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Merge with the landscape: we eat while traveling, as local connoisseurs

Merge with the landscape: we eat while traveling, as local connoisseurs

Each of us during the holidays tries to follow the main gastronomic rule of the tourist — there is where the local population eats.

But not everyone knows how to recognize the institution in which they feed you from the heart.

When we choose which restaurant to go to in our city, we usually rely on personal experience: reviews on the Internet and / or recommendations from friends.

And on trips we always dream of mystical "local" an institution that takes us to the world of traditional country or city cuisine.

But think — could you yourself become a guide to the gastronomic life of your city?

And most of your friends?

Logic dictates that not all indigenous people know where to go for a tourist.

Therefore, when we are preparing to eat in an unfamiliar city or country, we should not fully rely on Aboriginal people in choosing a restaurant.

We need to pave the way to restaurants with the most delicious, colorful and inexpensive food.

Find out about the local cuisine on the Internet before you travel.

To understand what local people eat, you first need to find out what kind of kitchen do they have "traditional"what products the city or country is famous for. So you will find out what exactly you need to look for in cafes and restaurants.

For example, to come to Kolomna and not try a marshmallow will be at least silly.

In Kolomna there is a museum factory pastila

Book a gastronomic tour or thematic tour

Gastronomic tourism is one of the most popular travel destinations of the 21st century. And if finances allow you, why not take a ready-made tour, where you will be taken to proven and high-quality restaurants and get acquainted with local cuisine? Gastrotours are now organized in almost every part of the world.

If you are not afraid "pull" financially such a journey — you can simply read the program of a tour and follow it.

Selection of the best restaurants is about almost every city or region.

You can search and purchase thematic tour.

On our site there are interesting thematic materials about traveling around the world and Russia, for example, around Yakutia, Kostroma or by markets Rostov-on-Don.

You look in the menu, and the eyes and run up, and you do not know what to order?

If you are in such a situation and understand that you will no longer have a chance to try the local cuisine — ask for help from the waiter.

He will help you make the right choice and order something that will leave you both feeling full and pleasant memories.

The main thing is not to be greedy with tips.

The waiters are almost always ready to help polite customers.

Remember Reviews on the Internet (especially popular tourist routes) are written not by locals, but by tourists. So when someone writes that "this restaurant has the best pizza in town", it is worth considering whether there was a person in other pizzerias.

Few people can speak for all of Odessa and adequately compare among themselves, say, 20 institutions in the city.

Therefore, do not blindly follow reviews on the Internet and social networks.

Try street food, especially if around "tents" always a lot of local

Street food is fast, satisfying and cheap. And this is not always the story of hot dogs — almost every tourist city has its own unique street food.

However, to search for the pearl of the street kitchen is best relying not on the beauty of a sign or a tent, but on the number of visitors.

Believe me, in a good street cafe there will be a lot of locals and tourists at any time of the day.

Street food barcelona

If you still decide "understand on the spot", formulate your question to the native people correctly. On "Where can I eat?" you are unlikely to gain knowledge about the gastronomic place.

You are likely to point to a network institution of international format. Therefore, specify your request. Tell me exactly what dish you want to try, how much money you have on it, and tell in colors that you really, really want to try exactly what the citizens eat.

There is always a chance that you will be lucky and you will stumble upon a local food club, who will gladly advise you to your favorite restaurant, which will leave pleasant memories for many years.

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