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May skewers: in Moscow restaurants you can buy everything you need for a picnic

May skewers: in Moscow restaurants you can buy everything you need for a picnic

The first outing for the kebabs in May is holy. But finding the right meat and the process of marinating it take a lot of time and can tire even before you find yourself outside the city.

For those who are going have a picnicto, but not ready to kill for the part of the precious weekend, we chose Moscow cafes and restaurants where you can buy already prepared for grilling meat, sauces, vegetables and tortillas.

And even grab with you chefs, so that he grilled kebabs personally for you.

University Avenue, 25
+7 (499) 143-73-71

In the restaurant "On Mosfilmovskaya" collect picnic baskets

In a cozy restaurant «On Mosfilmovskaya», designed for the inhabitants of the prosperous embassy-university district, guests are ready to hand a whole basket where there will be everything needed for forays into nature.

Prepare and conveniently pack up 2 kg of meat, which can immediately be sent to the grill. It remains only to choose between kebabs from mutton (1200 rubles / 1 kg.), veal and turkey (800 rubles / 1 kg), farm chicken (1000 rubles / 2 carcasses) and chicken wings in sweet soy marinade (800 rubles / 1 kg). But the most interesting is original recipes: from lamb in yoghurt (1200 rubles per 1 kg) and from beef in spicy marinade (1500 rubles)

1 kg). For those who do not eat meat, there is a salmon fillet in a tomato-onion marinade (2000 rubles per 1 kg) or whole sea bass (1200 rubles for 2 pieces). Add to cart also Baku tomatoes and cucumbers, a bunch of greens, assorted homemade cheeses and cakes that are baked right there in the restaurant.

Basic set for 4 persons will cost 6500 rubles, if desired, it can be supplemented with drinks.

Basket order — in 24 hours.

Street 1905, 2
+7 (495) 651 81 00

Chicken kebabs at the recipe of the restaurant "Kazbek"

Meat in Kazbek marinated according to homemade chef’s recipes Mamia Jojua.

The marinade recipe is a true Georgian polyphony: salmon kept in homemade mayonnaise with tomatoes, lemon and paprika (990 R / 1 kg), chicken they are flavored with adzhika (670 rubles), pork with thyme, tomatoes and onions, and only sour cream, salt, lemon and pepper are added to Caspian sturgeon, respecting the natural taste of noble fish (1900 rubles). Company offer — kakhetinsky kebab (5800 rubles): almost 2 kg beef tenderloin, marinated in red adzhika. For each kebab, you can choose Georgian sauce and fresh herbs.

It remains only to buy coal, invite friends, fry everything and eat.

Small Ivanovsky per., 9
+7 (495) 917 07 17, +7 (495) 621 58 85 (delivery)

AT "Noah’s Ark" prepare shish kebab using Armenian technologies

In the oldest Armenian restaurant in Moscow, a whole ram is taken for kebabs (a lamb on a bone — 2500 rubles / 1 kg), marinated Caucasian recipes pork neck (1100 p. / 1 ​​kg), chicken (1000 p. / 1 ​​kg) and one-piece chickens (820 p. / 1 ​​pc.). The prices are rather big, but most of the products are delivered to the restaurant directly from Armenia.

It is convenient that you can not order meat in advance, and buy a day in any quantities, — pickled kebab in «Noah’s Ark» hold ready in anticipation of dear guests. All meat «spare parts» are packed in convenient plastic buckets, and in addition to kebabs they sell takeaway Armenian snacks — eg, hommowith or the national version of hummus (540 p.), homemade cheeses (assorted into 2 portions 790 p.), greens and thin Armenian lavash.

When you first order food and takeaway from 3000 rubles, guests receive a 20% discount on the second order.

Rochdelskaya St., 15 bldg. 30
+7 (495) 120 11 33

Picnic raskolbas in the restaurant "Friendship. Food Manufactory"

At the picnic menu in «Friendship» rather narrow specialization, this is only sausages and sausages. But what!

Meaty Bavarian sausage and white Munich, hunting sausages, sausages from turkey and veal. Everything — 100% handmade by chefs recipes Ivana Yakovleva.

Under the order all this raskolbas can bring to half-ready, pack in a vacuum and send with you on a picnic.

Up to 40 pieces of sausages can be found in the kitchen on demand, if you need more — it is better to order them at least one day.

