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Oahus, Sweden Region Skåne

The small town of Ahus is famous for two things: the Absolut vodka factory has been here for many years and the largest eel festival in Sweden is held every year.

Ahus (Åhus) was founded in the 12th century on the shores of Hanöbukten Bay.

In the Middle Ages, many churches, monasteries and castles were built here, some of which can be seen today.

Due to its location, the city has always been a port, which influenced its development.

In the 19th century, industrial enterprises began to appear here — cigar, glass and brick factories, and, of course, the world’s most famous distillation plant, which today produces Absolut vodka.

The appearance of the latter probably changed the air in the city somewhat, which is why today Ohus has turned into a major resort center of Sweden.

People come here for endless sandy beaches, forests rich in berries and mushrooms, ideal golf courses and the amazing atmosphere of the old city.

In the center of the city stands the Church of St. Mary, built in the 12th century as a residence for the archbishop.

On the territory of the cathedral there is a cemetery of the 18th century, where each crypt is a work of art.

Nearby in the town square you can buy ice cream, which is made in Ahus and is very popular in Sweden.

Licorice, with bitter chocolate or classic vanilla — one ball will cost 15 crowns.

On a sunny day, you can go on a boat trip on the Helge River, which is called the «Swedish Amazon».

From the water, you can not only look at expensive villas and yachts, but also see herds of cows coming up to the river to drink water.

Ahus is a beautifully preserved medieval city with narrow cobbled streets.

About 10,000 people live in Ahus

You can look at the yachts and fishing boats by walking along the embankment of the Helga river or sitting on the terrace of the restaurant by the water.

The road from Lund to Okhus will take 1 hour and 30 minutes by car.

You can also take a train from Lundado Kristianstad (1 h 20 min), and then by bus to Ohusus (30 min) — about 160 CZK.

Hotel Ohus Gastis (Åhus Gästgivaregård)

The hotel was built at the very beginning of the 1700s.

Then in one half of the house there was a hotel for sailors and port workers, and in the other … they were selling brandy.

On the second floor there was a restaurant for those who are richer.

Today, the hotel atmosphere is more democratic. There are about 20 rooms with furniture of the 19th century, antique books on the shelves and a deck board on the floor.

The on-site restaurant offers a multi-course menu, which is prepared using products from local producers or from the hotel’s own garden.

We are happy to accept guests with animals (surcharge 150 CZK).

Gamla Skeppsbron 1, 296 31 Åhus

It is impossible to imagine that all the Absolut vodka in the world was produced in this small town. But Absolute is a truly local product — for the production they use winter wheat grown exclusively in the vicinity of Achus, local water from an artesian well and a bottle from one supplier.

The plant, which produces 100,000,000 liters of different types of vodka per year for 126 countries of the world, is owned by Vin&SpritGroup. Locals call this ancient building «Church of the Holy Spirit.»

In the «holy of holies» of production is impossible to get. The only option is to go on an excursion to the museum at the plant. But they are held only in summer, in English and Swedish.

You will be told about all the intricacies of making a drink, you will see all the most famous art collaborations of the Absolute and visit the wonderful factory store.

Köpmannagatan 29, 296 31 Åhus

On the other side of the Helga River, in front of the Absolute plant, there is a fish shop. ÄspetsRökeri It is almost impossible to accidentally find this place, to leave without trying anything is even more difficult.

The owners are cute fisher-friends, they will be happy to tell you about the morning’s catch and prepare the fish that you like.

In assortment — halibut, flounder, turbot, pike perch, well, and of course, herring with salmon.

Tourists are advised to take smoked fish with them, it will not deteriorate until you take it home.

In the restaurant at the smokehouse you can drink beer with crayfish, or order a full meal.

We advise you to try the signature set of tapas Äspets Fisktapas for two people (189 kr): tuna sashimi, cod balls with salsa sauce, halibut with shrimps, sprinkled with crispy bacon.

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