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Pizza dough, basic recipe, step by step recipe with photos

  • oregano dry — 1 tsp
  • Olive oil — 1 tbsp.
  • Tomato sauce — 2 tbsp.
  • mozzarella cheese — 120 g
  • warm water — 0.3 cups
  • milk — 0.25 cup
  • dry yeast — 1 tsp
  • salt — 0.25 tsp
  • flour — 1 glass
  • Olive oil — 1 tbsp.

A lot begins with dough — bread, noodles, cookies, dumplings, and pancakes.

Traditionally, the word «pasta» refers to the so-called pasta, which is prepared.

Pizza is one of the most popular Italian dishes. This is a round dough with filling,.

Thanks for the recipe, the dough turned out just great!

Maybe it all depends "from the weather in the house"but the amount of flour definitely does not correspond to the amount of liquid. "To bring" The recipe to mind, picking up the ingredients by eye, is possible either if the amount of carbohydrates in the product doesn’t matter to anyone in the house, or if you are cooking a la grandmother’s cooking book where you have never heard about the scales in the house. But the point is not that the dough turns out to be liquid. The problem is that when baking, the dough becomes like a crust.

In general, the pizza in Russian, this recipe has nothing to do with a Neapolitan mother.

Add here more mayonnaise and pickles, and then your delight will have no boundaries.

Messerschneide, the dough can turn out sticky, if not enough flour or if you did not let it lie down so that the flour absorbed the liquid.

The amount of flour is very dependent on its quality and may vary depending on some other reasons — for example, on the humidity in the room. So, of course, "bring to mind", adapting to your products and the weather in the house))

It turned out very tasty. but the dough is kind of weird. very sticky. But the son for both cheeks eats. I will try to trace. just bring to mind))

Great recipe. Thank!

Constantly use!

The taste of the dough turned out to be quite good, airy and soft, although I was expecting a dry flat cake.

But with the consistency of the test trouble. I know that the calculation is that the dough will take the desired amount of flour when rolling. So, in my case, this "additional" flour exceeded the amount originally indicated in the recipe.

Total came about 2 glasses.

I think, centimeters 26-28. When you roll it out or, better yet, stretch it with your hands, it will shrink.

This is normal.

Leave it alone for 5 minutes, then stretch again and now grease with sauce.

And what is the diameter of the calculated number of products?

I tried a lot of recipes for pizza dough, I like this one most of all, I use it regularly. thank!

For azta There is no typo in the recipe. It is possible that the flour that you use is too dry. Its amount can be increased by adding a little more than indicated in the recipe to get the normal consistency of the test.

Unfortunately, the specific amount and the "how much will it take" flour dough can only be determined empirically, because It depends on the specific products.

Hello! For half a glass of liquid — a glass of flour, my dough turns out to be watery.

2 times thinner than in your picture. (Although the result is delicious) Tell me, is there a typo in the recipe?

Great dough! That is necessary.

Only now the flour took a little more, the rest is just super!

I’ve been to Italy. The pizza dough was made from a semi-finished product, and it was lush, and the pizza itself was in shape and more like a casserole (this is in the north of Italy).

Pizza in cafes was thin, huge, but not tough.

For Catherine, Pizza dough is as it should be — almost crunchy. True, in different regions of Italy there is an opinion on this matter, but in the south, from where the pizza, by all accounts, is happening, it is customary to do just that — a flat cake thin and crispy.

You are welcome!

Thank you for reading us!

I meant that the dough is not tight when rolling, but rather hard in the final version, i.e. after baking. In Italy, I have never been, so I can not determine which pizza dough is in the original, but what we eat in fast foods is soft, similar to the dough for pies, but only thinner.

At the same time, thank you very much for responding to my question.

Registered on the site recently. I was not sure what to say.


For Catherine Explain, please, what it means "harsh".

In general, the pizza dough should get pretty steep, requiring some effort when rolling.

I don’t know, maybe I’m doing something wrong, but the dough turns out to be harsh.

Or should it be?

I tried a lot of recipes for the dough, and never the foundation was as it should be.

Now I use this recipe, and he has never failed. Great recipe!


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