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Oktoberfest Food Basket

What the Bavarians bring with them to Biergarten is Brotzeit, which can be translated as “snack time”. There are Brotzayt for Biergarten and simply Brotzayt. Snacks, which bring with them in wicker baskets for chestnuts, must be necessarily cold, this is the main difference.

Because, for example, white sausages beloved by Bavarians are not suitable for sitting in the beer garden.

To all this splendor, it is necessary to have a mug of sweated beer with an obligatory frothy cap.

For those who go to the Oktoberfest, and just for beer lovers, we decided to collect a real basket according to all the laws of the burgarten.

So, let’s start with the main thing, that is, with bread.

In our case, with a pretzel.

Or Brezel, as they call it in Germany.

Brezel — one of the most popular bread products in southern Germany. Since the beginning of the XIV century, this roll is a kind of symbol of the bakers shop. Not a single brotzayt does without a fresh, crispy pretzel sprinkled with coarse salt.

Sometimes it is cut in two lengths, smearing with butter or soft cheese, sprinkling with green onions.

Radish or Radish — if it is a small, well-known vegetable to us, then it is eaten whole, dipped in salt. Large radish is cut into oblong slices in advance, mixed with green onions and salted with coarse salt, waiting for the moment when the vegetable “starts crying”, that is, pouring juice.

It turns out a simple and light snack.

Leberkäse — A cook named Karl Theodore in 1776 came up with this wonderful sausage in every respect.

I wondered for a long time why it is so called, despite the fact that there are neither cheese nor liver in its composition.

In order to clarify the issue, I had to flee to the local market, which is open on Thursdays near my home in Munich.

Unhurried butchers, colorful cheesemakers, cheerful beekeepers and talkative green sellers — I adore “my” market!

Alfred Winzl, fourth generation butcher: “Oooh, this is my favorite dish! Why such a naming?

It’s simple. Earlier in this sausage was a liver.

Moreover, even now, in some parts of Germany, Leberkäse is cooked with a liver.

But not in Bavaria. Because it is the very south of Germany, and in such a combination the sausage deteriorates faster, and the liver is a valuable, rare product, making sausage out of it is unprofitable. And the cheese in the title because the sausage was baked in rectangular shapes, designed specifically for cheese.

In general, Leberkäse is made from pork and beef in equal proportions, lard, spices, and you also need to add a little crushed ice and a quarter cup of brandy. ”

Obatzter or Obazda (from him.

anpatzen — tarnish, smear) — Bavarian cheese cream pate: Camembert is mixed with butter, onion, cumin and paprika.

Of all the cheese dishes, Bavarians consider Obazda the most popular snack, ideal for any bread.

All this, one might say, elements of the “obligatory program” for going to the beer garden. There is, of course, arbitrary.

But within reason.

Franz Zimek, Chairman of the Biergarten Society of Munich: “We increasingly see people bringing pizza or sushi to Biergarten. Order them by phone, sitting under chestnuts. And here, on the one hand, Biergarten is a place where everyone is equal and communicates freely and tolerantly.

From this position, everyone has the right to eat what he likes. But if I want pizza, then I will go to an Italian restaurant, if a Peking duck, then to a Chinese one, I want rolls and sashimi to a Japanese one. Isn’t that logical?

It’s a pity, the tradition of the Birgertens will turn into an international gastronomic mix. ”

We, not wanting to destroy the tradition, add to our basket fresh and (or) canned cucumbers, ripe tomatoes, leaves of crisp lettuce and all sorts of greens, let’s not forget about salt and pepper.

You will also need a knife (well, if everyone has his own, and the devices are not needed, because there are no plates) and a tablecloth.

Any, of course, will go, but if you want everything to be real, then take care of the checkered, better in the white and blue checkered Bavarian flag.

Yes, and one more thing.

Prepare for a trip to Biergarten and you must be morally! Which means …

Franz Zimek: “There should be no hurry and fuss in the Biergarten.

Inner peace, tranquility and benevolence — this is the very famous German Gemütlichkeit (German. Coziness, peace), about which they talk and compose so many songs. ”

Ain poooit, ain poooosit, der himumyuyutiihkhaaayt. Hear, already sing?

Without delay, take the food basket, head to Biergarten, sit on a wooden bench under chestnuts, spread a tablecloth, arrange food, order a cold beer and … wait a minute!

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