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Napoleon cake at home, step by step recipe with photos

  • water — 0.75 cup
  • flour — 400 g
  • vinegar — 1 tbsp. l
  • butter — 250 g
  • sugar — 0.5 cup
  • flour — 4 tbsp. l
  • vanilla sugar — 1 tsp.
  • milk — 2.5 cups
  • egg — 1 pc.

In cookbooks, magazines, blogs and on sites of varying degrees of reliability, there are many.

Celebratory cake — the main character of the festive tea party, it is one of the best and.

Cake Napoleon leads its history from such a depth of centuries that its beginning is completely lost. Obviously.

Prague Cake and Sacher Cake

Probably, every family has its own favorite homemade recipes. In the absence of the Internet and huge.

Great recipe. Napoleon did the first time, it turned out.

But custard is more delicious to mix with whipped butter + condensed milk.

Good day. Thanks for the recipe.

I used to bake this recipe, the cake was great. But then he lost and scorched differently. Not that.

As a Napoleon lover I can say how I am doing. All the recipe before rolling dough. I roll out the dough right away on the parchment spilled with flour, then put a large plate on top and cut the edges, roll the edges into a ball and put them in the cold. to another test, often nagging with a fork, I don’t like it when everything is bubbling strongly.

I spread on the same parchment on which I rolled upside down on a baking sheet, it’s easier. And bake until golden brown.

Cakes are round and smooth. While baking cake on the trail. sheet of parchment cook trail. cake Cream make plums. oils and condensed milk.

Brewed do not like. I grease cakes and put them right away in the fridge.

I do not press down and do not give soak.

We love the crispy napoleon.

All good.

Vanilla in a bag is a synthetic substance, vanilla sugar can be flavored with natural vanilla (and maybe vanilla).

Smell the contents of two bags — feel the difference.

With vanillin, it is important not to overdo it, if you put too much, it smells chemically, and even can taste bitter.

Tell me please.

Vanilla and vanilla sugar, is it a different condiment?

Preparing for this recipe for this new year.

The skin was thin, brittle and crunchy, even without vinegar. The cream turns out more dense if in tablespoons with flour with a hill to take.

Did the second kneading cream, because The first one turned out to be pretty and therefore not enough)))) I didn’t need the parchment — I couldn’t roll it with it.

Cake Very much everyone liked. Our family does not like sugary sweet cakes, so this one just turned out to be. It was soaked for a day, soaked perfectly.

I can’t say anything bad about the recipe. Everyone has different tastes, so you need to try))))

Victor, I’m definitely not a mother, rather, a sister, for that matter 🙂 Vinegar — any 4-6%, which comes to hand, you can even table (synthetic), as well as lemon juice or even dry white wine.

It is important to add a little acid to the dough to weaken the gluten and the cakes turned out to be more brittle.

Allow an uneducated lapotnik to interfere with your highly learned and very intelligent picking. Olena, mother of all the cooks in the world, tell the student to your humble, what vinegar do you mean? It does not say in many recipes, but I don’t know how to guess. Or does it always mean 8%? May God give you health and diligent students! Holiday greetings !

Just blinded cake. I would say this is not a cake, but a cake.

In general, I recommend preparing a double portion for a normal company. And so all the recipe successfully prepared

Cakes are not layered, but layered.

And condensed milk + oil for Napoleon in "your generation" It was considered a bad form, decent housewives cooked cream "Charlotte".

In the photo cakes are not very similar to puff. and thickish. and cream condensed milk + sl.masooo = beat.

All my generations cooked like that.

Just prepared the cake for the first time, it turned out great, Thanks for the recipe! Tomorrow we’ll eat it.

Friends, and if you think about it. The same recipe, the same ingredients, but some of them get it. others do not.

One can argue about tastes for a long time: I liked it, did not like it — this is already a personal perception of the dish, but ladies and gentlemen, one should not say so categorically that the recipe itself is bad.

Perhaps, it’s true, somewhere you didn’t manage to follow the steps of the recipe exactly, perhaps something was not clear, or maybe you purchased not very high-quality products.

It is very important to analyze.

And if, despite all the others, you still have a negative, let’s express it subtly, calmly, thoughtfully.

Cooking is an art, it is something that should give joy, and not cause anger, anger and abuse. We are all adults and if criticism is stated in a soft and understandable form, it can always be considered and, if necessary, taken into account.

I haven’t prepared a cake yet, I’m only going to, but I’m sure that it will work out. I was looking for a recipe that most closely resembles my mom’s recipe (I prepare the cake for her birthday and she will say it looks like it or not) and without alcohol.

It just does not have margarine, butter instead, but I think it’s so delicious.

Everyone who wrote that the recipe is bad let him keep his opinion with him and does not put it on public display because. that he himself most likely does not understand tastes or is simply so stupid that he could not prepare a recipe for step-by-step actions. A similar recipe was made at the age of 11, and now I am 12 and I am calm at the cake)))

I can not understand why to insult a person, a bad recipe, I’m shocked.

And take your write. If someone does not know how to cook, this is your problem. And my opinion is a good recipe.


