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Nutritionist Anatoly Volkov on the principles of healthy eating

Nutritionist Anatoly Volkov on the principles of healthy eating. Interview

Alla Bogolepova: What to do if there is no possibility to make an analysis in your clinic and get a list of non-recommended products?

AT.: As often as possible alternate, make your diet varied and carefully observe the behavior of the body.

Do not force yourself by absorbing any product just because it is considered useful. Be like children, do not be afraid to tell yourself: I don’t like it — and that means I don’t need it, I won’t eat it.

Love and dislike for a particular product is also a way of regulation, a signal from the body that it does not need it.


B .: Are there foods that should not be eaten by anyone?

AT.: Let’s clarify: we are talking about products, and not about mayonnaise, ketchup and other «creations of human genius.» The only such product is milk. Three quarters of the world’s population has milk intolerance.

Its derivatives — please.

But milk in its pure form is not useful to anyone.


B .: What should be the daily diet of an adult?

AT.: Morning foods are carbohydrates: grains, dairy products, eggs. In the afternoon — any vegetable food: all the same grain that you can eat around the clock, vegetables, nuts, beans, fruits.

The last evening meal is protein: meat or fish.

Man as a predator: ate meat — and fell asleep.


B .: Only meat, without potatoes?
A. V.: Garnish for meat can only be products that do not contain coarse fiber and starch: greens, cucumbers, olives, sweet peppers.

In addition, I advise every third day to do without protein at all in order to rest the blood flow purification system.

Categorically you should not eat fruit at night — it is sugar that will start to ferment.


B .: Meat, of course, should be lean?

AT.: Do not forget that a person cannot live without fat. The energy supply of the lungs is fat: it is necessary in order to warm the air we breathe and maintain a constant temperature. Hormones are fat, the cell membrane is fat.

If there is not enough fat, the body begins to make it from carbohydrates, which is not very good, because force majeure is activated for such processing.


B .: And where to get fat?
A. V.: Take sunflower oil, add onions and crumble there black bread — and tasty and healthy. When you need animal fats, cook soups.

Freeze pork, chicken, duck fat, grate and put a tablespoon in the soup.

And, of course, high-quality butter.


B .: What cooking methods are most beneficial?
A. V.: First of all it is open fire.

Products processed by fire are easier to digest.

Then steam, oven, pickles — if only salt is the preservative — crumble in air.

And finally, cooking.


B .: What if you want sweet?
A. V.: Thirst for sweets is a symptom of thirst.

And you need to quench it with clean water, not tea, coffee or fruit juices.

Juices, in general, are insidious: they are weak, consume water and, as a result, dehydrate the bloodstream.


B .: How difficult is it to restructure your eating habits and how quickly will the result appear?
A. V.: It’s easy if you act intelligently.

Try starting with water and see that in a few days the craving for chips and candy will disappear. The result can appear very quickly. After all, we consume the external environment in two ways — the stomach and the head.

Most of our problems are overloading these paths, something like heavy traffic on the road.

It is enough to unload one of them, and you will feel much better.


B .: And slimmer?
A. V.: Of course.

Excess weight is not fat as such, it is a protein that, due to water deficiency, cannot be removed from the body and therefore folds into fat.

Adequate amount of water and sensible eating habits will solve this problem. And, of course, do not need to overeat.

We consume more food than the body needs, not out of greed, but simply because we take an ordinary thirst for hunger.

When you feel hungry, drink a glass of water and take a walk for about ten minutes.

Most likely, the desire to eat will resolve.

A.B .: And if not?
A. V.: Then be sure to eat. A person should not live from hand to mouth, this is not normal.

Our organism is arranged difficultly and wisely, in its nature it is not self-destruction that is inherent, but self-restoration and self-regulation. This is an amazing mechanism that can function for a long time and efficiently if we provide it with everything we need and get rid of the superfluous.

Agree, this is not such a difficult task.

Read the conversation with Anatoly Volkov in the September issue of the magazine “Women’s Secrets”, as well as on our website.

Drinking regimen by Dr. Volkov

With this interview we open a series of conversations with Anatoly Volkov, whose method of selecting an individual nutrition system based on a blood test.

See below.

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