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Nutrition, speeding up the metabolism

A good metabolism, if you don’t go deep into the physiological subtleties, is when you don’t recover at the very sight of food, do not suffer from excess weight, and if necessary, quickly and easily get rid of it.

Metabolism, or metabolism in the everyday sense — is the speed with which the body processes the nutrients contained in food, and turns them into energy.

People with a fast metabolism usually have less weight problems. If you have such problems, and you are sure that they are caused by a slow metabolism, try to speed it up.

This can be done with the help of simple and quite humane techniques.

Estimating the rate of metabolism, they usually mean the metabolism at rest — when the body spends calories solely on providing its basic functions.

Breathing, maintaining body temperature, the work of internal organs, cell renewal — these processes account for 70% of our daily energy expenditures.

That is, most of the energy we spend, literally without lifting a finger.

The statement that all people with high weight have a slow metabolism is not always true: in fact, the more muscle mass and heavier the bones, the more energy they need.

The difference in metabolic rate in two people of the same sex and age can be 25%.

The fastest metabolism in teenagers, then its intensity begins to decline, by about 3% per year.

A hearty breakfast
Studies show that if you start the day with a full healthy breakfast, your metabolism speeds up by about 10%.

Rejecting breakfast has the opposite effect: metabolism will nap until you eat.

Use hot spices
It is believed that products such as mustard and chilli, are capable of maintaining the metabolic processes at a level of almost one and a half times the usual one for three hours.

This is due to the fact that hot spices contain a substance that causes the release of adrenaline and accelerates the heartbeat.

But this does not mean that one should be too enthusiastic about the fire-breathing dishes of Indian or Asian cuisine. Not every organism will survive this.

Spicy foods must first be healthy and healthy for the body, then it will work.

To be a man
In men, metabolism is on average 20–30% higher than in women. At a young age, the body quickly burns calories.

In women, the metabolism is the fastest in 15–18 years, in men a little later — between 18 and 21 years old. During pregnancy, metabolism accelerates. This is due to the fact that the body has to adapt to the increasing weight and at the same time satisfy the energy needs of the unborn child.

Drink green tea
This wonderful drink not only helps to fight fatigue, regulates cholesterol and sugar levels, but also speeds up metabolism by 4%. Scientists believe that this is due to the high concentration of catechins, which are more in green tea than in black tea. These antioxidants enhance the processes of fat oxidation and thermogenesis (the production of heat by the body to maintain normal body temperature and the functioning of its systems).

In simple terms, they help burn fat.

There are seaweed
At us they meet unless in the form of food additives. But the Japanese, the Chinese, the Greenland Eskimos from century to century eat algae, which are rich in iodine, stimulating the work of the thyroid gland. And she, in turn, controls the metabolism.

People who take algae, even if in the form of supplements, usually lose weight more easily and quickly.

An alternative to this exotic product can be our native apple cider vinegar — it is also considered a stimulant of metabolism precisely because of a similar effect on the thyroid gland.

Eat ginger
Since antiquity, ginger has been attributed tonic properties. In our time, it has received scientific confirmation.

A study conducted by scientists at a British university showed that regular consumption of ginger in the diet causes the body to expend energy more actively.

Visit the sauna or steam room
Metabolism accelerates when you expose yourself to high temperatures, because the body needs to spend energy in order not to overheat. When cooled, energy is needed to generate additional heat.

But, unfortunately, not many people are attracted to ice baths and swimming in the ice-hole, for this you need to have strong character and good health.

Sports are the fastest and most effective way to boost metabolism.

This is partly due to the fact that the more muscle mass you have, the higher the metabolism.

The body spends almost five times more energy on muscles than on adipose tissue.

Train your muscles, and metabolism will finish the rest for you.

Active physical activity is also good because it accelerates the heart rate.

At the same time, in the process and for several more hours after playing sports, the intensity of energy expenditures remains high.

So, doing on exercise bikes or doing strength exercises, you become slimmer, and your metabolism is activated.

Weight lifting helps build muscle mass, which also speeds up metabolism, on average, by 15%.

Strength training twice a week allows about 9.5% speed up the metabolic processes.

It would seem that a low-calorie diet is a direct path to harmony. In fact, this is not the case at all. Lack of calories in the first place is reflected in the muscles that require a certain amount of energy just to maintain their structure.

Muscle mass is reduced, and inevitably, even at rest, you spend less calories.

It turns out a vicious circle, and the metabolism slows down as a result.

Many Internet sites to speed up metabolism advertise ephedrine.

But this synthetic alkaloid causes side effects and increases pressure; it’s not for nothing that most sports organizations prohibit its use during competitions.

The effect of ephedrine can be enhanced by combining it with caffeine, which accelerates the breakdown of fat in cells.

But then there will be more side effects. So it is better not to experiment with your health.

Especially since the ideal way to stimulate the metabolism exists — it is a diet and moderate, but regular exercise. We already spoke about sports.

And the basis of nutrition should be whole grains, fresh fruits (especially grapefruit and lemons), vegetables and lean meat.

This mode accelerates metabolic processes by about a third.

The end result, of course, will depend on age, muscle mass and body weight in general.

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