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Mushroom soup

When Mark Twain edited an agricultural newspaper, he wrote: “Now is the time to send a boy to shake a watermelon tree«. But now it’s time for us to shake the bins of the Motherland on the subject of abundantly wild forest mushrooms.

And cook mushroom soup, of course.

TO mushroom soup There can be many approaches, from purely utilitarian to forgotten luxuries.

Consider both extremes.
Suppose you went into the woods and returned with a basket of mushroom platter.

Suppose you are quite sure that all the mushrooms in the basket are edible.

Consider the axiom that you do not cook soup for the mother-in-law.

Then the mushrooms must be sorted. Strong tubular mushrooms will fit on the soup, which will not sprawl out when boiling into unpleasant mucus. Aspen mushrooms, boletus eateries, podduboviki, boletus, mokhoviki — everything will work.

If you are pursuing extremely utilitarian goals, then use only the legs — they are the strongest of all, and leave the caps on more refined dishes.

The strongest lamellar ones will do. mushrooms — the same blue-green russula are often distinguished by excellent rubber. That’s what we need.

Or even mushrooms — they also tolerate heat treatment.

Now you need to clean the mushrooms. Spread a newspaper on the table, put a large pot with cold and, preferably salted, water (it drives out hidden bugs, spiders and worms), take a mushroom knife in your hand curve and clean.

Many are extremely addicted, trying to remove and cut off everything that is possible. Do not.

Meat broth is not milled, as in Chateaubriand, do not try to be holier than the Pope.

But all sorts of needles, leaflets, earth should be removed, not to mention living biological objects.

Cleaned mushrooms throw in a pot of water and stir occasionally.

For a decent soup you need at least 200 grams of mushrooms per serving — keep in mind that they are boiled at times. When you have enough in the pot, have a good chat there, put your hands in a colander and rinse thoroughly again under running water.

Pour water from the pan into the slop.

For soup, immediately pour in as much cold water as you expect to get at the outlet. And cook.

First, on high heat, as boils — remove the foam and tighten the fire to a minimum. Books are advised to cook mushrooms, until they drown.

It is 40 minutes and very long.

I would not advise 15-20 minutes longer, mushrooms do not become better from long boiling.

But see for yourself; sometimes it is actually better to overcome suspiciousness with vigilance. At the end, throw into the pan a dozen crushed black peppercorns and two or three bay leaves — this will improve the taste. Do not forget to salt.

Bouillon, most likely to turn dark brown, almost black.

It is not scary and does not affect the taste.

Mushroom soup need to fill up. The easiest way is potatoes, more correctly and more authentic — with pearl barley. You cook the potatoes yourself, and the pearl barley should be cooked in separate water until ready, then rinsed.

From mushroom Broth and so will be slobbery, the addition of mucus from barley to us to anything. Ready mushroom broth together with mushrooms are combined with barley, stir, bring to a boil and here you have an excellent mushroom soup.

If you want, you can sprinkle a little carrot and onion in butter in butter and put them together with barley — this will improve.

If you are an experienced mushroom picker and gribovar, or just bought a box of excellent white mushrooms in the market — cook the parasite mushroom noodles.

This is an old Russian dish, quite worthy of a princely table.

It will take chicken soup.

Boil it for a long time, three hours, or until it becomes a little soft.

With roots and spices.

Then remove from the broth, strain the broth, let the chicken cool down a little, separate the white meat from it, use the rest somewhere else.

While the broth is boiling, make homemade noodles.

Sift a pound of flour into a bowl, break 3 whole medium sized eggs and 8 yolks into it, add half a teaspoon of salt and pour in a couple of tablespoons of vegetable or melted butter.

Knead the dough tight, roll into a ball and let it sit for half an hour. Then roll thinly, let dry a little and slice the noodles with a long knife. Scatter the noodles on a newspaper or towel and let them dry out.

It must be boiled separately in boiling water so that the crumbly flour does not muddle your crystal clear (I hope) chicken bouillon.

Whites mushrooms thin and beautifully cut. The most beautiful are calibrated small white mushrooms, cut into thin slices whole lengthwise.

That in each slice the form of the whole mushroom was visible.

Boil the broth again, put the sliced ​​mushrooms in and boil for 10 minutes. At the end add the noodles and heat it in the broth until boiling. Place beautifully chopped chicken in soup plates and cover with very hot soup.

Of the tureen, of course. Faience ladle. It is especially elegant to lay out on plates even separately boiled cock crows.

When serving, sprinkle the soup with very finely chopped parsley and dill.

A rare beauty dish.

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Mushroom soup

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