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Notes from the celebration of Taste of Moscow 2016 by Elena Bon

Notes from the celebration of Taste of Moscow 2016 by Elena Bon

Does someone like to eat and cook as much as my family and I love? After the Taste of Moscow 2016 festival, all doubts about this matter disappeared: there are a lot of such us))

Immediately I confess: in spite of the fact that the Festival is part of the line of world festivals Taste Festivals and it is not the first year that we have held, we have come to it for the first time. Did you expect anything special from visiting?

Yes, probably, but the fact that this particular will be in such a quantity and on such a scale could not even be imagined!

Tents are located on the Prestigious Alley near the Luzhniki Stadium — these are branches of more than 20 popular restaurants and bars in Moscow, several venues for cooking classes, tents with products from various shops, private enterprises and farms. Eminent chefs specially developed unique dishes for the Festival or presented their signature masterpieces, which could be purchased for “Taysta” — the local currency (at the rate of 1 teist — 100 rubles). For adults in a separate area organized tasting and sale of strong drinks, which was especially nice, given the annoying rain and the cool wind in those days.

There was also a special zone for children (Kid’s zone) with bright trampolines, a pool with balls, funny animators in funny costumes, a tent for practicing painting, modeling from kinetic sand, blowing soap bubbles and reading colorful books, as well as a contact mini-farm where you could chat with charming mini-pigs, shy rabbits, power geese, ubiquitous chickens and restless goats, who literally rushed into the wild from containers for transportation … Having tried a bunch of all sorts of goodies, tired visitors you could relax on soft puffs or admire the view of the Moskva River, and then go and buy something for the house or learn something new, and not always directly related to food.

So, for those who wished, a master class of painting or teaching English was organized, and the kids were told about the basics of mental arithmetic. In addition, all the time of the Festival, the guests were entertained by diverse musical groups (we got to the gorgeous performance of the quintet “Arfasound”).

It is difficult to single out one of the diversity of what I saw, eaten, drunk, heard and bought, so I will try, if possible, to restore the overall picture of the events that we have witnessed and directly participated in.

Right at the entrance to the festival territory (to which we walked for quite a long time, hiding under umbrellas, along the embankment), talkative girls from «Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt We were treated to a delicious yoghurt ice cream with salted caramel, and we immediately understood: the holiday has begun!

As it turned out, various berries, fruits, toppings and syrups could be added to the chosen type of delicacy at will and, thus, the taste of the dessert was truly unique.

Then (fortunately, by the time the sun crept out, and the rain decided to take a short break) we approached the tents of various restaurants.

True, the first was representation Etihad Airways Abu Dabi, where you could see pretty flight attendants in uniforms telling about the comfort of flight conditions, and dishes that the company serves to its passengers during flights, as well as take a discount coupon for all tickets. At that moment, I remembered my old dream to visit the United Arab Emirates))

As soon as we left the cozy tent of the airline, two girls in bright national costumes unexpectedly appeared in front of us, inviting everyone to restaurant Peruvian cuisine «Chicha, where they fed meat tacos and mysterious cocigory with fruits and berries. And after that it started:

restaurant author’s hunting cuisine «G.Graf», game for dishes which is obtained from its own hunting grounds;

«Gutai, offering two types of tacos (with meat and poultry), spring roll with crab and gyoza with beef;

restaurant «Cheese», where it was possible to buy homemade pasta, baccallet cutlets, zeppole cake, but the main thing that we immediately noticed was Margarita pizza flavored with the heat of the heat!

Japanese restaurant-bar «Makoto», smashed at the Festival with the assistance of the decorator and florist Valery Komarov a cute pot garden, and from the menu offered guests Japanese pizza with seafood, eggplants with tender beef pieces and vegetables, as well as rolls with a delicious scallop and fillet of swordfish in balsamic sauce, teriyaki and black pepper.

At the tent Miratorg girls in cowboy hats advised guests on whether it tasted better — steaks from marbled beef, toast with roast beef, or other meat «satiety.» A restaurant «Jamie Oliver in Moscow (Jami ’s Italian) «, included in the international network of family-owned Italian restaurants, where Jamie Oliver is cooked according to author’s recipes, brought various canned goods (tomatoes, capers), cereals, palentu, and many other plates, towels and even umbrellas, and from dishes presented to the Festival visitors one special , from the chef — “Vitello Tonnato” and soup, penne with smoked trout and tiramisu.

