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Plum jam, step by step recipe with photos

  • 400 g sugar
  • 350 ml of water
  • 400 g black plum
  • 1 tsp ground ginger

A wonderful and very necessary preparation — flavored sugar. Preparing quickly, and the result.

coucouchka, see step 1. Of course, this is weight with bones.

Tell me please.

400gr plums in ingredients — is it gross with pits or already cleaned?

Thanks for the recipe, really liked it — just and tasty.

After reading the comments, I reduced the amount of water in half, ground it in a blender, and after boiling for 10 minutes, jam thickened.

After cooling it has a little thickened, so I am delighted, this is what I was looking for. Children burst with pleasure spreading on bread 🙂

I did not drain the water.

Cook for the second time this season. Yes, until the moment when the plum is rubbed, it seems like a lot of water.

But then, podvarish and everything falls into place.

It stiffens and turns into a real jam. THANKS so much for the recipe

Yes, it is necessary to drain the water, otherwise it will be liquid jam, water is given for boiling plums, and nothing more.

yummy, this year I will cook again with this recipe

I cook this jam according to the recipe for three years, and I will cook this year.

Every time, because strictly followed the recipe, the taste and density differed.

It all depends on the plums and the quality of ginger.

Freshly ground must be taken less clearly.

The second and third time I didn’t wipe through a sieve, but just kneaded well, so the jam is more textured, in my family they love this more. Thanks for the recipe 🙂

Sorry for the time spent and products.

It turned out liquid juice.

I am an aspiring hostess and am led to a recipe from the Deli.

I advise you to cook without water, I got a campot!

Ginger a little bit.

Just made this jam. The taste is cool, sweet with a slight plum sourness and light aroma of ginger. After reading the comments to the recipe, for 1 kg of black plum and 1 kg of sugar I took 250 ml of water and 1 tsp. ground ginger.

The fact that the water was taken immediately less than that indicated in the recipe, even saved time for cooking: after 25 minutes of cooking (before rubbing through a sieve), the jam was already quite thick.

I ground the remnants of rubbing through a sieve in a blender — it was a pity to just throw out such yummy, because the skin was well boiled and was very soft and tender.

The second time I did not boil the jam, because density was what we needed! (I note immediately that the jam was thick and without the addition of peel, ground through a blender).

Well and jam!

It seems that this is jelly, not jam.

How can you, given the juice of the plum, released during cooking, add this amount of water (350 ml per 400 g of plums) ?!

So, it’s necessary to pour almost 2 liters of water into two kg of plums? A stupid recipe can not imagine. Just cooked the jam proportions — 4 kg. Plums (plums are very sweet) — 3 kg. sugar and a faceted glass of water.

Cooked for a long time and then, it turns out watery.

And according to your recipe, I would have to 4 kg. drain add 4 liters of water and cook continuously for a week, so that the jam somehow thickens.

when the jam is already poured into the jars, you need to sprinkle it with sugar, 1st. enough spoons, during storage there is a slight sugary, the girlfriends ate and didn’t even think that they were eating plum jam.

I really liked it, very tasty jam turned out! THANKS.

Good day! I was looking for a recipe for plum jam on the Internet. In similar recipes for 1 kg of plum indicated add 250 ml of water, and you have 400 g of plums — 350 ml.

Is not it too much? In general, I liked the recipe.

I think to cook, but confuses the amount of water.

I advise you to pour 2 times less water

alenagrom: You can, you just have to cook longer.

Grapes give more juice.

Tell me, but you can make jam from grapes in the same way. In this case, does something change in the recipe?


Nastya, fresh ginger literally at the tip of a tsp.

Excellent and aromatic jam turned out. Thick, almost like jam.

Enjoying. Though ginger added fresh

Very sorry. but my jam is more like "syrup". (((Tell me please, I boiled the resulting masa for 30-35 minutes.

I did the right thing or maybe he needs more time to thicken it?

Tell me, please, is it possible to replace the ground ginger with fresh, and how much, in this case, do you need fresh ginger for this amount?


I made such a jam without any water. She took ripe plums and covered them with sugar.

And when the juice stood out, began to boil them.

The amount of ginger was tripled (pinch on the tip of the knife). It turned out a light piquant accent

We commented on apricot jam, with plums as well.

Cook a little longer. And ginger is a matter of taste, many people like it 🙂

I do not agree about the fact that ginger extra. I added ginger, but two times less than in the recipe.

Perfectly emphasizes the taste of plums!

I think it is worth adding a little ginger, and try what happens.

I made this jam last year, everything worked out! A simple and very tasty recipe, this year I will do again.


She exactly followed the proportions in the recipe.

It turned out very liquid.

Already the second jam from (the first — apricot) turns out very liquid in consistency.

Perhaps your recipes need work. And ginger is clearly superfluous

Guest, you can cook on fructose, but the quantity must be determined by taste. Fructose is less sweet than sugar. But the fact is that even sugar from different manufacturers has different sweets.

Fructose will take about 1.5 times more.

You can store as any jam.

Is it possible to make jam / jam using fructose instead of sugar?

If so, how much fructose replaces sugar .. and how much can you keep such jam / jam?

Ginger ruined everything, the taste of the plum was completely lost.

I recommend to exclude it.

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