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Melon poisoning

I was poisoned by watermelons bought in a shop in Helsinki. Spanish, late summer. As explained to me: "It is to blame, it was not necessary to eat them a lot." I believe that if a product is of high quality, neither temperature, nor rash, nor frustration will occur from it.

Since then I have been avoiding watermelons (not only watermelons :)))).

This is what enterosgel advertising.

After analyzing everything, I came to the conclusion that I had poisoned a kolkhoz woman from Uzbekistan. I will not come close to melons anymore until I put things in order in this fucking country.

Melon My wife was poisoned by melon, but the fact is that melon grew in my garden without any neutrals and fertilizers

Why from the Soviet?

Of the very present.

I say that helps me. By the way, I graduated from medical school, so there is no one to leave)))

The recommendation, apparently, from Soviet times. But in reality, whether calcium is absorbed in order to bind these nitrates themselves depends on the form of the drug and on the hormonal system.

If there are thyroid disorders, it is unlikely.

So it is better to leave the doctors.

What else you can definitely — food organic acids.

Natural kvass, Kombucha, tea with lemon.

Although salted cucumber, if the state allows. )) Block the transition of nitrates to nitrites.

I’ve just been poisoned by watermelon. I never buy before September, but my husband brought a huge one — ate a piece (somehow didn’t immediately realize that he was strange), threw out the rest (throwing a watermelon for the first time), but it was enough for the face to swell and itch — typical allergic reaction.

In such cases, strengthened doses of calcium help well.

So pity! )) And no way out. They pour in watermelons and wherever they go. To give up everything?

It is also disgusting that shops or market sellers of such goods are completely safe. Poisoned is not exactly up to the hot pursuit to hand over the poisoners to the sanitary epidemiological station or where else. )

Many years ago, after eating a melon, I had a rash and a fever, although I had not suffered from any food allergies before. Blame in all their misfortunes nitrates did not realize.

It was treated with activated carbon and suprastinum. Five years on the melon did not even look.

And still a melon in our house is a rare guest.

Maybe they really?

GratitudeThank you very much, the recipe is written down, suddenly, God forbid, it will come in handy.

I sympathize with you, hifood: (now I do not want a melon soon.

Enterosgel is a thing, I was also recommended to keep it in the summer in the first-aid kit in the summer. I’ve just literally been tormented by the fact that the middle of August, and I haven’t tasted any melons, now I think it can be for the better.

About 10 years ago I was so poisoned by strawberries, to your (this is N. Skiernikova :)) scheme, on day 5 I was allergic to everything except water. If I ate even a piece of rusk, I immediately felt itchy, covered with huge crimson spots and my throat swelled, the last point and the feat of my then companion to call the doctor.

For 5 years I couldn’t eat even strawberry yogurts, and I actually dared to try strawberries again only last year.

Yeah, for the full program!

Sorry. )) It happened to me twice, only in a more benign form. It was more like an allergy — hands and feet itched. And treated with antihistamines and also a sorbent.

Once was the fault of the August national melon. (But it smelled like a dog — honey!) In the other — an imported watermelon bought in June.

Since then, all this is eaten only strictly at the height of the season, at the end of August — at the earliest.

Not a guarantee, of course, but still.

By the way, up to 90% of troubles can be avoided if you immediately, at the first signs of poisoning, mix the sorbent from the improvised kitchen tools. 1 tbsp. l with top of potato (or other, but necessarily the smallest) starch 1 cup of cold water juice of half a lemon or 1.5 tablespoons of natural vinegar Stir and drink.

If it is not a fire, it is better to let it stand first for 10 minutes. You can repeat it in half a day. The tool, despite its simplicity, is powerful.

Acid and cold water translate starch into an indigestible state. And it passes through the body in transit, adsorbing all this poison.

And the total surface of the particles there is just huge.

With any food poisoning — the first remedy, and with allergies too.

The recipe from the father, he is a doctor.

Last year, we also had a lot of poisonings. And, brought by melons from Uzbekistan. I have not heard this year yet.

We have to keep up, depending on the variety, they start already in May. We try to buy the melon variety that corresponds to this particular period. So if in the spring they are small, fragrant and not very sweet, and the large melons lie nearby and do not correspond to this period of time, then everything is clear. But it is also possible to run into a huge amount of nitrates and in small, spring ones.

When buying melons home and cutting, then of course we carefully look at everything inside — at all the incomprehensible friability, taste, smell. If the slightest doubt arises, then we’re in the trash. Let’s say this season 5 has been sent. so expensive.

you know, sometimes, buying olive oil or yoghurt — something made abroad — I think about the way this bottle and this plastic cup traveled before I got into my hands. I try to imagine their whole life from the moment of pressing and fermenting milk somewhere in Spain or Finland, bottling and packaging and before they were on the supermarket shelf in my god-forgotten Samara. they were taken off the assembly line, they were shaken in wagons and boxes in the cargo hold of the aircraft, they were deadly cold and insanely hot, they fell from the hands of the movers, scratches and dents appeared on them — such is the whole simple biography of the products before they get to us on the table. and if you try to imagine what this one has gone through — perhaps the only one — the poisoned melon before you suffer so much .. this is what I call a fatal coincidence.

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