes (330 rubles), sambusa (tartar of beef with grilled vegetables in pita bread) (430 rubles ).
By the way, if you don’t want to go back to the city, you can rent a room in the House of Creativity and in the morning, sit on the terrace, drink coffee with fresh croissants.

Restaurant Stagecoach

City Odintsovo, eight kilometers from Moscow Ring Road on Mozhayskoe highway.
AT Diligence Every guest, regardless of age, may find something to do, as the nightclub, restaurant and karaoke club here somehow coexist.

The interior of the restaurant fancy combines. victorian luxury and style steampunk — Imitation of technical inventions of the era of our great-great-grandmothers.

Kitchen — author’s.

Fried scallops with sweet and sour algae sauce "Tohaku" and crispy vegetables (460 rubles), club sandwich "Stagecoach" (310 rubles), ear of rooster with salmon and pike perch (340 rubles), pasta tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms, cream sauce and parmesan (490 rubles), a square of a young calf (fried with juniper sauce, for two persons — 2800 rubles), tender cheesecake with strawberries (260 rubles).

Roadside Picnic staged on the outskirts of the Moscow region city Troitsk (Kaluzhskoe highway).

You can relax here perfectly: clean air, a large area with barbecue, there is a forest outside the windows, yes and from the capital is quite far away, which in some cases is an absolute plus.

Design country restaurant sustained in pastoral style: wood, skins, grass and flower panels.

You can settle down freely: there is a large guest room, a sports bar with a large screen, a banquet room and a billiard room with a Russian 12-foot table.

Kitchen Picnic — peculiar mix Russian and Italian traditions: white and red fish cutlets (380 rubles), smoked sterlet on alder chips (2,200 rubles), white mushrooms, baked in cream with cream (360 rubles), meat hodgepodge with a pie and sour cream (320 rubles), Parma ham with melon and pickled porcini mushrooms (420 rubles), fettuccine with stewed salmon and broccoli in a creamy sauce with red caviar (380 rubles), in Russian in two types of meat in a hot frying pan (380 rubles).

There is a separate children’s menu — with “snacks”, “delicious”, “vypivonchikami” and “shampusikom” (meaning children’s champagne, do not be alarmed).

Bonus to him — clowns, animators, «growth» dolls and a variety of views.

Restaurant Gallery

40 km from Moscow along the Yaroslavl highway, not far from Trinity-Sergius Lavra — the present Berendeyev Kingdom — manor Abramtsevo.

Located next to it country hotel with a restaurant Gallery, built in the style of Russian Art Nouveau of the end of the XIX century.

The restaurant has three rooms.

The main one — a fireplace — is decorated with copies of paintings by Russian artists painted in the Abramtsevo estate.
Holidays here can be very rich and varied: horse rides, Turkish bathhouse, swimming pool, bowling, billiards, sports bar with a tote, art salon, theater and music evenings meeting with actors — all this is possible.

The menu includes dishes of Russian, European and Japanese cuisine: dumplings (from 380 to 410 rubles), dumplings (from 430 to 460 rubles), fish pie (350 rubles), meat pie (330 rubles), pasta, roast “In Mamontovsky style” «(680 rubles), sushi, rolls.

Wine list, among other things, is a collection of champagne Moet&Chandon beginning since 1986.

Country Club White Beach

Country Club White Beach located in the south-east of the Moscow region, on the shore Moscow River. The name was not chosen randomly.

The club is located near the place where the white stone was once mined.

By the way, the towers and verandas of the White Beach restaurant are lined with white limestone, and the courtyard is paved with light stone.

White Beach — it is a multifunctional recreation center, which includes a restaurant, bar, banquet room, VIP rooms, a summer terrace, a viewing platform under a glass dome, a mini-hotel, a relaxation area with two saunas, a swimming pool, a solarium, a gym, a massage room, and also a mini market.

You can get to the country club both by car and by water (there is an equipped pier).

In the extensive menu samples of culinary traditions of the European countries are collected.

