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Mussel Recipes

Mussel Recipes have long ceased to be exotic, you can buy this frozen seafood in almost any store.

Mussels are cooked right in sinks or already cleaned.

Mussels baked in shells with cheese and garlic is a great Mediterranean-style appetizer.

It goes well with white wine.

Purified mussels are added to fish and seafood soups, they are used in risotto and pasta.

Mussels are good in salads.

For dressing use lemon juice, olive oil and mayonnaise-based sauces.

Serve mussels with baguette, baked with garlic-parsley butter. From drinks.

Belgian classics, mussels in blue cheese sauce will be worthy of some kind.

This seafood pizza can be cooked "both in feast and in peace" — and for an ordinary dinner,.

Satay is Asian kebabs that can be served as a main course or as a snack. Japanese

Black Sea mussels in a tender blue cheese broth — a real delicacy! Cook such a dish.

Very tender, juicy and tasty snack that can be served for dinner.

Egg pudding based on fish broth.

The dish has a delicate structure, like a souffle. Fishy taste is not much.

I love this salad in the summer: mussels are perfectly combined with crisp onions and juicy tomatoes &# 128076; Yummy .


In the Provence kitchen, there are many dishes, the preparation of which requires some culinary experience. .

Not quite the usual pilaf recipe, but why not ?! Adherents of pilaf may be indignant, and those to whom.

In the original, pits do not add chum salmon and do not put rice, as was done by Chef Maxim Kolomatsky. But on .

An ideal dish for those who love pasta and seafood. Seasoned with shrimp sauce, fregola with.

When using mussels in cooking, it is important to know one rule: they should be eaten immediately after.

Mussels — tender sea mollusks with soft sweetish meat — have long been listed in pets.

Soup, born off the coast of New England, where fresh edible shells are not a luxury at all,.

Rich Asian soup with savory taste, tom yam will help you to «wake up».

Warm sea salad from Nina Borisova has every chance to enter the short list of your recipes for dinner.

Dietary and healthy seafood pate, mostly made from mussels, for seafood lovers! .

The red color that tomatoes give to this dish is the color of love and passion — the most.

Pancakes on beer is an absolute pancake classic. With dark beer, pancakes are more tasty, more.

Men know that girls love seafood. This salad is not difficult to cook, and the result will please. .

The magic of black color will pleasantly surprise and disarm even the most fastidious guest.

Mussels are one of the most popular types of seafood. And recipes with mussels — the sea. .

Chilean chef Pavel Gonzalez was born and raised in Russia, so Olivier salad and herring under.

On holidays, very helpful recipes for spectacular, but simple to prepare dishes. .

In Apulia, this dish is called tiella — from the word «pan». The name seems to be.

Fresh arugula from the garden bed in this salad is as key ingredient as summer tomatoes. .

Mmm. I love the combination of crispy bread, salty feta, juicy tomato and rich, smoked.

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