There were more restaurants: «Roni with an Asian-style menu, “Fedya, game!” with reindeer, rabbit and duck dishes and «Jan Primus», he generously distributed gift certificates to the guests for a whole liter of any draft beer or a flat iron steak when visiting the establishment itself and ordering at 1600 rubles. There were many, many more — unique, unique, but always hospitable …

Lovers of sweets could go into the tent confectionery house Francois Bodrero or in bakery Food Network.

It was possible to drink the acquired goodies with ordinary (although what!) Mineral water S.

Pellegrino or choose a jar with a bright citrus aroma of the same brand.

Or a cup of warming tea, for example, from Tess.

I brought my cute cups / teapots / teapots / jars and other little things necessary for comfort to the Festival. Williams &Oliver. Baking dishes, saucepans, baking dishes, pastry racks and many other useful kitchen utensils offered Moul ’flex from the French manufacturer De Buyer, originally filling out one of their windows in the form of the El’Fel Tower.

And those who have not yet acquired their own kitchen could do it right at the Festival — by contacting the company representatives «Maria».

Preferring to cook in the fresh air their products presented brand Big Green Egg and Scavora — handmade designer wood hearths and grills in the form of huge Cor-Ten steel bowls.

The last ones impressed me a lot, since cooking a banal steak on them turns into a real fire show.

I think that I will definitely get one for giving at the first opportunity: I’m sure my guests will be absolutely delighted!

To practice the art of carving, and for one to buy the necessary equipment, it was possible to Fiskars. For example, for about ten minutes I could not tear myself away from the contemplation of the fascinating process of turning ordinary carrots and apples into elegant birds, and tomatoes into an exquisite lily.

Unfortunately, I do not know how so far, but I would really like to learn!

For those who prioritize the quality and safety of edible fruits, vegetables, berries and other products, the company Greentest offered to purchase nitrate testers and X-ray intensity meters.

From the producers of any yummy I can not fail to note the generous tasting of the brand Unagrande (CJSC Umalat), after which we got at a very very attractive price (with a discount of up to 30-40% of the store) a couple of packages of delicate creamy Kachorikota, chocolate Ricotta (which reminded us of chocolate melted cheese, but with a lighter texture and less fat) and butter made according to GOST.

In a tent TC «Yablokoff» could not help but eat crunchy crisps and crackers from different varieties of apples, and Emily ’s Pantry — try spicy-spicy natural fruit chutneys. As I am a big fan of natural vegetable oils, which I use when cooking my own dishes, I just have to tell you about the most aromatic sunflower oil of the first spin from «Nikolaev and sons.» Were at the Festival and tents with all sorts of snacks for a healthy diet, numerous types of granola, tea, coffee, pine nuts and butter, natural plant and not only products from Greece, Italy, Dagestan, Japanese sweets and even black caviar … Just struck a variety of types of honey -sufle from the brand Peroni: banana, raspberry sorbet, “Margarita and strawberry”, “Cereals with milk”, “Mojito with melissa”, “Paradise with apricot” and about twenty others.

And most importantly: all this could try! The brand «Blue Bread» treated the guests with delicious and healthy sweets from dried fruits, packed as small popsicle on sticks (bought a couple and then eaten), candied fruits (like pumpkin), malt caramel (without sugar) and many other delicacies … It turned out to be good and Italian pastries, and various cheeses , and olive oil, as well as Galbani mozzarella, which we already buy so often …

But perhaps the most interesting and mass part of the Festival were master classes.

Company Electrolux, The general sponsor of Taste of Moscow 2016, organized training events under the guidance of well-known chefs for children (in the children’s area at the Peku For Thee), where every child from 5 to 12 years old could try his hand at preparing a dessert, and for adults hour on the Chef’s Secrets site. At the same time, it was possible not only to learn a lot of interesting things about food and healthy nutrition, but also to discover secrets and master the technique of cooking culinary masterpieces, but also to take part in a very tempting draw of the modern oven with steam Electrolux PlusSteam.

For such a wonderful prize there were hundreds of people willing to compete, that there was simply not a single empty seat at the tables!

But we managed to squeeze through a dense crowd of visitors to the “Kitchens of the World” platform with a magazine «Deli», which enjoyed staggering success! At that moment Sergey Yugai, a chef of the Chinese News restaurant, conducted his master class, enthusiastically talking about various sauces in bottles with hieroglyphs and other unusual additives. Unfortunately, we came up when the process was already in full swing, but in any case, we got great pleasure and unforgettable impressions from what we saw, as well as from the whole holiday of food in general!

If there is an opportunity, we will definitely visit it next year.

And we advise you too: another such place, where benefit and pleasure are organically intertwined — we must also look!

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