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Plums, pickled with garlic, step by step recipe with photos

  • 650 g plums
  • 2 peppercorns
  • 250 g of water
  • sugar — 150 g
  • vinegar — 30 ml
  • carnation
  • garlic — 1 head

For canning, it is better to choose small eggplants with shiny skin, without folds and dark spots. .

Marinated zucchini — a great reason to keep in a single jar all the beauty of the young.

Thanks for the recipe, it turns out very tasty, although after reading it began to doubt. Now I regret having done so little.

I will answer the comments of those who did not like what they harvested in August, and opened banks since October. In October, I recognized that the taste is specific, for the amateur, but I like.

It became very tasty in December, and everyone likes the reviews. Tasters sweep everything and ask for more.

How to identify readiness by sight: in October the plums were visually in a liquid solution, by October the liquid had become jelly-like and thick, and the plums themselves were no longer soft and resilient. On this basis, you can navigate that the product "matured"

and I make every year a wonderful recipe, my friends also like it all. I remember there were Bulgarian ones on sale, one brrrr vinegar

Very tasty and easy to prepare.

After reading the contradictory reviews, I took a chance and made this plum with garlic.

Very tasty!

Tomorrow I will do another portion. For those who love meat with sweet- just a super garnish

The plums are super only, I still add red fresh hot pepper and a little bit of cinnamon. Everyone who tried immediately want to know the recipe.

They are crazy!

a great recipe, I make a few years, even without vodka excellent.

I do not know how they write that the plums are delicious — THERE IS IMPOSSIBLE. threw everything she did. And do not say that the hands do not grow from there.

Everything is fine with this, there is no truth.

I have the idea "give battle" Olives native plums already like ..)))) but it turns out very well and decently, and tasty. under the vodka-the most it. )))

Delicious! I do several years in a row from a Hungarian. About, "on the fan" — I do not agree.

We, for example, are not fond of any exotic, and these plums are even very popular.

plum awesome — thanks a lot for the recipe. we flew away, and those who were treated were very pleased and asked for a recipe

I have been making blanks according to this recipe for 3 years already, and none of my family members remains indifferent.

In my opinion, a great idea for canning plums. Maybe the plum variety was inappropriate.

In my garden, very sour hard plums grow — they are just perfect for pickling.

Dear Tatiana, the taste and color — no friend. The recipe is simple and very original, but for those who like to try new things. I will tell you a little secret, there are much more original things in Eastern cuisine.

For example, have you tried dried tangerine peels in salt, sugar, and citric acid, or dried fish in sugar?

A person who is accustomed to Russian (Soviet, European) cuisine will consider a huge number of dishes in the world simply inedible.

In general, we are all not impartial and everyone chooses what he likes.

Let’s be honest — this is generally inedible.

Quite a specific taste.

I would not do it a second time.

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