Главная » Cooking » Pasta Carbonara in Moscow restaurants: Volkonsky cafe-confectionery, Pinocchio restaurants, Pizza Express, Dantes, Duma

Pasta Carbonara in Moscow restaurants: Volkonsky cafe-confectionery, Pinocchio restaurants, Pizza Express, Dantes, Duma

Pasta Carbonara in Moscow restaurants: Volkonsky cafe-confectionery, Pinocchio restaurants, Pizza Express, Dantes, Duma

So, how to prepare this «Carbonara» in Rome.

Spaghetti is boiled to half-readiness — “al dente”, raw eggs and pecorino romano cheese (sometimes in company with parmesan cheese) are separately mixed, fried pork cheek guaniale pieces are fried in olive oil, and three “elements” are brought together.

Extremely quickly stir the sauce in spaghetti, lay out the fried bacon on top and without delay are served at the table. Hurry is really necessary: ​​cooling macaroni turns silky sauce into rubber.

I note that there is no hint of cream in this recipe.

In an authentic pasta carbonara, it is the cheese flavor that is slightly tinged with hints of bacon, and the creamy effect is due to the raw eggs cooked with pasta heat.

In the Moscow version of the carbonara, bacon comes to the fore. For the same reason, cream is so popular — they spread the intoxicating ham smell to the whole dish.

As a result, the cheese, by and large, doesn’t give a damn, except that, by habit of sprinkling it all with grated parmesan on top.

The main thing is that in a perfect consistency of creamy sauce, fragrant, with slices of bacon and smoke and crunch roll over and nothing breaks this milk-meat harmony.

In general, a certain trend is evident.

However, I decided to conduct my investigation and find out: which carbonara in our city is more — Moscow or Italian?

And which is still tastier?

One of the most delicious among the «wrong», that is, Moscow carbonar.

The secret of attraction is not liquid and not thick creamy sauce, knocking down the nourishing aroma of bacon. Plus fresh, elastic spaghetti threads.

Nothing extra — no onions, no garlic, no mushrooms.

Even parmesan crumb is absolutely not required.

Portion is giant, you can safely order for two.

Although there is a risk of being so carried away that there is nothing left for a friend — the Russianized carbonara acts on some as a drug.

What else is surprising? Perhaps the fact that delicious pasta is served not in an Italian restaurant, but in a French cafe-pastry shop.

Probably, this property is exclusively ours, the capital — in this city of inverted miracles, you are always looking for one thing, and you come across a completely different, unexpectedly beautiful (like, say, fancy cocktails in sushitoria or well-done roasted meat in average European cafes).

Cost: 330 rubles
Address: Maroseyka, 4/2
Phone: 721 14 42
Working hours:
Website: www.wolkonsky.ru

Pasta carbonara here is a complete disappointment.

Especially when you consider the level of the institution and the fame of an authentic Italian restaurant. Finishing off the local Carbonar is possible only out of respect for the Pinocchio brand. The sauce is close to the original — it shows the taste of yolk and a mixture of cheeses, — but by its consistency it is criminally sticky and sticky.

In addition, the pasta I was given a semi-dry — either overdone in the kitchen and she had time to cool down and get tired, or the proportions are not the same.

In addition, with the cheeses in the sauce they were too clever by dissolving too odorous soft varieties. It even seems that they crushed crusts and, in general, all the cheesy leftovers that fell under the arm.

As a result, the sourish-milky taste followed me a few hours later.

Cost: 450 rubles
Address: Kutuzovsky Prospect, 4/2
Phone: 243 56 88
Opening hours: 12:00 to the last guest

A good, honest performance of Moscow Carbonara: with sauce without eggs and cheese, on cream with bacon. True, along with the bacon mushrooms are evaporated, absolutely inappropriate here. Some chefs for some reason have gotten their own way of “enhancing” the already dense dishes with mushrooms, as a result, guests get satiety unhealthy and joyless when it is impossible to get up from the table.

So ask the waitress not to add mushrooms to the pasta — you will be satisfied.

Cost: 455 rubles
Address: Smolenskaya Square, 3, TK Smolensky Passage
Phone: 937 81 00
Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 8:30 to 23:00, Sat-Sun from 11:00 to 23:00

A sincere attempt to follow the traditional Italian canons ended in failure. Neither the sparkling face of fresh egg at the core of the “nest”, nor the austere “impurenesslessness” of the sauce does not save the paste from the frankly boring taste.

The sauce came out completely transparent — apparently, it was not brought with the hottest pasta. It turned out sad and even sticky.

It would be better to add the cream.

Cost: 350 rubles
Address: Myasnitskaya, 13/3
Phone: 621 46 88
Opening hours: around the clock

The most budget option.

Cheap, angry and tasty.

This paste is obtained when you are in a hurry, on an empty stomach, cook it at home. Quickly shake up the ham, which has been sleeping in the fridge for a long time, throw it in the pan. It’s only going to siphon a bag of cream, a handful of flour and cooked macaroons (any!).

Stir in three movements and pour plenty of flakes of finely grated Parmesan.

If your hands grow from the right place, just like in the Duma, the paste will be smoked on your plate.

Cost: 260 rubles
Address: Mokhovaya 11, p. 3
Phone: 692 11 19
Opening hours: from 12:00 to the last guest

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