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Means for washing fruits and vegetables

Marina Pankova arranged a bath day, having washed all the fruits and vegetables in the house with a special tool with the brutal name “Protect Your Family”.

Oh how!

Question about proper washing of vegetables and fruits in our family never occurred. In ancient times, my grandmother, before giving me a cucumber or an apple, traditionally bought at the Central Market of Moscow, washed them with tap water and always doused it with boiling water. From this hard crunchy skin turned into a soft, almost boiled substance.

My grandmother did not accept the protests: “Eat, come on.

It remains to be seen who and from where brought them — boiling water needs germs to be killed!«

Growing up, I somewhat softened the grandmother’s sentence to microbes.

I fed my small children with fruits and vegetables, after having rinsed them with boiled water at room temperature.

Ways of dealing with microbes were varied: someone washed the vegetables and fruits in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, someone added baking soda to the water, and especially squeamish citizens washed fruits and vegetables with a washcloth with soap.

Today, these ancient methods do not always work.

With the help of washing, we remove not only dirt and microbes, but also harmful chemicals from fruits and vegetables. The fact is that over the past 20-30 years, diversity has increased significantly and the quality of products has changed.

Most of the vegetables and fruits are brought to us from distant countries. The way they make is not close, and to preserve their quality and presentation, they use special chemicals — pesticides.

They begin to generously sprinkle fruits and vegetables during the period of ripening — up to the harvest, trying to protect against insect pests, fungi and weeds.

Pesticides are inherently toxic and dangerous to the human body.

Sometimes it seems that apples, pears, oranges are as if covered with a shiny thin film. This is wax. It is applied to better preserve the product and its safe transportation.

Yes, and the presentation becomes more attractive.

And although wax is considered a food additive approved for use, it is still a preservative. Enjoying fruit coated with wax is not very pleasant.

In addition, fruits and vegetables may remain residual fertilizer, dangerous to the human body.

Alas, with the help of simple water, to remove all harmful substances is really impossible.

Means for washing vegetables and fruits Safeguard fruit & Veggie wash with the inscription «Protect your family«I saw in the store next to the dishwashing detergent.

It consists of only natural and organic ingredients: aloe vera juice, citrus essential oils, olive leaf extract, fruit and berry emulsifier, vegetable glycerin, distilled water.

Means environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

The first in a slightly muddy miracle solution (two drops of funds for 1 l of water) I washed peaches and apples with a nice orange flavor. They glittered and freshened, but after drying, they both retained the smell of orange. Then I washed them under running water, and the fruit regained an authentic flavor.

Rinse under running water!

Means for washing fruits and vegetables, Safeguard, Australia, 750 ml, 485 rub.

Marina Pankova:
“My parents really wanted a boy to be born to them — Anton.

Anton Pavlovich. And I turned out, that is a girl. The name was not prepared for me.

Therefore, they called me at random Marina, which, as it turned out later, means “sea”.

Maybe that’s why I love to swim so much. Only not in the sea, but on the blue path, in the pool. Be sure to open.

If I do not swim a couple of kilometers a day, I break out like an old cupboard.

Sometime in the late autumn, in the team “Walruses of the USSR” I even swam across the lake Issyk-Kul 42 km long

The “walruses” themselves floundered in the water at a temperature of 7 degrees, and I swam behind them, on a steamer, where I wrote a report about the tempering amateurs for the Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

In general, I always liked to watch how people know how to create a beautiful world around them. For a long time I talked about this in my author’s headings in a magazine about design and interiors with the funny name “Stool”.

I also love to eat tasty food, especially what someone else cooked, not me. But my favorite dish is not necessary to cook.

Oysters are good in themselves.

I can easily eat a couple dozen.

But I still had a connection with the “world of Anton Pavlovich”. Friends often call me MaPa.

So Chekhov addressed his beloved younger sister Maria Pavlovna. ”

First sample:

Chocolate with thyme

Chocolate is a well-known remedy for depression.

No wonder, even a hundred years ago, Marina Tsvetaeva recommended: “Treat sadness with chocolate and laugh in the face of passersby!” See below.

Bio ice cream

In search of an effective freshener, Marina Pankova discovered probiotic ice cream.

It tasted like a classic creamy ice cream.

See below.

Honey with pieces of maral antlers

Marina Pankova has never been to Altai. But when she saw honey in the Moscow store with pieces of maral antlers from Gorny Altai, she could not refrain from buying.

See below.

Ogbono bones

I was not familiar with African cuisine before. But I have long been interested in the question, what do the inhabitants of the Black Continent eat. Why do most.

See below.

Gluten Free Rice Spaghetti

Marina Pankova, through a long search, found gluten-free spaghetti and carried them to her mother — her mother does not want to eat pasta with gluten.

See below.

Amaranth flour

Marina Pankova was looking for a gift to her friend with a bread maker.

And found amaranth flour! My friend Katya bought a bread maker and from the bottom of her heart she took it.

See below.

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