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Mushroom harvesting

Dry or freeze?

Both methods are good for preserving the harvest of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms.

But it is unlikely that an ordinary family has a freezer of this size to accommodate all the blanks! Drying — the oldest and easiest way to keep the product with all its useful properties. And it is possible to store all this wealth from the garden, vegetable garden and forest in an ordinary kitchen cupboard for several months.

Dishes from dried berries and mushrooms are often fragrant than fresh ones!

By and large — any tubular, but ideal for drying and storage at home are suitable White mushrooms, aspen and boletus.

Crop of forest mushrooms

Do not wash the mushrooms: they absorb water like a sponge, it will lengthen the process and affect the quality.

Clean them thoroughly with a knife from the ground, grass and moss, and then wipe with a slightly damp cloth or sponge. Spread into piles, then cut.

Large mushrooms in several parts, and small can be dried entirely.

For some methods of drying and reducing cooking time, it is better to cut the mushrooms into thin plates.

Keep the beautiful heads of small mushrooms whole.

Preparation of mushrooms for drying

The most affordable way is to dry naturally outside or in a well-ventilated room in dry, hot weather, avoiding direct sunlight.

To do this, chopped mushrooms are strung on a thick string, twine or fishing line so that the pieces do not touch. Or in one layer laid out on plain paper or cotton fabric. Under favorable conditions, it will take at least a week.

If the weather suddenly turned bad, and in a country house there is a Russian stove, you can dry out the mushrooms in it or in an ordinary oven heated to 60 ° C and with the door ajar.

Mushrooms ready for drying

Drying in the oven is the most convenient way of harvesting in urban environments.

It is better to dry the mushrooms on a wire rack or cover the baking sheet with baking paper. Throughout the process, the cabinet door must remain open for air to circulate. We start with a temperature of 45 ° C.

When the mushrooms cease to be sticky, increase to 60-70 ° C and dry until ready, turning it over from time to time.

You can dry the mushrooms even in the microwave. For this method, it is advisable to cut them with petals, spread them out in a single layer on the grid and leave for 20 minutes at a power of at least 150-180 watts.

Then drain the liquid released from the mushrooms and cool them.

The procedure must be repeated until the mushrooms are dry. This method is troublesome, and the result is so-so.

Mushrooms are not so fragrant and, most likely, lose many of their beneficial properties.

If you are a fan of making large stocks of dried mushrooms or fruits, then a dehydrator is what you need.

In this specially equipped cabinet, the air is heated and distributed evenly.

Raw materials gradually lose moisture, fully retaining their valuable properties.

Drying Mushrooms in a dehydrator

Mushrooms are stored in suitable conditions no more than 2-3 from the moment of preparation.

You can store them in paper, and better canvas bags, in cardboard boxes and loosely closed glass jars in a dry place.

In the old days, even pillowcases for pillows were used for storage.

You can grind mushrooms into powder and add to dishes to taste.

Or flour for cooking dumplings, meat pies, fish and mushrooms.

Mushroom Household Powder — Great Spice

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