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Pasta with bolognese sauce, step by step recipe with photos

  • beef for stewing, without bones and films — 500 g
  • fresh basil — bunch
  • garlic — 1 clove
  • dry red wine — 1 cup
  • carrots — 2 large carrots
  • olive oil — 3 tbsp.
  • salt
  • black pepper
  • Tomato paste — 2 tbsp.
  • stalked celery — 1 stalk
  • large onion — 1 large onion
  • Parmesan freshly grated — 50 g
  • canned peeled tomatoes — 800 g (2 cans)
  • dry or fresh pasta — 300 g
  • dried oregano — 1 tsp

Pizza is one of the most popular Italian dishes. This is a round dough with filling,.

Pasta in a navy style is a classic dish of Soviet home cooking. The recipe for this dish appeared.

Pasta (or, in Russian, pasta) can be fresh and dry (in Italian -.

Traditionally, the word «pasta» refers to the so-called pasta, which is prepared.

Very tasty, uniquely favorites&# 127860;&# 128523;

Great recipe!

Thank you very much. It turned out very tasty 🙂

Whatever the sauce is not so sour in the classic Bolognese version, milk is used, which is added after mixing meat with vegetables and stewed until milk is completely absorbed, and then wine is added.



We tried, and it seems to me that there is a lot of tomato paste;

1 spoon. And so delicious.


Only I have never tried this time. "Pasta with bolognese sauce!"so i might be wrong.

Of course it is possible. Only not breast, and fillet from the thigh.

And it will not be the sauce bolognese in its classic sense.

and can be used instead of beef turkey?

and I made homemade pasta for this dish, it turned out to be 100 times more tasty.

and about the fact that the Italians lived poorly, however, like ours, the same pizza is an unleavened flat cake smeared with tomato paste or boiled out of tomato in its own juice and whiskers) Our kitchen looks like pancakes or pies in this sense)

Well, it’s not a shame to belittle the merits of Russian cuisine. Who knows how to cook, he knows what and how is done delicious. You are Russian people, you must respect and love your culture, as the Italians do.

Yes, they have amazing pasta, my favorite — with seafood and black tagliatelle.

Amazing, thanks for the recipe, I rarely cook but with great passion and exclusively recipes published on this site and everything is super and tasty))

For Guest: Of course you can!

Peel tomatoes from skin and seeds.

Is it possible to use ordinary tomatoes to clear them?

Marina, I have no doubt that in Rome they serve this sauce, but here in Emilia-Romagna, where he came from, I have no doubt that it is from tagliatelle. Italian cuisine is, above all, regional cuisine.

Therefore, the differences between the kitchen of the south and the north are extremely large. What to go far: in the neighboring areas the same dish is cooked in different ways and they assure that it is prepared exactly this way and not otherwise.

We are talking about an authentic recipe, and based on it, the Bolognese stew is served with tagliatelle.

Bolognese stew is served ONLY with tatyatelle! (c) you know, on my last trip to Rome I was at the restaurant La terrazza del Eden, this restaurant is also famous for the fact that there the chef had recently been the personal chef of Prince Charles.

And there pasta bolognese is served with spaghetti.

Bolognese stew is served ONLY with tatyatelle! This dish is called “tagliatelle with bolognese stew”.

Forget about spaghetti, pasta "Makfa" and others. Use tomatoes in their own juice, and then some put canned with vinegar.

Of course, after that, the taste is terrible. Stew a stew of 4-5 hours, do not skimp on time and will not regret.

Cheese: or grano padano or parmedzhano reggiano. This dish is truly divine.

The eccentric lovers of soup and ketchup can only sympathize.

Even funnier is that the clever man ranked the potato as a national Russian dish.

No less funny to talk about the vapidity of Russian cuisine. In Russia, even the Russian nationalities are not alone, and their differences are not measured. Each person has their own favorite national cuisine, and the majority is a mixture of different cultures and different cuisines.

And it’s impossible in everyday life, I think, to see at least one now "clean" national cuisine.

That’s about Gogol and taverns — this is very funny.

Gogol lived in Rome for several years and was a big fan of Italian cuisine.

Delicious. thanks for the recipe!

sooooo delicious recipe.

The most delicious that ever tried.

Thanks for him. PS: I do not mix the paste, but I pour it on top.

My relatives and loved delighted.

But the photograph does not show that the pasta was added to the sauce and mixed! I think that is very tasty, but I would like to see the real look of this dish)))

Very tasty recipe. And then lit demagoguery! 🙂 To whom is watermelon, and to whom is pork cartilage (s)

The best recipe for the Bolognese that I have tried. a guest with pasta in a fleet is not right. all nations have a good kitchen, and apparently you are a bad gourmet .. once you think that the kitchen is good only russian .. personally I sometimes want a salad from country vegetables with smelly sunflower oil and salt, and sometimes tomatoes cherry tomatoes with arugula in olive oil and balsomic vinegar. food should be different)

I like the most, how people with a visible lack of education begin to interpret the story, whence this most brilliant idea came to you, that the Italians lived poorer than the Russians, How did you think to compare the heritage of the Roman Empire with impoverished serf Russia?