The recipe of the real Napoleon is given in the book. "About tasty and healthy food" 1954 The secret of divinely delicious Napoleon in this puff pastry, which is prepared from two types of dough — in butter and in water with lemon juice. Margarine is a carcinogen. Cream cream — from butter, milk, sugar, eggs + vanilla and liquor.

And no flour.

It takes me half a day to prepare Napoleon.

For the New Year’s table time is not a pity.

Cakes can lie at least a week.

Present ""Napoleon""these are cakes on sour cream and cream butter with condensed milk, and the paste instead of cream and cardboard cakes is a variant of the Soviet canteen,

Nuuuuuuu shame. if the hands of p. then of course nothing will work. I don’t understand why I am so dishonored)))))) I want to say thank you very much for the recipe.

Husband said his grandmother was cooking "so delicious cake"Napolion"that just you will lick your fingers"So I wanted to make my husband happy, started looking for similar recipes, everything turned out delicious, but not that. And then I stumbled upon this recipe by chance And Vo-la.

The husband is pleased and the kids love it.

Cake is super and proportions are what you need. Thank you.

cooked this cake for the first time in my life.

It turned out great. Thank you very much 🙂

The cake turned out super !!

The recipe is very good, thank you very much.

I read comments and marvel at such clumsy crap with their comments a wonderful cake!

SHAME YOU! Vinegar is almost not felt, but what about the puncture of the dough — you can only pierce your empty heads. The dough should be flaky, due to chopped butter / margarine.

Vinegar or vodka gives a crispy crust. Say that you are not aware that vodka is also going to the passer for the crunch. If you do not know such elementary — get out of the kitchen! "The cream turned out thick". so it was necessary during the fire to shoot and not engage in foolishness.

I have been preparing a cake for this recipe since I was 10 years old, when I reached the plate!

And my grandmother and mother on DR baked, and almost was not ashamed to put on the table.

The cake is great.


I don `t know how to turn out, but cooking a cake is easy! Good luck.

A very bad recipe. Cooked for the first time, and it is necessary to get on exactly this one. FIRST — the cream is clearly not enough, you need to do 2 doses, although smeared, as then I realized Pts. meagerly SECOND — explain to people like that, once you have already decided to publish a recipe for how to cut out a form, well, these are trifles.

THIRD — absolutely on all sites they write, pierce the cake. In general, the taste is normal, it’s a pity that only guests on his son’s birthday will not try him, in fact, it is embarrassing to put on the table.

I bake for many years (more than 30!) Napoleon according to a similar recipe, slightly different proportions (4 tbsp. Blacks, 400 g margarine, 1 tbsp. Water) and instead of butter — margarine. Children love him very much.

Katariada, the cakes turn out harsh and poorly soaked if they are underbaked.

Well baked, ruddy, they are crumbly, not even untreated hard. True, they must be very carefully removed from the baking sheet, so as not to break.

Try again!

In the preparation of the cake is simple, but be sure to impale cakes before baking, so as not to bubble.

For my taste, the dough is harshly obtained as a result, after 18 hours of impregnation, the cakes are plain and not soaked.

Thanks for the recipe. The cake was amazing.

Thanks for the recipe. The cake was amazing.

Thanks for the recipe. The cake was amazing.

Preparing this cake according to your recipe. Everything turned out great. Korzhi baked without paper. Cream otlichno.ne sweet sugary. Excellent for the shape. The marvelous soup came out. In general, thanks for the recipe. 0

really like the cake

On the bill of vinegar you can agree one teaspoon, and a cream pack of butter and a jar of condensed milk.

Thank you very much for the recipe! The cream for my taste is just amazing, light and not fake sweet.

Instead of vanilla, you can add brandy.

Who is afraid of vinegar in the dough can put 1 tbsp. vodka, because she also helps with the distribution.

I cook according to the same recipe, but vinegar is a 1 teaspoon.

Cakes with vinegar do not smell, only during baking and not sour. Korzhi roll out very thinly, stand on the trail, then cut a circle, remove the extra dough. Cream: 2 eggs, 1 glass of sugar, 3 tbsp. l flour, 3 tbsp. milk — brew cream.

Put grated lemon or orange zest into hot cream.

Strain. When the cream has cooled, mix it with 300 gr. butter, knocked down with 0.5 cans of condensed milk, add vanillin. Or make a CREAM CREAM (CHARLOTTE) from 400 g of sweet butter, 8 tablespoons of sugar, 4 eggs, 10 tablespoons of milk, 4 g of vanilla sugar.

Crumbles sprinkle immediately, not before serving.

The cake should be soaked for two days.

Very tasty cake!

I will tell you in confidence this is Mr. disgusting, why add vinegar to the cakes, especially a whole tablespoon !? Did you even try it? the cakes are sour, broken, and the cream turned out like a dough: thick, not smeared, and little sugar had to be added to the condensed milk in the cream, but she did not save this cake. in general, the cake G hmm.

Muck There is IMPOSSIBLE, stupid waste of products. Review the recipe and correct any errors.

Or try cooking the recipe.

The cream turns out very pleasant and absolutely not fat.

Only on our taste with my husband he lacks sweetness.

So next time I will take a glass of sugar, no less.

Try the cream in the cooking process, then you have time to sweeten it if that.

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