Among them: con antipasta squid stuffed with pasta, served with chorizo ​​sausage, cheese and salad (325 rubles); Insalata Polo and Panceto — a salad of grilled chicken fillet with bacon, salad mix, cheddar cheese, cherry tomatoes with honey sauce (390 rubles); Hot appetizer “Katolete ala Krema” — marinated chicken fillet stuffed with goat cheese, mozzarella cheese and wrapped in bacon, grilled, served with lettuce mix and tomatoes, seasoned with olive oil and basal sauce (440 rubles); “Gamberoni in salsa Wianca” — tiger shrimps wrapped in bacon and grilled, served with a cheese soufflé made from gorganzola, with fresh tomatoes, celery, garlic sauce and a roll of vegetables (560 rubles); New York steak, grilled, served with fresh vegetables and demi-glass meat sauce (620 rubles).

The wine list includes white and rosé wines of Italy, France, Spain, Chile from 750 rubles per bottle.

Country Restaurant Kalina Country

Kalina Country — country restaurant from the company Kalina Resto Group located in a picturesque place on the river bank Gangway.

In the restaurant Kalina Country created conditions for recreation all year round with the whole family in the fresh air: if in summer it is a beach, a volleyball court, a children’s playground, concerts and discos on the veranda; if in winter, there is a skating rink, snow slides, riding in Russian troika and reindeer.

The restaurant is divided into a banquet room for up to 150 people, a chamber hall with a large fireplace, a cozy room for 30 people with a separate entrance, a spacious veranda with a wonderful view of the river. Another feature Kalina Country — own cooking.

Here you can buy products and dishes of Italian and Uzbek cuisine for a home holiday or picnic.

The guests Kalina Country The culinary talent of Italian and Russian chefs who will offer dishes for every taste will be appreciated: “Olivier” salad with smoked salmon or chicken (450 rubles); roll «Natalie» (tuna, salmon, avocado, cucumber, tobiko sauce, 590 rubles); manti (400 rubles); risotto with saffron and asparagus (500 rubles); fettuccine with lamb stew (650 rubles); tuna with wasabi puree and spicy pesto (800 rubles); assorted kebabs (1100 rubles).

Country restaurant Barsky feast

A restaurant Barskoe feast located in a beautiful place called Hillfort, 9 km from Moscow Ring Road on the Kaluga highway.

A restaurant Barskoe feast It offers dishes of Russian, European and Asian cuisine: this is “Barsky” salad made from pineapple pieces, chicken fillet, shrimp in mayonnaise and cream sauce, served in pineapple (400 rubles); triple soup «Boyarskaya» salmon, cod, tiger prawns with the addition of vodka; pest fish in sesame (750 rubles); filet mignon in a village style (540 rubles); duck for boyar (720 rubles); pancakes with salmon (330 rubles).

Also here you will be offered a large assortment of spirits, in particular, Russian vodka (it is served in cold sweaty decanters).

Services: free guarded parking, hookah, live music from Thursday to Sunday, taxi, banquets.

Banquets are held in a special banquet hall (250 people) with columns and a stage (equipped with professional sound and lighting equipment).

Photos provided by restaurants: Il Mulino, Giotto, Kalina Country, Stagecoach, Children of the Sun, Roadside Picnic, Gallery, White Beach, Barskoe Feast

* illustrations provided by restaurant press services.

Another backyard restaurant — Manor house in Arkhangelsk.

Homely atmosphere, comfort, peace and quiet, quiet muffled music, interior in the spirit of the XVIII — beginning of the XIX century.

There is a beautiful view from the summer terrace. old manor park.

Restaurant menu consists of dishes prepared on the basis of old, time-tested Russian and European recipes. Here you can try a pork chop in a country style (790 rubles) or a duck baked with glazed apples and cranberry-lingonberry sauce (990 rubles), borscht "Manor" of veal brisket with cheese pampushka with sour cream (350 rubles) or venison tenderloin with white mushroom souffle and wild berry sauce (1200 rubles), scallops with tagliotel in cream cheese sauce (1,100 rubles) or Arkhangel sturgeon ( 980 rubles).

For younger visitors, special dishes are prepared, there is a children’s playground.

