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Mascarpone Recipes — Mascarpone Dessert

There are four children in the family and somehow it turned out that we are all autumn. The first season opens Polina — her birthday is in early September.

In early October, Nastya was born.

And in November, we celebrate first my birthday, and then the youngest, Timothy.

A week ago we celebrated Polina’s birthday. She was 16 years old. Time flies by.

I remember her quite small, for some reason I often remember how I found her hiding place.

I was then nine years old, and Polina was four years old.

I noticed that she constantly climbs under the sofa.

It became interesting to me, I also climbed there, and you have no idea what I found there! It turns out that Polina collected small change — she hid all the coins she found in our apartment under the sofa. We considered how much money she had saved up — it turned out 350 rubles.

My sister was very offended then that I told my mother, but her resentment quickly passed.

And I still remember this story with a smile.

This year, Polinin celebrated his birthday with his family. It was very homely.

Instead of a cake, we made a delicious and easy dessert with Mascorpone.

What do you need:

  • 15 pieces cookies «Savoyardi«
  • 150 g butter
  • 200 g mascarpone cheese
  • 100 ml of cream (33% fat)
  • 3 tbsp. l preserves (cranberry, currant, raspberry or lingonberry)

What to do:
Crush the cookies in a blender until coarse, and then fry in a frying pan in butter for about five minutes.

Whip the cream.

When they become airy, add to them Mascarpone and beat until smooth.

The most important thing in this dessert is the serve. I spread cream in high glasses first, then sprinkle with fried crumb biscuits, and pour some jam on top, always with a berry.

It turns out tasty and beautiful!

Maria Galchenko:
“As far as I can remember, they always cooked perfectly at home. Mom devoted most of her time to food: she taught cooking classes, wrote articles, books — so my love for cooking was laid by genes. Accordingly, I started cooking early.

At the age of 14 I went to study in Germany, came to Moscow every 2 months for a small vacation. Since my friends were studying or working in the morning, I needed to find something to do.

It did not take long to search.

I was invisible thread in the kitchen.

I cooked dinners for the whole family, thought up recipes for some incredible cakes, thought about what I could cook for my younger sisters and brother. In a sense, I found myself enjoying incredible pleasure from the process of cooking and delight of family and friends, caused by my, so to speak, hobby. ”

Recipes from Maria Galchenko:

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With age, for some reason we forget about this simple.

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