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Pancakes, basic recipe, step by step recipe with photos

  • butter — 10 g
  • water — 150 ml
  • eggs — 2 pieces
  • sugar — 1.5 tbsp. l
  • vegetable oil — 2 tbsp. l
  • flour — 200 g
  • salt — pinch
  • milk — 400 ml

Pancakes and pancakes — a flour dish, is prepared from batter, baked on hot.

Pancakes in milk are lush and yeast, and thin fresh. Accordingly, the rules of cooking.

The church calls the last “week” (that is, a week) before fasting “cheese”; at .

The short word «pancake» in Russia is called, when they do not swear, everything is relatively round,.

Disgusting recipe.

From this amount of flour and liquid water came out.

The egg with flour was knocked together into lumps, which were then knocked down with a mixer for a long time.

Very tasty turned out pancakes&# 128523; I did everything according to the recipe, I just love sugar more, I added 3 tablespoons&# 127860; Thank you very much for the recipe.&# 128525;

Finally found a recipe for grandma’s pancakes. Thank you very much:)

Servings: 24-25 pcs. (18 cm in diameter) — and this is indicated in the recipe.

But it depends on how thin you will be pouring the dough.

and lope all come pancakes?

pancakes are very good (35pcs)

I just cooked according to this recipe, the only water I took was 50 ml less and added a little soda, quenched with vinegar. It turned out thin and tasty.

Even the first pancake, as usual with me happens, not lumpy.

Pancakes turned out very tasty! To avoid lumps the key phrase here "gradually add liquid to the flour"starting with a very thick dough, as was written in one of the comments below, and kneading the dough thoroughly each time after each addition of milk.

Spend 5-10 minutes longer, but no lumps. Nothing broke, everything turned out great

Andrew ! Your old comment is — "Who will be the first pancake?" put me off balance. I really laughed 🙂

Such delicious and delicious pancakes are hardly anywhere! I made a double portion — 27 pancakes came out (three of them broke, because you need to be very careful when turning over).

The dough turned out very liquid, at first doubted a good result, but. everything worked out!

AND "openwork" also! The only thing that changed was the split of the eggs: the yolks were mixed with a piece of sugar and milk and water. This mixture in the form of heat introduced into the flour.

And whipped proteins, with another part of the sugar, gently kneaded into the dough at the end. Another added vanillin.

If every baked pancake is smeared with butter (for those who are not afraid of fat), then it turns out so tasty "mind you leave"!

Great recipe!

Everything turned out, although it usually does not work.) I did it strictly according to the recipe.

Pancakes Oh, very tasty!

Just the perfect recipe!

Oh, so my mother said to cook pancakes and scouring the Internet in search of a classic pancake recipe! Well, I will try: after all, everything looks so appetizing! Then maybe I can write about how the preparations went and what happened!

Good luck to all.

It turns out too liquid, you have to add flour.

Cooked pancakes for the first time and everything turned out, my husband is delighted)) Who does not work — do not despair — it’s all about the mixer and in the pan.

It is necessary to beat up better so that there are no lumps, and to heat the pan correctly — try the right temperature — try different, pancakes are different and are obtained.

By the way, without pancakes yeast, as these are much more useful than with yeast.

Super recipe, very tasty. better churn with a mixer.

Super recipe, very tasty. better churn with a mixer.

Pancakes are nothing, but the recipe needs to be improved. Special attention should be paid to lumps.

And so all the rules.

For those who have lumps. It is not indicated here, but the ready-made dough for thin pancakes is usually poured through a sieve.

So you get rid of possible lumps.

The most important thing is a well warmed frying pan and I also always whisk the whites and yolks separately.

Thanks for the recipe!

Pancakes turned out very tasty!

Now I will cook only according to this recipe!

failed dough no pancakes! very sad that you have to throw away!

Wonderful recipe! Thank you very much! It turned out thin and tasty)

I was very freaked out by the rycept pancakes were rosy and tasty thanks for the rycept 🙂

Thanks for the recipe! It turned out that it is necessary.

The pan is always greased with a piece of bacon, pancakes are always obtained. 🙂 Good site. :).

Thanks for the recipe! It turned out that it is necessary.

The pan is always greased with a piece of bacon, pancakes are always obtained. 🙂 Good site. :).

I did not like the recipe; the pancakes turned out to be thick, with lumps, without holes (((

pancakes were never obtained — I tried many recipes, but only by this recipe pancakes turned out. from the 1st time, very tasty — I had to prepare an additive.

THANKS for the recipe.

to taste like an omelette everything is torn disgusting recipe

My favorite pancakes. The most delicious basic recipe for pancakes.

Alexander, thank you, if this is your recipe.

Good afternoon, I decided to share the recipe of my pancakes, always turn out with holes and very tasty. On 1 liter of milk. First, beat with a mixer 4 eggs and add 4 tablespoons of sugar (as much as possible or less like someone who loves), 0.5 tsp. salt, then gouge vinegar 0.5 tsp. baking soda and also add to the whipped mass. Then pour the milk warm and start adding flour about 400 grams, the dough should turn out a little thick and drain well from the ladle. Then add 0.5 cups of vegetable oil and mix everything. Then the dough should stand about 1 hours and you can bake. Oil pan can not be lubricated, and pour the dough into a heated pan. Enjoy your meal, I hope you will succeed.

