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Meals during the post

Meals during the post. Menu in the post, lean recipes

The post is not invented for fun and gastronomic delights. But this is not a reason to eat chips for forty days with pickles and pasta with ketchup.

From them the soul will not become more benevolent, and health will be undermined thoroughly. A wholesome and very satisfying meal that meets the most strict lean rules is a great many!

In addition, Lent is an ideal time to revive forgotten recipes and find new beauty in long-familiar products.

Russian porridge is not food, it is a philosophy.

It includes our entire history, beginning with pagan times; hints at long-suffering and thrift, not to mention hospitality and hard work … For centuries, we see porridge as pots, a large family needs to eat it with wooden spoons — and the instructions are ridiculous "pour boiling water and eat immediately".

What is this philosophy, if immediately?

Porridge — a leisurely thing, paying for patience a hundredfold.

The main idea here is this: porridge is not tasteless.

It must only be properly cooked.

Here is the brightest example: pearl barley.

Or "pearl ”(pearl’ovka), barley, from which make noble whiskey.

Wash it, cover it with plenty of boiling water, wrap it in a blanket and let it stand for 8–10 hours. Then drain the water, pour boiling water over the cereal again and cook for about fifteen minutes.

Let us turn for experience to our Middle Eastern brothers, our Lithuanians — they love "glass porridge". Fry the onions in vegetable oil in rings, and then add grated grated potatoes.

Poured ready barley and spices.

A similar story happens with buckwheat porridge, which they eat for some reason exclusively with meatballs or milk. Did you know that in the fashionable West, buckwheat (kasha, as they say) is a newly discovered organic product, along with the ancient Aztec amaranth and quinoa? There, however, for some reason, it is believed that before cooking, buckwheat must be mixed with whipped protein — otherwise, they say, it will not turn out crumbly.

A good buckwheat can simply be fried with vegetable oil — even if on a baking sheet — and let it try not to fall apart!

I do not know whether it is necessary to say that buckwheat is very good with fried onions, extremely good with carrots-peppers-eggplants and just very, very good with mushrooms?

But you probably have no idea about the fact that buckwheat with great pleasure is eaten in Korea! From it make sae meduk — steam buns. To do this, take buckwheat flour, a little salt and so much water to make a stiff dough.

It is kneaded, rolled out to a centimeter thick and cut into small squares, which must be greased with vegetable oil and put in a double boiler for 10 minutes.

This amazing dish is served warm on major holidays.

Japanese make buckwheat noodles, and cereal is extremely popular in Jewish cuisine. "varnishkes": it is necessary to fry a little onion (in the original — on chicken fat), cook separately porridge, separately — twice the amount of fusili-type pasta.

Combine it all, warm up, eat and be surprised.

Generally, if you are tired (and for a long time, fasting can easily get bored) the usual taste of cereals, mushrooms and vegetables, make yourself a spicy "berber blend"that you can pour anywhere.

Go to the market and enrich the dealers with spices by buying from them 2 tbsp. l seed seeds, 1 tbsp. l cardamom seeds, black peppercorns, fenugreek (aka fenugreek or shambala) and coriander, half a spoonful of allspice, a couple dozen clove buds, 5 tbsp. l red pepper and even a tablespoon of dried ginger, turmeric, paprika and cinnamon. Put the first seven spices on a dry frying pan and fry for 2 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Then add everything else (and more salt) and put it in a coffee grinder.

This wonderful powder will bring you happiness.

Fresh fruit at this time of year in Russia cannot be by definition.

Sauerkraut, of course, an excellent source of vitamins — but the compote from it, alas, can not be cooked.

It remains to rely on summer harvesting.

Procurers (both branded and Asian brothers) have recently tried their best: any market is ready to offer at least 10 varieties of dried fruit.

With the exception of pineapples, which can not be dried without the use of sugar, the rest of the fruit — even kiwi! — just dried in special drying machines.

The amount of natural vitamin in them at the same time, of course, falls, and sugar — increases, but the benefits of dried fruit are still undoubted, because all the trace elements are stored in the required amount.

Dried fruits are much cheaper in the markets, but branded ones guarantee freshness and complete inviolability of all benefits.

Chewing dried fruits just like that, even with tea, is not too exciting.

