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Pavlova cake, step by step recipe with photos

This luxury cake was coined in 1929 by an Australian chef in honor of Anna Pavlova, who came to Australia on a tour. Dessert became as popular as the famous Russian ballerina herself.

  • egg whites — 4 pcs.
  • powdered sugar — 140 g
  • corn starch — 2 tsp.
  • crystalline citric acid — pinch
  • cream with a fat content of at least 30% — 550 ml
  • strawberry — 300 g
  • banana — 1 pc.

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In cookbooks, magazines, blogs and on sites of varying degrees of reliability, there are many.

Apple strudel (Apfelstrudel) — thin dough roll with apple filling -.

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Pavlova cake is a sumptuous dessert. It was coined in 1929 by an Australian cook in honor of Anna.

Thank you very much for the recipe!

I have been preparing it since 2007, when I first published it in a magazine. According to the technology, in the process of cooking, I changed the sequence of actions, it turns out perfectly. Beat the whites with a mixer for at least 8 minutes into a strong foam.

I pour a mixture of starch and sifted powdered sugar in small portions and a little citric acid at the end of the whipping with a teaspoon. Just like a recipe. Then the mixture holds great. I bake at 120C for at least 1.5 hours, and then leave to rest until the morning in a closed oven.

I do not open the door of the cabinet when cooling (until morning), otherwise the meringue will not work so lush as it has taken shape when baking.

All other actions — as written in the recipe.

Cooked, it worked out great

Yes, frankly, what do you want, then lie down. can acid — pinch. Vinegar can — 1/4 tsp

Why in the ingredients indicated citric acid, and write a prescription vinegar. So you need to go?

And in what proportions?

The cake may be wonderful, but the recipe is squalor.

I tried to cook for my spouse for my birthday today, I did everything exactly according to the recipe: 4 proteins, knead for 10 minutes, add powder, starch, vinegar. It turns out some kind of liquid porridge, which is not that for 20 cm, even for 10 is hardly enough.

Understandably, when you try to engage in ad-libbing, and it does not work. And when everything is accurate, as they say, second per second.

Excuse me.

The cake is very tasty!

Many times she cooked exactly according to this recipe and every time a great result.

Especially nice combination of sweet base with neutral cream and a sweet and sour top!

I looked at other options of Pavlova — sugar is added to the cream there — I think it reduces the taste effect of the cake, making it too cloying.

No banana!

Best of all raspberry + blackberry (ripe large berries) + blueberries. Strawberries can also be if the above berries are not

instead of corn starch, I used potato, instead of vinegar, I used rice. and instead of 450 ml of cream I took 200, but there were plenty of them)) I did it with a banana and kiwi. I haven’t eaten such a light and tasty cake for a long time and haven’t cooked it!

I watched Greek TV as they cooked there "Pavlova"The confectioner repeated several times that the meringue should be baked at 100 degrees for 3 hours.

Here the idea is that the meringue should remain soft inside, but bake it outside. Therefore, a high temperature and a short time.

We don’t know how to include a specific oven.

But usually we recommend to include full heating.

Tell me, pozh, 150 degrees for meringue is not much? I usually put 100 and convection ..

Tell me, please, the electric oven should be turned on for heating mode "Top bottom" or only "Bottom". I want very much that the cake would turn out, so I will bake my birthday party for guests.


The dessert is very tasty and unusual. From fruit, I put orange and kiwi fruit, sprinkled cashews with crushed nuts and poured me with melted black chocolate.

My homework is delighted!

Be sure to try!

Dear women and girls, after baking bize at 140 degrees and 1 hour, do not immediately remove it from the oven but open it after 10 minutes. and for 2 hours, let the bize cools here and then everything will be fine. And with strawberries, and in the middle put more grated strawberries with cream in general. And you should always beat only cold yolks and sugar gradually, although in 3 parts and add cold lemon juice a little bit, the foam will be excellent.

Pavlova is a real hit of summer! Once tried, all home now ask only him.

While there is strawberry, bake it "love with the first spoon"!

Although I like and in "apricot" performance. In addition, I sometimes add strawberries to the whipped cream, mashed potatoes (it seems to be Seleznev), it turns out to be pink and strawberry 🙂

For Darya In English recipes under the words "corn flour" Means, as a rule, just corn starch means.

All other types of corn flour are specifically negotiated, for example, "corn meal for polenta", "corn flour masa harina".

In England, instead of starch, add 1 tablespoon of corn flour.

In fact, this is how it should turn out — hard on the outside and soft (marshmallow) on the inside.

