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Petey, dyushbara, jiz-byz and baklava — what to try and what to bring from Baku

Petey, dyushbara, jiz-byz and baklava — what to try and what to bring from Baku

Author of many recipes, founder and brand chef of culinary service. "Dinner House", as well as the inveterate traveler Elena Chazova, shares her impressions of the trip to Baku

Not eating in Baku is impossible. And your trip will lose some sense if you are on a diet or do not eat meat.

Because Azerbaijani cuisine is primarily about meat. For example, about lamb. Azerbaijani lamb is unique in that it has no specific smell.

Azerbaijanis have come up with many dishes of lamb.

Meat dishes that you definitely need to try in Baku

Mutton soup.

Prepare it in a closed clay pot in the oven or stove.

Broth, meat, large potato, tomato, pepper and chickpeas.

The broth is poured into a plate. It must be sprinkled with sumach (seasoning from dried pomegranate). And you can eat.

And vegetables and meat are mashed with tolkushkoy to the state of gruel and report to the plate later. It turns out, and the soup, and the second in one dish.

Sometimes chestnuts are added to piti instead of potatoes.

Then the dish is even more interesting.

This dish is probably the most spectacular in serving. At first glance it looks like a hot bread head. “Tell me, please, how much is a shah-pilaf preparing?” We asked the waiter. “One hour” — “So long?” — “And what are you, hurry somewhere?” — the waiter asked us a reasonable question.

There was nothing to argue.

We are in Baku, we are having dinner, and at dinner in Baku no one is in a hurry.

They say that shah-plov is served only to the most respected guest.

Do not worry, in Baku any guest is honorable, and you will feel at home in the restaurant.

Traditionally, in Azerbaijan for pilaf, meat and rice are prepared separately and mixed only when served. First, prepare the basis of meat and dried fruit, then it is covered with rice.

And here should appear the main element — gas. Plov wrapped in pita bread and baked.

Crunchy pita bread, which is obtained as a result, and is called gazmahom. Cut this «pie» in front of enthusiastic guests. And although I prefer Uzbek pilaf, I could not tear myself away from pita bread.

He is awesome.

Eating meat every day is torture for me and, besides, it is not very useful. But it was impossible to stop.

Therefore, the next in line was the saj. In fact, saj is a large round pan.

And the dish, which in it is prepared and served, was named after this pan. Saj is being prepared in the following way: tender lamb meat and many different vegetables are put in saj, added fat tail and put the pan on an open fire.

Before serving, place the saj on a mini-roaster with coals and bring guests — the dish thus always remains hot. And this is reasonable, because cold mutton is impossible.

And so the dish will remain hot for the whole time of the long Azerbaijani feast.

Saj — lamb with vegetables — one of the main dishes of the Azerbaijani feast

Dolma in Azerbaijan is served not as a main dish, but for a snack. By the way, dolma is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. And for many years, the disputes between Azerbaijanis and Armenians have not subsided — to whom dolma belongs, what nationality it is.

Grape leaves stuffed with meat and rice with fatty yogurt — this is Dolma in Azerbaijani.

And it is incredibly tasty!

Another national soup. Dübshara — spicy broth with dumplings. Little ones

Even very small dumplings. The smaller the dumplings, the more talented the mistress of the house.

The Uzbek counterpart of this soup, Chuchvara, is distinguished by a slightly higher fat content.

Dübshara — broth with spices and dumplings

Sounds like the name of a fun dance.

But in fact, this dish of lamb giblets. Such a surprise!

And the name came from the Kyrgyz language — it is an imitation of the sound of meat, which squeals on the pan.

The word also hints at the speed of cooking.

Like an Asian wash fry.

Thin pastry in the form of a crescent.

Stuffings for Kutabs can be absolutely anyone — meat, potatoes, pumpkin, greens, cheese, meat, even pomegranate grains.

Kutabs Azerbaijanis cook with anything, even with pomegranate seeds

In Baku, baklava is juicy and not at all cloying. If you do not like baklava, you just did not try it in the countries of the East.

Please note: it can not be left in the refrigerator, stored only at room temperature.

Baklava — the most popular dessert in Azerbaijan

Before you drink, you need to cool it to 12-14 degrees. Warm it will remind intoxicated compote. Many people drink pomegranate wine without a snack, just like that.

And someone considers it dessert and gives him fruit and sweets. Pomegranate wine is sweet and tart, but not cloying. Pay attention to this when choosing.

Ask the seller to pour a little on the sample.

But remember that these wines are very drunk!

Pomegranate wine is a visiting card of Azerbaijan

In Baku — a large selection of the most exotic jam. Take any — fig, mulberry, walnut, quince — you will not lose.

The most popular here is white cherry jam.

In Baku, you can try unusual jam — from mulberry, cherry, walnut, fig

For sweets be sure to take the famous Azerchay. Tea culture in Azerbaijan is very strong.

Tea begins with any meeting, conversation or feast.

Brew tea made very tight. 2 tablespoons of tea per 500 ml of water. Azerbaijani tea can be bought in Moscow.

But in Baku it is sold in beautiful gift banks. You can take regular tea or mixed with mountain thyme or mint. Or the most famous tea is from the Lankaran region.

And to him, of course, tea cups in the form of small glasses — armours.

They are very beautiful.

They drink tea in Baku for any reason. And always with local sweets

By the way, for a beautiful gift you can still buy wine from the “Old Baku” series, which is sold in unusual ceramic bottles and magnificent handmade Azerbaijani dishes.

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