Any dried fruit, especially figs, cherries and large prunes, combined with the juice of red berries able to turn into a very exquisite dessert. For this, different spices are added to the juice: cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom, cloves, black pepper, nutmeg, sugar — and actually dried fruits.

All this is boiled over a very small fire: first without the lid for about forty minutes, then under the lid for another half hour — until the syrup becomes very thick. Serve with porridge.

In addition, they do a lot of amazing things with dried fruits: for example, they stuff stuffed tomatoes, sweet peppers or eggplants.

Or stew with onions and red beans.

If you do not take into account the newfangled soybeans, mushrooms — the main meat during the post. They are in the winter for most — it is a mushroom soup. For the most advanced — mushroom julienne.

This is unfair. But what about mushroom caviar? And potato cutlets stuffed with mushrooms, with mushroom gravy?

And mushroom risotto?

And dumplings with mushrooms?

All this, of course, can be done from dried mushrooms, distantly collected in the summer of their own hands … But it makes sense to pay attention to the stalls with frozen foods. Honey mushrooms, chanterelles, aspen mushrooms, white …

More often there are Japanese shiitake mushrooms — world champions in the fight against cancer cells.

Even giant portobello mushrooms (pure chicken meat to taste) are quite common in supermarkets.

This fantastic variety of mushrooms provides a reason for almost daily experiments.

Here are some options. You can make tapenade sandwiches from forest mushrooms: grind capers with olive oil and lemon juice in a mortar, season with salt and pepper.

It turns out pasta, which is wonderfully smeared on toasted chunks of bread — and between them are impressive slices of mushrooms fried to a crisp crust.

A salad appears from the oyster mushrooms as if by itself: fried mushrooms, apples, celery stalks, lettuce leaves and dark seedless grapes. Pour on top with a lemon juice dressing with mashed pine nuts, salt, pepper and a pinch of cinnamon.

For the sake of variety, you can fry the champignons in a wok with soy sauce, honey, sesame seeds and green onions (they should be served immediately).

Nuts in our diet play a role that is not quite right for them.

They sprinkle cakes with them, then beets with garlic … And the impression is that everyone eats only peanuts, pine nuts and walnuts.

Meanwhile, during the Lent, when every protein counts, nuts are an irreplaceable thing. If they are fresh, it is practically a panacea for all the problems of the spring-winter period.

And not so boring as it seems.

They can sweeten — or, conversely, sharpen.

In the first case, type a variety of unroasted nuts: almond, hazelnut, cashew, walnut, cedar.

In addition, you will need orange juice, sugar, cinnamon and orange peel.

From all this thick syrup is brewed, in which nuts are added.

There they need to be thoroughly mixed — so that the syrup has time to stick to each one, and then shift it onto the oiled paper and divide with a fork while warm.

Spicy Nuts (almonds, unshelled pistachios, peanuts) done in much the same way — only required salt with pepper, chili, zira, coriander, ginger, garlic powder… yes with what you want — plus tasty vegetable oil.

Still, a little honey, otherwise the nuts will be separate, and the spices alone.

And you can make the same mixture of pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

It makes sense to keep sharp nuts and seeds in the refrigerator for a couple of days — let them smell like spices.

Another option for the enthusiastic absorption of nuts is pasta or gravy. Peanut butter — the cult product of American teens — has long been known to fans of TV shows.

It is easy to make at home: take roasted and peeled peanuts, put them in a meat grinder and scroll with a little water and salt. Keep better in the refrigerator. Smear cookies with this paste every morning, as they become smarter with nuts — it has been proven.

A healthier snack option: sesame seeds, honey, cinnamon and salt.

If guests are going to descend to you and they all fast as one, ask them to bring fresh apples, carrots and celery stalks with them.

While they are rushing around the city in search of these scarce products, calmly get stored raw almonds, lemon juice, honey, fresh basil, salt, garlic and ginger. Proportions — to your taste.

Skip it all through a meat grinder, adding water as needed — so that the consistency of thick sour cream is obtained.

When the guests appear, cut the fruits and vegetables they brought, and they should let them dip them in your sauce.

Soon they will fill up, podobryut and begin to ask you about the secrets of skill.

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