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Nuts: the top 10 most delicious

This is only in the famous movie Cinderella for happiness you only needed three nuts.

Cooking such a quantity is clearly not enough. The assortment of nuts is great, and in the kitchen any nucleolus can be used.

Despite being a legume, peanut for many — a true nut.

Eat it salted or fried as a snack and use in Asian dishes.

Cook with him sauces, soups, curry, noodles and wash fry.

Pecan similar in texture to a walnut, but more tender and sweet. And also fat, therefore it quickly deteriorates and goes rancid.

Pecan works well in baking.

A variety of brownies, biscuit cookies, open pies, bread — the best use for him.

Pine nuts — Siberian pine seeds. They have a high protein content, which is valuable for vegetarians.

Use them to make pesto sauce, like the Italian counterpart, more elongated and large pine nuts.

Lightly fry and add to salads and pasta.

Walnuts in high esteem in European and Caucasian cuisine.

Cook satsivi with them, mix with goat cheese and beetroot, caramelize for desserts and cook jam with young green nuts.

In addition, they can be salted and pickled for serving with cold meat dishes, such as baked ham.

Favorite raw food cuisine — cashew nuts. If chopped raw nuts in a blender, they can be the basis for the sauce or filling for cheesecake.

Add them to add texture to rice dishes, as well as in meat stews, mix with chicken and shrimp.

Hazelnut — This is the fruit of the birch shrubs. Whole and coarsely chopped nuts are often used in desserts and baked goods. It is added to the dough for muffins, make candy, snacks and muesli, chocolate and chocolate paste with it.

Chopped hazelnuts — an excellent base for breading.

Also, for an interesting texture, add it to flour for making cookies or meringue proteins.

Roasted and Salted pistachios — constant beer snack.

Unsalted are widely used in the countries of the Middle East and the Mediterranean for the preparation of pies, sausages and sauces.

A very popular combination of pistachios and lamb.

What are the only Istanbul kebabs with pistachios!

It is also a popular ingredient in cakes and oriental sweets.

Universal and popular almond — stone fruit. It is sugared, glazed, ground into flour and used as a basis for the preparation of marzipan, nougat and Spanish turron.

Make breading out of it, add to meat and poultry when frying or baking.

Rich and soft taste brazil nut perfectly revealed in baking.

Especially good is he «sounds»Next to chocolate.

Try it also in a duet with rice, couscous or quickly roasted vegetables.

Walnut for a special occasion — macadamia.

It is expensive, very high-calorie, taste like hazelnuts, but more refined and oily. This nut is often combined with white chocolate, coconut and coffee, used to make sweets and desserts.

Although no one forbids adding macadamia when frying seafood, to fresh lettuce leaves, to fruit chutney or to Indonesian-style rice.

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