I use 6% table vinegar instead of wine vinegar.

Can I replace wine vinegar with a regular one? If so, how much is%?

Karina Makeeva- Meringue settles because meringue actually dries at 80 degrees, and this is very well done in electric ovens, because the temperature is very well regulated there, and in ordinary gas, we can only bake meringue (, t. e. soft inside.

And potato starch will do it ??

This cake (baked meringue) should be left to cool in the oven along with the oven itself until it is completely cooled.

It is necessary to take out when the oven is already cold (I usually bake for the night and leave to cool until morning). Then the meringue will not settle and the inside will also be tasty and not sticky and will not look like a marshmallow. And on one site for a long time (I don’t even remember which one) I found how to beat meringues: beat the whites with a mixer for 1 speed for 1 minute, for 2 — 2 minutes, the rest for 3 speeds to strong peaks.

It is also impossible to beat for a long time, because the protein may exfoliate (fluid under the protein cap).

Without stopping, add sugar powder, gradually. And the cake is really delicious 🙂

Karina Mokeeva: It is difficult to say why he settles.

Proteins with starch and vinegar, by definition, can not settle. And we never have it.

Answers 2: stale proteins or disrupted temperature.

good evening. I read your comments and am also going to bake, but tell me so why does it sink in many housewives? There is no answer, I do not want to make mistakes.

The cake is really VERY tasty.

Thanks so much for the recital!

I tried to bake — I’ll share my impressions: I didn’t have enough 10 minutes to whip up thick and strong foam — I need to whisk longer; 40 minutes for baking is also not enough — the top is sticking to the finger, I had to put in the oven for another 40 minutes. When the cake cooled down, he settled down. A crust turned out on top, and inside — a souffle similar to marshmallows or "bird’s milk".

As a result, the cake was not very beautiful, but tasty.

Julie: With vinegar, proteins are whipped more luxuriously, and starch makes the meringue more shiny and keeps its shape better.

little thing: It turns out not meringue, but meringue.

Those. hard outside and soft inside.

I want to thank again for the recipe.

The cake is just a masterpiece, wonderful, unusual in texture and very, very easy to prepare. Nothing can be compared. Wait, when he gets soaked there, do not.

Well, just no words. I advise everyone to try, easier preparation does not happen.

The favorite in the family!

Thank you very much for the wonderful cake, which I heard about, but did not try. Today I baked it for the second time and this cake is now our favorite in the family.

When cooked for the first time, the protein mass during cooling subsided.

Asked a question here, but did not answer. Therefore, after reading the comments, today I made a double portion of the protein mass and I add one spoon of vanilla icing sugar.

Instead of white wine vinegar, I used apple cider vinegar, which is also suitable.

The cake is really eaten quickly and from a double portion of the protein mass does not settle so much.

Although, of course you want to know the reason, can someone tell me?

Or should it be?

When baking my protein, this protein mass rose, and when I opened the oven and left it to smoke, the protein mass subsided.

Can it be so or not, or should the mass be high?

good day!

The recipe is wonderful. He has been in my family for many years.

Only we bake it laying out the meringue with a spoon on a baking sheet.

Separate small portions, 1 tsp.

Then, smearing the cream, we collect these individual besenki or meringue into the cake.

Unas is a cake "33 spoons" The cream is usually boiled condensed milk and butter.

Tell me, what should it do in the end? meringues (ie, the mass should be fragile and crumble) or just baked proteins? such amount of whipped proteins at a temperature of 150 after 40 minutes is clearly in the meringue is not able to turn.

Be nice, why is there starch and vinegar? Not the first time in the meringue recipe I meet these ingredients, but I don’t understand what function they are ..))

Cake — EDGE!

Very easy to prepare and very tasty.

There is only one advice, for a feast you need to do a double dose, otherwise everyone will not have enough, quickly eaten, because it is easy.

Very tasty cake.

Heated 15 times, always turns out. The main thing is to beat the squirrels well. It is eaten at once, for how many people would not share, even for two))) And the main thing is very simple.

Thanks for the recipe. And by the way, it doesn’t look like a marshmallow at all and certainly doesn’t give eggs.

It can’t be "like a marshmallow"This is meringue!

Probably not enough whipped proteins — so by the way and spread, well whipped does not spread.

Unusual cake! I just couldn’t put the mass out — it’s watery — but I got out of the situation: I put a ribbon of thick paper into a ring with an ordinary stationary staple, and voila, the form is ready and nothing has spread.

I advise everyone to try: consistency like marshmallow, so that it does not give off an egg flavor (not everyone likes it) add vanillin!

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