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Oven baked duck

Baked duck — the perfect New Year’s dish.

Dmitry Zotov, restaurant chef, shared with us his professional knowledge on how to prepare duck for baking, how to stuff and with what to serve. Beefbar junior , Zoolight and «Entrecote».

Dmitry, what is the ideal weight for baking for the roast?
Starting from two kilograms — two kilos one hundred grams, two two hundred or three hundred — the ideal weight for duck roasting.

This is a beautiful bird: there is already a lot of meat in it and it is not yet old.

If the duck is frozen, how to properly defrost it before baking?
We must get the duck out of the refrigerator and, without opening the bag in which it is frozen, leave it at room temperature. Duck must completely thaw out.

In no case can you defrost a duck under water.

Also, do not put the duck on the defrost in the microwave: the juice will go out and the meat will be dry.

How to treat duck before baking?
If the duck is with feathers, it is necessary to singe the bird and remove the feathers.

If there is offal, pull out. If the bird is already without feathers, do not be lazy to process it before baking. Take any comfortable tweezers and remove the rest of the feathers that stick out of the skin.

Then refuel the wings.

There is such a power device — called «chicken wing«.

With the duck must do the same. Take the duck’s wing, chop off the extreme phalanx, and wrap it from the breast against the back. Turn it so that it lifts.

Also refuel the second. This is necessary so that the wings are not spread out during baking in different directions, and were neatly folded.

This technique does not affect the dryness of the bird or, as they say, the wings can burn.

So just more aesthetically pleasing.

What spices are best for baked duck?
You can buy ready-made mixture for the duck, now there are many and different such sets sold.

Prepared duck should be rubbed with spices inside and out, and leave overnight in the refrigerator. And you can make your own, author’s mix of spices. For example, for a Peking duck, you need to take a Chinese mixture «Five spices”, Cinnamon, star anise, hoisin sauce, rice vinegar, leek, ginger and garlic.

Stir the spices, chop the ginger and garlic, and chop the leek.

Grate the duck with spices inside and outside, and marinate overnight in the refrigerator.

Then put inside the leek, sew up the abdomen and bake.

From the finished duck onions pull and you can eat.

By the way, earlier Peking duck fed emperors: they threw out meat, ate only crunchy skin.

Of the spices, cardamom, cinnamon, star anise will also work well for the duck.

The main secret is that all spices should be put in the correct proportions and in small quantities, and know what kind of spice is strong.

Are there spices that can not be combined with duck and can ruin the taste irrevocably?
By and large there are no such spices. Although, after all there is one — Zira. It will taste like pilaf, not duck.

Spicy cayenne pepper to a duck, for example, is not needed at all.

But bay leaf fit well.

It, by the way, is used in Peking marinade.

But you need it quite a bit.

Can vanilla be combined with duck?
Why not.

If you stuff a duck with pears and add a vanilla pod, you get a vanilla duck, the taste will be very interesting.

How to bake a duck so that the breast remains juicy?
It is necessary to heat the oven to 80-90 ° C and put the duck in for two hours, let it lie.

Then pull the duck out and stick it into the thickest part (for example, in the leg or in the thigh) a thermometer or probe for meat and check that the temperature of the meat was about 65-67 ° C. If the result is achieved, let him lie down without an oven, another half-hour on the air and come. Now heat the oven to 210 ° C, anoint the duck with marinade or honey mixed with cardamom, and put in the oven so that the duck will get color and become covered with a ruddy crust.

Thus, the duck is not fully fried and will remain juicy. Remember, breast always cooks faster than legs.

This is a general rule or, you want, duck roasting technology. And it does not matter whether you stuff it or not.

That is the way to act always.

And what does bake matter?
For baking, take the most ordinary baking sheet so that the duck fits completely.

Baked duck can be cooked in the duck meat.

Many baked duck with apples.

Does apple variety matter?
Apples choose the latest ones — those that are harvested before the first frost. They have a bright taste, strong flesh and they are deadly. Better, of course, domestic varieties.

But if there are none, take Granny Smith from imported apples — they perfectly preserve the texture.

How to prepare apples for the filling?
Apples should be peeled and cut into large slices. Add lemon juice, lemon zest, raisins, cinnamon and walnut (you must first fry it not in a dry pan and chop quite large) Well, honey is necessary.

Get the original spicy filling.

Besides apples, are there more original options?
Of course! Take a baking sheet, put a lot of mandarins around the duck, cinnamon sticks and put in the oven.

Let yourself baked degrees at 80-90 ° C, hours 2 or slightly more, depending on the size of the duck.

How does the roast duck depend on the size and why bake for so long?
A 2.5 kg duck will bake for about 2.5 — 3 hours. If the weight is more, then it is necessary to check its readiness in the baking process.

Such a long time it is necessary that the protein does not break down, so that the meat remains pink, then the duck turns juicy. After all, there is not much fat in the duck, there is nothing to melt. If you bake a duck so as to melt the fat, you get dry meat.

And in the duck, fat is important, because it affects the taste.

Excess fat when baking, of course, leaves, but some of the fat should remain inside.

How to make juicy stuffing?
If you stuff a duck with couscous or another filling of cereals, then in the process of roasting duck a lot of juice and fat is released (about a glass), its filling will absorb. Couscous, rice or millet have good absorbing properties.

But if there is any doubt, you can add butter to the filling.

How to sew stuffed duck?
Culinary twine or thread.

If there is no special, take the usual thread, the thickest and durable. The whole point of stitching is to pierce fat, so grab a thick needle.

Well, the thimble does not hurt.

What sauce is best served to baked duck?
The best sauce for the duck can be prepared on the basis of the juice of the same duck, it will flow in the cooking process. I recommend frying onions, carrots and celery in equal proportions in olive oil, add two stars of anise, fry more and add honey.

Pour in red wine, and when evaporated, pour in duck juice and some water. Add salt, sugar and black pepper.

You can also have some frozen lingonberries.

Boil the sauce to thicken, then strain and separate the vegetables.

And which side dish is best suited to the baked duck?
Chutney of tangerines.

Take in equal parts white wine vinegar and sugar. Boil a little over high heat to make a syrup. Add cinnamon sticks, chopped chilli and ginger.

With tangerines, remove the zest, peel and divide into slices. Finely chop the shallot. Put it all in a bowl.

When the temperature of the syrup is 80 ° C, pour the tangerines and let stand until it cools.

Here, the original side dish.

Illustrations: restaurant press service

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