Prechistenka, 4
+7 (495) 695 0641

In the butcher shop "Voronezh" sell not only steaks, but also kebabs

Especially for the first mass departure on nature in the shop Voronezh steaks appeared in three different marinades: beef is aged in juniper, garlic and rosemary (2600 r. / 1 ​​kg) or “married” with sauce Tabasco, a mixture of peppers and sweet paprika (3100 rub. / 1 ​​kg). Sell ​​and chicken thighs for frying in spicy, ginger soy marinade with curry (650 p. / 1 ​​kg).

But if you want to conjure over the recipe yourself, you can order matured marble steaks in their pure form, which will be cheaper: so vegas steak (the inner part of the scapula) will cost 1550 p. / 1 ​​kg, tibon (lumbar part on the bone) — 3200 r. / 1 ​​kg, porterhouse (lumbar part on the bone) — 3299 r. / kg, and premium tenderloin — 4400 r. / 1 ​​kg.

More democratic scenario barbecue party — sausages for frying from beef, mutton or chicken (850 p. / 1 ​​kg).

Leningradsky Prospect, d. 9b, p. 1
Pyatnitskaya, 82/34, p. 2
+7 (495) 989-65-70

From the restaurant "Acha-chacha" with a picnic you can take not only kebabs, but also a ruddy khachapuri on the grill

AT Hache Chache waiting for those who spend May not in the resorts of Abkhazia, but in Moscow villas.

Especially for a long weekend kebabs from here are pickled. lamb loin (590 rubles / 1 kg), veal (550 p. / 1 ​​kg), pork (410 p. / 1 ​​kg), mutton (550 p. / 1 ​​kg) and chicken (340 p. / 1 ​​kg). For those who want everything at once, there is a special offer — a selection of kebabs for 4-6 people plus kebabs Mutton and veal, vegetables and potatoes for garnish will cost 3500 r.

Moscow, st. 1905, 2
+7 (495) 651 81 10

AT "Barrel" you can order a picnic "Full construction" with the departure of the chef

Chic Meat Restaurant Andrei Dellos, having already become an urban legend, he came up with the organization of country leisure activities with a serious scope.

Here you can not only acquire kebabs, but also order a whole Turnkey picnic with the departure of the chef (the service is valid within 20 km from Moscow Ring Road).

The cooking process will be managed by himself. Igor Bednyakov — a real grill and brazier specialist, so you can safely trust him with the most expensive juicy steaks of premium meat.

There are plenty to choose from: large Tomahawk and Porterhaus steaks, classic Ribeye, Butcher’s steak rich in taste, Top Blade shoulder blade, alternative Sirloin and Chuck Roll, juicy tenderloin, marble ribs and brisket of lamb — just 12 kinds of steaks and a variety of kebabs. And do not forget about wine: restaurant wine list "Barrel" definitely worth a look. All products for a picnic will be delivered from the restaurant with a 20% discount.

The cost of the service itself is 10,000 rubles.

Color Blvd, 5
+7 (499) 290-02-15

Any barbecue from the menu of the Valenok restaurant can be taken as a semi-finished meal.

The most popular of restaurants Arkady Novikova I could not ignore such a popular topic as kebabs to take away. Options — the mass.

Veal (890 p. / 1 ​​kg), lamb (890 p. / 1 ​​kg), pork (550 p. / 1 ​​kg), chicken (450 p. / 1 ​​kg). Plus — all kinds of "liver", from calf kidney before hearts and livers (750 p. / 1 ​​kg).

The most aesthetic offer — Salmon shish kebab with eggplants (950 p. / 1 ​​kg) and rack of lamb (950 p. / 1 ​​kg). If you expect to arrange a country exit on the company to 15 a person — then you can descend into a restaurant after the initial product without warning, pickled kebabs for you will be removed directly from the shop window.

If you are planning a feast for the whole world — the order should be made at least 3 hours in advance, just as much meat should be spent in the marinade.

B.Gruzinskaya, 39
+7 (495) 272 00 47

6, Sadovo-Sukharevskaya Str.

"Molon lave" — shish kebab in Greek

Shish kebab is an international dish.

And in Greece, of course, it also is. In a Greek restaurant Molon Lave offer the classic kebab an interesting alternative — souvlaki chicken, pork and lamb, which the experienced hands of Greek cooks will fully prepare for frying.

Another national hit that is definitely worth trying is Kleftiko, that is, «lamb baked with vegetables.»

Tender mutton will be pickled, stocked with sauce and carefully wrapped in a parchment envelope. You just need to throw in the same packed meat on the grill — and have a picnic, as in Hellas.

Prices for all types of takeaway meat check in the restaurant.

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