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Moscow pies and cakes

Pies and pies Moscow. St. Andrew’s bakeries, Volkonsky bakery and pastry shop, Stolle cake shop, Baltic bread

Pie is a symbol of home and maternal care around the world, tea and cakes are a traditional meal in many countries.

It’s nice that now you can meet not only miserable stove-tents in the Moscow streets, but also decent bakeries, bakeries and pastry.

Verkhnyaya Radischevskaya, 22, m. Taganskaya,
tel .: 915-5767, Mon-Sun, from 9.00 to 22.00 The place is lively — just a stone’s throw from the metro station, just across the street is the Na Taganka Theater. For a quick snack, the place is perfect.

First of all it is, of course, a bakery.

The choice of bread is huge: with bran, white flour, with seeds, olives, onions or spinach — everything is very fresh and tasty. In addition to bread, a large selection of puffs, cakes, pies and pies, there is cherry and apple strudel, marmalade, cookies and even handmade candies. You can also eat “seriously”: there are several types of salads and sandwiches.

A great offer for lovers of size XS — tiny pies with meat, mushrooms, cabbage and apples (25 rubles), such good to take with you to the office, and home too. But we, apparently, were not particularly lucky: the stuffing was still more or less tolerable, but the dough (rich, apparently, a few days ago, soft, fluffy) turned out to be tough. Of course, you can eat with hunger, but this is not at all like fresh homemade pastries.

By the way, you can have a bite right in the bakery: a sort of cafeteria was organized here.

Tea or coffee (cappuccino and latte) can be paid directly at the checkout counter, get a tray with an order and then poke around the tiny room in search of empty seats, which, as a rule, almost do not exist.

At the cashier there is a bank with the inscription “Tips” … Who, for what, is not clear.

Bolshaya Sadovaya, 2/46, metro station Mayakovskaya,
tel .: 699-3620, Mon-Sun, from 8.00 to 23.00. “Exquisite taste, hand-made pastries, grain crops of the highest grades, tender and airy dough, natural sourdough, lack of flavor enhancers, baking powder and a long fermentation process, unique French technology, based solely on natural products” — all these commandments are strictly observed by employees, perhaps , the best metropolitan bakery. Volkonsky offers virtually flawless works of French culinary thought.

Whether it is a plis puff with chocolate filling (65 rubles) made of really good chocolate, without any signs of soy), an envelope with cottage cheese (60 rubles) or an appetizing almond cake (570 rubles). The dough is so tasty that my cat ate the pieces from the core of the puff with rumbling, and the flour product can become the reason for its interest only in one case — if it is soaked with pure butter.

The only negative is not cheap here.

Not everyone is ready to give 60 rubles for a puff of cherries or 180 rubles for a cheesecake. Fans of French pastry who do not want to spend much money are invited to modest tents. French bread (near the exit from the metro station «Belorusskaya» -koltsevaya) and French bakery(Forest, 27).

It is easier and, accordingly, cheaper, but also quite edible. Kish with onions, tomatoes or mushrooms — 40 rubles, puff with cherry or peach — 40 rubles.

The point on Lesnaya, among other things, offers open mines, something vaguely reminiscent of a mini-pizza — with ham and cheese or with tomatoes and olives.

Juicy cranberry and lingonberry rectangles (1 kg — 480 rubles) evoke thoughts of country get-togethers after a forest walk, and there is no more proper native Russian dessert for a cozy family evening.

The only thing you can blame these products for is the excess berry filling — you should start cutting the cake, and it just pours over the edge. Other options are “rybnik” with salmon and tesh, meat pie with mushrooms and mushrooms, cabbage pie, lemon pie, apple pie (with and without cinnamon), dried apricot pie. There is even such a rarity as a rabbit pie with mushrooms.

And for some reason, there is a certainty that all of them will adequately withstand the assessment of the most picky gourmets.

Malaya Dmitrovka, 3 \ 10, metro Pushkinskaya, tel .: 699-4873
Lower Susalny lane, 4, p. 3, metro Kurskaya, tel: 261 26 35,
Mon-Sun, from 9.00 to 23.00, www.baltic-bread.ru In the evening, the cafe-bakery on Malaya Dmitrovka glows like a Christmas tree toy. On the glass cases — bread, a variety of pastries, sweets of all kinds. Plump 150-gram calzone pies look quite appetizing, but in practice they turn out to be semi-semi-sweethearts.

They have a dough, no doubt, good, but the calzone with tuna gives some kind of cheap fish, the stuffing of mushroom cacone is also unconvincing for the pie for 99 rubles. Even branded packaging does not save them. But the triangular, sprinkled with coconut chips «Danish» puffs with cream and apple (78 rubles) are more than satisfactory — moderately sweet, light, almost melting in the mouth.

But to visit this luxuriously decorated establishment is still rather for the sake of proper bread and cakes with fancy names like “Angel’s Tear”.

Taking orders: Mon-Sun, from 9.00 to 20.00.
Delivery time: from 9.00 to 21.00.

Free shipping.

The minimum order amount with delivery in Moscow is from 500 to 1000 rubles (depending on your location relative to the Koltsevaya metro line).
You can buy branded Ossetian pastries at a cafe in Malaya Ordynka and Bolshoi Serpukhovskaya, or you can order them by phone. The choice is big: wheat dough pies with cheese, meat, cabbage, potatoes (600, 1000 and 1200 g), which will be cut and packed like pizza are very good.

The local know-how is the salty pie with buryak (that is, beet) leaves and the sweet name “Saharajyn” (a small pie is 325 rubles, the average is 540 rubles, and a big one is 650 rubles). The assortment also includes pastry cakes according to old recipes (with cottage cheese and raisins, homemade jams, “gyata” with vanilla, nut roll with walnuts of the highest grade), muffins (from 240 to 330 rubles) and a lot of various sweet trifles — cakes, puffs , eclairs, «fingers», «ears» …

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