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Now do not brew coffee: 5 new ways of cooking

Now do not brew coffee: 5 new ways of cooking

Brewing coffee in the Turk or using an espresso machine is the last century!

Now in progress alternative ways get coffee drinks that do not even mean the process of cooking.

We are used to tea bags, but it turns out that coffee can also be in tea bags! And you can brew it the same way: pouring boiling water. The advantage is that there will be no sediment in the cup (if you compare, for example, with the capping — by brewing coffee just in the cup).

But keep in mind that some sachets are very tightly packed with coffee, this makes the drink less strong. Another disadvantage of this method is that the bags sometimes give a specific flavor.

And, of course, you do not control exactly which grains are used for filling.

Drip bag with coffee

Coffee can be brewed not only hot, but also cold water.

This is a long process, so be patient.

If you decide to make such a coffee yourself, take a medium-sized uniform grinding grain.

And prepare to wait until 16 o’clock.

You can get cold bruins either by soaking or filtering (you will need a special vessel for this).

Cold Brue

Kemeks came up with a real scientist, a man named Peter Schlumb.

He assembled this device from a flask and a funnel, which he connected with a wooden frame wrapped in a ribbon of leather. A special filter is inserted into the upper part, coffee is poured into it, and then hot water is poured through this coffee in a thin stream (the temperature should be no higher than 94 º C, no need to take boiling water). This process will take no more than 4 minutes, and as a result you will receive a saturated drink, in which all the features of your chosen grain will be clearly manifested.

An important nuance!

First, wet the ground coffee, wait a little, and then pour the rest of the water.


Technically, this is about the same method as the previous one, only came to us from the East, from Japan. It needs a special funnel (it can be made of ceramics, glass and even plastic, which makes it convenient for traveling).

The filter is inserted into it, the funnel itself is placed above the tank. And then the same: inside, you need to pour ground coffee, through which water is then spilled (also not boiling water, the temperature should be no higher than 96 º C).

Water needs to be poured slowly, not without reason, this method is called «coffee ceremony».

The taste of coffee obtained with the help of a funnel will be very rich, pronounced; if you take more coffee, it will be very strong.


The birthplace of this invention is America (as you can see, the whole world has contributed to the art of brewing coffee). Device called aeropress It is a cylinder in which a piston is inserted; it creates the pressure needed to prepare the beverage. Coffee (already ground) is poured with hot water and is fed into the cup through a filter using a pump.

But you need to create pressure yourself by pressing on the piston.

Consider that for this method you need to grind the coffee finely, the water should not be too hot (the temperature is not higher than 94º С).

With the help of aeropress you get an exceptionally clean drink.

This device is extremely difficult to break, so you can safely take it on hikes and trips.


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