Although what can be expected from the fact that "there is no difference between olive and sunflower oil"I think it is not necessary to comment! On the taste preferences, too, everything is very clear, well, what to say eat sauce "Heinz" from the store, along with all its carcinogens and preservatives, and leave the Bolognese to those who understand something in cooking!

And this is LUCK, you will need it!

very sorry that the previous one "a guest" can not distinguish olive oil from sunflower, apparently he does not have taste buds. I lived in Italy, and I consider Italian cuisine tasty and easy to prepare, I treat my homemade pasta, pizza and rizzoto very often. In general, I do not consider Russian cuisine to be a standard; for my taste and opinion, our kitchen is too fresh, very few spices and seasonings are used.

I was in Italy, I ate all kinds of pasta, and here are my impressions: Italian cuisine is one of the last places in the world (Italians, the people have always lived very poorly and did not eat very tasty, the top of dreams, bread and olive oil). Any sauce "Heinz" In the store, the taste of pasta makes it better than any bolognese. In fact, pasta would be queen of Italian cuisine in naval style (the same people write that meat needs more bolognaise). There is no less space in the fields than olive groves, so olive oil is a divorce of tourists. Yes, unrefined sunflower oil smells, but I like salad more like this, although it is harder to find it now. Russian cuisine, pancakes, feast Ogi, potato dumplings, soup (which is not in Italy) is the standard to which one should strive. Read how they fed in restaurants and you will forget about the Bolognese. Good luck to all!

As for orange juice, I can assume that wine is being replaced. About 2 hours — this is how a very (VERY) quick raguu bolognese stew is prepared; ideally, this process takes about five hours.

Two hours is the minimum time sufficient for the sauce to be suitable for food.

About 20 minutes — you can cook such a stew.

You need to take a thin edge, cut it into very small cubes (with a knife, not a meat grinder), fry it quickly with olive oil until the color changes, add onion fried to transparency, a large bouquet of garni, broth, wine and grated tomato. It is desirable that all the added liquids be preheated to a boil, and the wine should be boiled down by a third.

Cook no more than 15 minutes, then 5 minutes. cool it down

Is it tasty? Yes.

Is that stew bolognese? Not.

As for milk and cream, I don’t understand where their place is here.

As for pasta in a navy style — every dish cannot please everyone with the same force. I, for example, at the sight of the festival described by you with raseysky sunflower oil — perhaps I wouldn’t say what I would have done, but I was certainly not happy.

Forget it.

Hello! Guest, tell everyone, really like the dish! about orange juice, please tell me — when to add it ?? with pulp without *? Sincerely, Cyril

I have been living in Bologna for 6 years, I have never heard of orange juice in ragu alla bolognese. Milk or cream at the very end of cooking (for lovers).

Wine is a must, it interrupts the smell of meat. And, as local mistresses say, the most important thing is a slow fire and a minimum! 5 o’clock! boiling.

Like this.

Our family loves pasta with bolognese.

Thank you so much for the recipe.

Just yesterday, I got stuck in Italy, and this is what, horror, I learned: there can be no talk of any 2 hours, wine and, God forbid, milk or cream! Only tomatoes (in own juice), minced meat (beef), onions and, interestingly, fresh orange juice!

And literally 20 minutes and ready!

Good luck!

Well, I’ll tell you. three hours soared, witchcraft over the Bolognese, everything as it should be, with milk, wine, spices, etc.

And what is the result — trivial pasta in a naval manner a hundred times tastier.

Instead of this maetsa, it is better to chop fresh tomatoes finely, season with garlic, greens, peppers and native rasey sunflower oil and to throw on macaroons — here you can bite off the fingers from the tasty food.

So, ring out, brothers, but enthusiasm about Bolognesemen.

Thanks for the recipe! It turned out very tasty.

We improvised a little and supplemented the sauce with a jar of olives — we think they did not interfere.

cook sauce for 2 hours?

Lyudochka, meant from freshly prepared dough (fresh) or purchased from packs (dry)

Tell me please, what is pasta dry or fresh?


Cooking for this recipe is not the first time. Like the whole family.

I do not add brine at all, so it is not sour.

Delicious! I am cooking a prescription and everyone really likes it. And the meat can really be put more than indicated in the recipe.

I recommend to everyone!

What other pickle ?? tomatoes must be in their own juice

I cooked it and I can say that it is very tasty, but it only seems to me that it is a little bit sour, although this is probably due to the fact that I overdo it with the pickle.

Recomend for everybody.

very, very tasty. all ate 2 plates.

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