For Masha Here we tried to make instructions for cooking pancakes, as far as possible exhaustive: https://www.gastronom.ru/article_recipe.aspx?id=1003637 Perhaps she will help you.

Masha! Maybe it’s in the pan? I, too, had been like this before.

Try to buy exactly pan for pancakes.

And in order to turn out with holes, you need to make yeast dough, it is the yeast that gives holes :-))) Good luck!

I am Masha, but I am not from the USA

Please tell me!

How many do not bake pancakes for different recipes, do not work.

I decided to stop there and finish the job. My problems — 1.bliny never have holes 2. It turns out hard and dull shine on one side, look like polished cardboard, and the taste is not very.

I grease each pancake oil — does not help.

Thank you very much for the recipe!

Very tasty pancakes turned out. I didn’t change anything in the recipe, I just didn’t use butter at all so that they weren’t fatty. the son came with an American bride (p.0), who cooks well, I wanted to cook something unusual for her, so she took supplements several times and praised everything!

Pancakes are very tasty. Only, I add more to 100 grams of milk.

Will be thinner. Everything else is strictly according to the recipe!


What lumps. Take the MIXER! (and beat your health.)

but I did not succeed, I do not know why.

Dear pancake lovers! From time immemorial in our family, butter, or just vegetable oil, is added to the melted dough. and it does not have to fry the pan.

Well, the pancake itself is smeared with a piece of butter, etc.

Enjoy your meal!

The main thing is not pancakes, but the hostess.

How to cook — that taste.

For recipe- Bow.

pancakes turned out so-so, that to taste, that in appearance. There are better recipes

By the way, yes, there were lumps, but if you try a little, you can get rid of them!

Cooking pancakes for the first time! Ingredients took by eye!

At the same time, my milk was only dry. Great everything turned out!

Thank! Only the first damn lump! )

Hello dear girls. I’m glad you liked the recipe. who did not work is not scary. First, I add a little more flour and. + Egg, because if the dough turns out thick you can always add milk and a little water. I add a pinch of salt to the dough and 2-3 tbsp. spoons pod.maslo. leave for 30 min. stand dough. I made very tasty pancakes.

It turned out delicious pancakes.

And most importantly the most subtle of all that I cooked. 🙂 Thanks for the recipe!

Made today pancakes with this recipe. True increased the amount of salt, because 1 pinch in my opinion — not enough, reduced sugar by 1.5 times, because I stuffed pancakes with filler from offal (I didn’t want excessive sweets in this case), everything worked out by 5.

I put a minus due to the fact that the pancakes are quite capricious, and they strive to break (the 1st and another burst when turning over, out of 12 pieces), although perhaps in my case it is connected with the size of a pancake pan (25 cm), in the pan 16-20 cm such problems should not be. Oh, and my significant deviation from the recipe. First, mix and beat all the ingredients, with the exception of flour and vegetable oil with a whisk, and only then in small portions, 1 tablespoon sifted flour into the mixture while continuing to beat!

Everything miraculously intervenes and lumps, with this type of input flour, will not be 99.9%.

Oil introduced last.

Lastly, I want to add who the pancakes did not work out, it is almost always connected with the pan. Buy high-quality pancake pan, especially for this type of wonderful food and many problems in the preparation of ultra-thin and fragrant pancakes will disappear by themselves;)

made the dough — it turned out liquid, read the comments, upset.

But it was not there — the result exceeded all expectations. The main thing is not to pour extra dough into the pan and everything turns out just fine.

It is very important to beat well so that there are no lumps, I had to work hard with the mixer beaters.

Cool recipe.

Thank you very much — pancakes were never successful, but here you are!

Only a couple of corrections: a little more salt (additive to taste), and that is sweet and fresh, and more flour (additive to the eye), otherwise pancakes are brittle.

My husband and I often bake pancakes, but mostly according to the recipes of our mothers. But this recipe is the best on my list so far! Pancakes are light, tasty, not fat, soft.

On cooking: flour 200g enough clearly. No longer needed to add (flour used "pancake pancake" in fact, this is not even pure flour, but a mixture of flour, sugar, salt, soda, etc.).

And pancake frying pan had to be lubricated constantly, and not once at the beginning.

Thank you very much for the recipe!

I didn’t succeed either, too many lumps and pancakes are rushing, burning and sticking to the pan 🙁 How many times did I renounce not to take untested recipes and still want something new.

I’ve been making pancakes for a long time, only according to my grandmother’s recipe and everything always worked out well, but here you are. According to her recipe, flour is gradually added to milk with water and there are never lumps! =)

The taste is wonderful, but I added more salt — with one pinch freshly somehow.

And for some reason it turned out only 14 pancakes, although the pan probably does not happen less. The pancakes came out thin.

I am very happy!

And unfortunately I did not succeed, on the contrary, there are many lumps and pancakes that are rushing 🙁

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