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Philips pasta machine

Philips pasta machine was created specifically for those who truly love to cook, experiment in the kitchen and get real pleasure from it.

Fresh, homemade, incredibly tasty pasta or noodles — now it’s that easy!

Philips pasta machine she mixes the ingredients herself, kneads the dough and makes a paste of different types, shapes and colors in just 10 minutes *.

Experiment with ingredients and pamper yourself and loved ones with more wholesome and tasty homemade recipes from around the world.

With the Philips pasta machine, your life in the kitchen will be more fun and easier:

Philips pasta machine will do everything by itself.

The pasta machine can be entrusted with routine work: it automatically mixes the ingredients, kneads the dough and makes fresh pasta or noodles itself! You simply put the right amount of flour, pour liquid (water, juice, a mixture of water or juice with an egg) into a pasta machine, and she will do the rest.

You just have to cut the pasta or noodles of the desired length right at the time of production, and then boil and add the magnificent homemade pasta with your favorite sauce.

Fresh homemade pasta and noodles in just 10 minutes

You no longer need to spend hours kneading and cutting dough manually.

Just put the right ingredients in pasta machine and choose one of two programs: to make 300 g or 600 g of pasta or noodle in one go.

The production time of 300 g of pasta / noodle — up to 10 minutes, 600 g of pasta / noodle — up to 15 minutes.
Fresh homemade pasta is cooked faster than the store (on average, 4-5 minutes) and has a special taste.

4 nozzles — many types of pasta and noodles

The Philips pasta machine kit includes 4 nozzles: for making spaghetti, fettuccine, penne and lasagne.

Nozzle for pasta also allows you to make a round noodles and vermicelli, Head fettuccine — flat noodles, and a nozzle for lasagna — sheets for the production of farfalle, pappardelle, tagliatelle, mantalyati and preparation of various kinds of pasta with fillings: ravioli, cannelloni, Wonton, dumplings other.

Experiment with taste and color.


Make pasta and noodles from different types of flour, add various ingredients to the dough — eggs, finely chopped herbs, spices (even, for example, cinnamon or vanilla seeds), fresh juice.

Make homemade pasta and noodles unique and truly useful!

You determine the length of the pasta or noodle

The Philips pasta machine kit includes a special flat accessory that makes it very convenient to cut pasta or noodles during the manufacturing process.

You can make pasta or noodles of exactly the length that is suitable for your dish — even every time is different.

Make pasta healthier

With a pasta machine, you know exactly what ingredients are added to the dough, and are absolutely confident in the quality of pasta and noodles.

Kitchen scales not needed

A measuring cup for liquid and a measuring cup for flour complete with a pasta machine will help you easily measure the right amount of ingredients, and you will not even have to use a kitchen scale!

Easy cleaning

You can clean the car after use in just one motion! The Philips Paste Machine includes accessories for easy cleaning of nozzles for making pasta. For nozzles for spaghetti and fettuccine, special “covers” with teeth are provided — just put them on the nozzles and squeeze out the leftover dough in one motion.

Penne and lasagne nozzles are easy to clean with a flat accessory.

Conveniently store accessories

It is convenient to store nozzles for pasta and accessories for cleaning in a special sliding compartment at the bottom of the pasta machine.

Secure the attachments with the help of the stopper so that they lie flat and do not move when carried.

Convenient to use

The digital display and a minimum of buttons make the pasta machine convenient and easy to use.

Unleash the imagination and treat your loved ones and friends with new original dishes or interesting versions of already familiar pasta or noodles!

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