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Plum pie, step by step recipe with photos

Plums for this cake should be bought sweet, with an easily separable bone, for example, Hungarian.

And when processing, do not remove the peel from the fruit: it is the main source of plum flavor.

  • milk — 250 ml
  • salt — pinch
  • baking powder — 1 tsp.
  • starch — 1 tbsp. l
  • sugar — 200 g
  • sugar — 2 tbsp.
  • flour — 300 g
  • butter — 100 g
  • For filling:
  • 1 kg of plums

Cakes are baked pastries. It is the filling that distinguishes pies from other dough products and.

Plum recipes are not only classic desserts, pastries and drinks. She easily transfers.

Juicy fruits plums — an excellent filling for baking. Remove bones from plums, leave them whole.

It seems that the open cake is a new, and overseas type of cake, that’s why we call it.

Plum appears in the middle of summer and remains on the shelves almost until the end of autumn, and all this time.

my changes: milk 150-170ml, baking powder 1ch.l. without a slide, in a sugar filling 2-3st.l., plums mixed with starch and sprinkled with sugar. baked 40 minutes, everything worked out. sweet dough, sour filling, sauce — nice seasonal pastries.

I read and used all the recommendations regarding extending the time and increasing the amount of starch — anyway, the cake was not baked.

How can he bake with such an unreal volume of juice ?!

Previously, for 10 minutes, the dough itself was baked, the plums were put in boats and dipped in starch.

And what after 1 hour in the oven?

Perepekshie edges, completely squashy base and plums, bathed in juice. Bad recipe.

The only thing that I liked was the taste of baked plums with cinnamon.

Sabishka: the dough should be such that put the HANDS in shape.

That is how it is written in the recipe.

Starch sprinkle dough, and plums on top.

I make such pies from yeast dough — and in order, as you say, the dough is baked (and it is baked — only the juice gets wet) before spreading the plums it is necessary to sprinkle the dough with flour or starch.

And if you dip the plum in the starch and then put it — you will see a miracle.

Waiting for results.

I’ll try and bake this cake today! Let’s see what happens!

Took into account all the comments. milk added 150. failed. not a good recipe.

Good day!

I want to thank for the recipe.

The edges of the dough are really tasty.

Juice stood out very much. I had to keep in the oven for another 30 minutes. As Nastya writes, you first need to bake the dough, and then lay out the plums.

Tell me please, should the dough be thin or thick?

I make this cake for the fourth time, and it always turns out differently, apparently, depends on what kind of plums will fall.

I like him.

plums gave a lot of juice .. starch should be much more.

yeah about three hours in the oven. a month of Sundays. I liked the fact that the plums were caramelized. have become harder.

I want to thank for the recipe.

It turned out very tasty cake.

I want to share my addition: in sugar, which we sprinkle plums, I added cinnamon. Delicious:)

Good day! I did everything as in the recipe + I took the advice. Dough under the plums is not cooked!

I had to keep it in the oven, so that it did not benefit any dough or stuffing.

Although the idea is not bad.

I listened to the advice of anamur — only 150 ml of milk was taken.

The dough under the plums was cooked (put in halves). There is a lot of juice, but it takes into account the previous reviews — it added starch, as a result it was thickened. The pie was swept away in the blink of an eye.

Very tasty))) I got more time in the oven.

I did not bake the dough under the plums.

The edges of the dough are delicious, but you can’t eat the middle. Juice stood out very much.

Can first bake the dough, and then lay out the plums?

Jenny19951883: You can add soda, only it is necessary to extinguish it with a few drops of vinegar.

The quantity is the same.

Is it possible to add soda instead of baking powder?

VERY tasty cake is obtained, only better plums in half and laid as boats, and sugar can not be sprinkled on top, a lot of juice. Milk prescription in the journal 250 ml. (a little less, how much dough will absorb)

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