Country Restaurant Chester Ferry

Chester Ferry — a restaurant haute cuisine, luxury confectionery, pizzeria and English pub in one bottle. In the record of the chef Dmitry Grischenko — work in the Sochi hotel Radisson SAS Lazurnaya and Moscow restaurants Viking, Le duc, Carre blanc.

This means that the kitchen near Chester Ferry is not at all near Moscow.

It is understandable: Ruble nearby.

Excerpts from the menu: duck breast, baked in the «décor» with glazed chestnuts and exotic sauce (1270 rubles), homemade lasagna with crayfish, porcini mushrooms and green asparagus (1600 rubles), Breton lobster with vegetables and tagliarini, cooked in its own juice with the addition of sesame oil (1,870 rubles), barbari duck with honey and grapefruit sauce (for two persons, 4,700 rubles).

Nautical Club Admiral — water sports center on Klyazminsky reservoir (7 km from Moscow Ring Road on Dmitrovskoye Highway).

These are cottages with rooms, a steam room with birch and oak brooms, a living room with a fireplace (you can cook barbecue yourself), a pool (cool in summer and warm in winter), a karaoke bar and a restaurant Saloon Wild Coyote.

Saloon lives up to its name: wooden furniture, furnishings western style, fireplace, gold rush spirit and cowboy fights.

But the kitchen in the restaurant is not so Americanized — mostly Russian and European dishes.

Gray horse — hotel and restaurant in the Moscow region Odintsovo, near the train station.

Despite its neighborhood with city blocks, here it’s truly fabulous atmosphere: a wooden mill is flapping its wings, next to it is the Russian terem, a hut “on chicken legs”, a miniature bridge over a stream, a royal carriage and even a bell tower.

Excerpts from the menu: Suluguni cheese, fried in clay ketsy ketsy (220 rubles), khinkali (50 rubles for 1 piece), Adzhar-style khachapuri (large — 450 rubles, small — 250 rubles), okroshka with matsoni (150 rubles), lamb in Provence in vegetables with beetroot and corn sauce (730 rubles), foie gras with sweet and sour berry sauce (790 rubles), tiger shrimps on skewers with broccoli, cauliflower and carrots (420 rubles), lula -kaben of lamb (290 rubles).
For children — a playground and a mini-zoo.

For adults — sauna and billiards.

Restaurant Shore House

A restaurant at the Shore House Yacht Club — an ideal institution for those who like oriental cuisine and active rest on the water.

European-style country house, outdoor pools, lounge chairs, DJ performances, beach parties, massage parlor Spa palestra.

Kitchen in Shore house European, Japanese and Azeri, Moreover, Azerbaijani dishes are especially popular with visitors (many of them are cooked on the grill, in a tandyr and in the smokehouse): a salad made from real Baku tomatoes with onions, qutab with cheese or greens, dyushbara soup with tiny lamb dumplings, pilaf with greens, lamb and chestnuts, ruddy lamb kebabs, veal and sturgeon, several types of kebabs, the famous Azerbaijani pastries.

And after a hearty and tasty lunch, according to Eastern tradition, you can smoke a hookah.

Pinocchio Restaurant

Restaurant-pizzeria-confectionery Pinocchio settled in the building Ice Palace in Gorki-2 on the ruble.

From the restaurant hall you can watch what happens at the rink itself. On weekends, most of the guests of the restaurant are active people: why not treat yourself to a real Italian pizza and unusual sweets, which are presented in a huge assortment in Pinocchio ?

Excerpts from the menu: classic Pinocchio salad with shrimps, arugula, avocado, olive oil and balsamic vinegar (850 rubles), roast beef from beef with mustard sauce (750 rubles), bucatini with lamb stew, mushrooms and pecorino cheese (700 rubles), warm roll with salmon and crab meat in mustard dough (700 rubles), duck breast with honey and citrus powder (1450 rubles), classic piadina (450 rubles).

Photos are provided by restaurants: Manor in Arkhangelsk, Chester Ferry, Admiral Club, Gray Horse, Shore House, Pinocchio

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