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Pie with fresh cabbage, step by step recipe with photos

  • flour — 1 glass
  • salt — 0.5 tsp.
  • fresh cabbage — 350 g
  • sugar — 2 tbsp. l
  • eggs — 3 pcs.
  • soda — 0.25 tbsp. l
  • butter — 150 g
  • sour cream 20% — 200 g

Cakes are baked pastries. It is the filling that distinguishes pies from other dough products and.

Young cabbage is the spring vegetable: it appears in May and carries a full-fledged vitamin.

Thanks for the recipe, the cake is wonderful, though the first time when the bake didn’t have enough dough 0_o, it was still done) I did it with a few changes, put only 40 grams of butter (there wasn’t anymore), and much more sour cream, added fried onions to the cabbage. The dough recipe is quite universal, today I will bake the same, add fried chicken fillet)

Thanks for the recipe and the previous reviews, I took sour cream 15% and butter 100 grams. , a little more flour.

In the cabbage added dill.

It turned out magically!

the cake turned out fat

Quick and quick recipe.

Delicious cake, thanks for the recipe.

it’s so gorgeous delicious! I have 3 pieces already! unreal delicious! I changed the dough a bit: I didn’t put the butter at all, refilled a glass of water and filled the flour with 1.5-2 cups.

Indeed, a very tender and juicy cake turned out.

I’m really surprised.

Such a nondescript seemingly turns out, but when you put in your mouth — pleasure. Thanks for the recipe, keep yourself)

replaced white cabbage with cauliflower. butter put about 100 grams, and sour cream — 250, 10% fat. it turned out not greasy, airy and gentle. the pie melted in the mouth.

It turned out very tasty!

Fans on the note-soda should be put in the dough in the last turn, then the dough is half-puffed

I replaced butter and sour cream with sour milk, sometimes I add a piece of butter (up to 50 grams). In the stuffing add fried carrots with onions, you can mushrooms, chicken liver, chicken breast cooked, all that you have in the refrigerator.

On top of the cake I sprinkle with chopped nuts. Delicious.

And absolutely not fat.

Sits in the oven already pie.

I make such a cake a long time ago, it really is very tasty and "fast"!

But I never use oil at all.

In the dough I put 0.5 cups of mayonnaise (diluted with water to a full cup) and 0.5 cups of sour cream (also diluted with water to a full cup), 3 eggs, soda.

Salt (less salt in both mayonnaise and stuffing) and sugar are not used. I take more flour-1.5 glasses, because the amount of fluid has increased.

The cake is not as fatty as in the original recipe.

And (for an amateur, of course) you can add to the filling "Adygei" cheese (it is not fat and does not melt, remains in pieces), olives, tomato circles. They put the cabbage in the dough, on top, like pizza, cheese, olives, tomatoes and poured the rest of the dough.

Made using this recipe of dough, a pie with fish and onions. Any fish fillet cut into slices, no more than 1 cm thick, salt and pepper, drizzle with lemon juice. Cut the onion into rings.

Pour in layers: dough, onion, fish, onion, dough.

Thank. The recipe is simple and quite tasty cake turned out.

Only for my taste, sugar should be a minimum.

Took the finished savory puff pastry.

You will lick your fingers too. Especially if once or too lazy to mess with the preparation of the dough.

For the first time did strictly according to the recipe — the test turned out a little! But tasty, baked well.

The second time, instead of butter, took margarine, sour cream was watery, approx.

15%, took it more, 300 grams, and more soda — half a teaspoon. I’m sitting, waiting for the result :-)))

And what’s wrong if the cake is fatty?

I generally only 42% buy sour cream or 45% buy.

cool cake, I really liked it, it’s better than with stew, and there are fewer problems! After reading the comments, I immediately tried to take into account the above comments! put 1 spoonful of sugar instead of two (it’s a vegetable pie and not sweet), sour cream was 16% and I made half with kefir, added less butter, and more flour around three glasses, then later added more sour cream and kefir (to reduce fat ) Finely chopped dill was added to the filling =) result — everyone liked it, it turned out to be a delicate and tasty cake! (when I tried, I didn’t even understand where he should be fat) I’ll do more often

I tried to change the recipe a little to reduce the fat content: I took not 150 grams of oil, but 100.

And with regards to sour cream: took 100 grams of 15% and 100 grams of kefir fat content of 3.2%. The result was excellent.

The cake turned out very tasty.

Liked it, so it’s on the list now. "early" pies.

Sour cream added 15% to dough, fat dough, but it doesn’t touch his taste at all. But for the future I will add not two, but one spoon of sugar, since for my taste the dough is too sweet

To the above, about the excessive fat content of the cake: I also don’t like it if it turns out bold, so you can, as stated, take less fat sour cream and put on less butter! In general, a very good recipe, I love this))))

The recipe is not bad, but (!) Something is not quite clear at what point the flour is added :), but this is the lyrics 🙂 At the second preparation I replaced the sour cream with 20% by 10% since at 20% my sooooo fat turned out to be a pie. But even 10% was a lot: (if anyone dares to replace sour cream with kefir or something like that, please write off 🙂 Conclusion: the cake is very tasty, but, alas, it is just as fat 🙁

Thank you very much!!

Very tasty, I cook the second day in a row. thank

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