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Moscow beer houses: Barrandov, Jan Primus, Kolbasoff

Nevertheless, we also have other restaurants that work with this controversial male fetish.

To bypass all of them is possible except in two years.

Nevertheless, we selflessly visited some of them, and we especially liked the three.

Nimble waiters, reasonable prices, good beer — these are their common features; Read the general outline below.

If you have been to Prague, you will immediately understand what the creators of the Barrandov beer restaurant meant.

This is what, say, the restaurant hall at the Staropramen brewery looks like. Reserved. Neither add nor subtract.

In Barrandov, there are obviously more important things than chic, glitter and other tru-la-la. And first of all it is, of course, beer — very fresh and different. And the Czech by the number of represented varieties leads with a decent margin.

If you are looking for rarities, but still do not like surprises, I advise you to pay attention to Staropramen Pomegranate (120 rubles for 0.3 l), it is far from everywhere in Moscow. Great and «Bacalar Premium» (the same money). Which one is better?

I do not know, the quality is high at all.

Of course, around the beer is built and the kitchen, which differs from the traditional Czech only in the absence of dumplings. What is Czech dumplings? They look and taste like thick slices of fresh loaf, but only if this loaf was first steamed, and then baked a little in the oven.

In short, almost pudding.

I must say that many foreigners refuse to understand the beauty of this universal side dish — the cook Barrandov obviously knew about it and decided: “Yes, and God is with them! that we have nothing to eat? ”And the truth is, there is a lot to eat here.

I personally liked smoked sausages (380 rubles per serving), and not even the sausages themselves, but into which suite their smoked-salty flavor merged with the sweetness of braised cabbage and tender spiciness of bread with cumin.

This is just one of those suddenly appearing beauties that you do not expect to see, and she will jump once; the spirit breathes where it wants — a famous thing.

Very good here and knuckle (610 rubles, it is better to order at least two). Right now, without any discounts on the latitude and longitude of the “wild knee”, without which the Czech pub looks much more wonderful than without the dumplings mentioned. I would even venture to say that the best posthumous fate for a pork leg in Moscow is to get into the Barrandov’s kitchen.

A little about sad things — about apple strudel (190 rubles).

I don’t know if this is a common practice here, but there was clearly too much flour in the stuffing of my strudel. Just a whole grain elevator.

Even a ball of vanilla ice cream is a separate 60 rubles; kickshaw, but somehow wrong. Separately, it must be said about the visitors. There are a lot of Germans among them.

And not the caricature screaming Germans from French films about the war, but shy and thin people with glasses and corduroy trousers, with a smile and great pleasure feeding their beer, obviously every night.

Also, you see, the recommendation. Address: Zubovsky Boulevard, 22/39, Moscow, Park Kultury metro station
Phone: 247-16-08
Site: www.barrandov.ru

I certainly could not try all the beers, otherwise you would not have read this text.

But the beer “Jan Primus Krasnoe” (90 rubles for 350 ml) and “Burgun de Flonders” (145 rubles for 300 ml) struck me to the very heart. I can not say that I am ready to drink such a beer every day, but once a month — of course. The food, as said, is good.

Flemish thinnest Flamekersh tortilla served as a snack; in fact — pizza, but very gallant style. Roughly speaking, you will not be hungry. The stuffing, for example, “Norwegian Flameker’s” (185 rubles for a flamecher, 33 cm in diameter) consists of tiny cubes of tomato and salmon, interspersed with thin onion rings — and a crunchy, 2 mm thick cake corresponds to this elegance.

Another appetizer is called the fantastic word “pozhevelsh” (195 rubles) and represents something like jelly from rabbit, chicken, beef, pork. not sure that nothing is forgotten. And the meat in this aspic is clearly more than jelly.

Vegetable salad with rhubarb dressing (90 rubles) is somewhat less surprising, but it is not worse. When it came to hot, I wanted to order a pork leg with apples, but it turned out that it weighs no less than 800 grams — so much meat cannot be eaten alone (however, if you don’t order anything else, then you can say I’ll pick it up). But he managed to try “Karbanade flamand” (210 rubles) and river eel, baked in sour cream with herbs (390 rubles).

The first dish is the essence of beef, tired in beer over low heat to a state of almost complete disintegration. Suppose that the meat cooked in this way can be tasteless, only a complete villain can.

The eel, unfortunately, bore the clan curse of any river fish — it gave noticeably to the mud; however, and for such a taste must certainly find lovers.

Especially worth mentioning is the dessert, because I have never tasted the best cooked creme brulee with chicory (90 rubles) in my whole life.

It is strange that with most cooks it usually looks like a mixture of aspirin and melted ice cream.

In the hall several families were noticed — with children and grandmothers. And neither they nor the others were bored, but, on the contrary, with all the diligence they played in a bizarre manner (and of the same meaning), the Belgian board games: they tried to knock down some things located around that pole with a stick — I don’t know how to explain more accessible. I suppose that you can look at this activity as if it were running water or a burning fire — at least a day away.

Probably, in this way the Belgian genius decided to recoup humanity for the simplicity of the national cuisine. Address: Moscow, Miklukho-Maklaya, 27a, in the building of the cinema «Vityaz», m. «Belyaevo»
Phone: 336-57-55

By the way, to optimize the interaction of the kitchen and waiters, each type of sausage is assigned its own number: I, for example, ordered No. 5 sausages (370 rubles), cooked in Italian style — with herbs and pine nuts.

Separately, I note that the restaurant Kolbasoff know how to fry french fries. If you do not know, this should be done in two stages — first, fry the potatoes in oil at a temperature of 150 degrees, and then in oil at a temperature of 180 degrees.

At the first stage, the potato becomes crumbly inside, at the second it gets a crisp outside.

Cooling down, such potatoes do not soak, and indeed tastier.

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