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Mango Chips

This week Marina Pankova went shopping and found mango chips. Unexpectedly and boldly.

We try!

Actually, I’m calm about exotic fruits.

Moreover, I do not know how to choose them at all, they will turn out to be unripe, they will already be spoiled.

Mango chips bought to amuse her youngest son — well, not everything is potato grumble!

On the way home, while standing in traffic, I could not stand it — with hunger I opened the box slightly.

A very warm, almost tropical flavor swam through the cabin. I wanted to go to the beach, lie down on a chaise longue, close my eyes and take a sip of a glass of chilled martini extra dry …

The taste of the chips turned out to be with a pleasant sourness.

I ate only a few things, but I forgot about hunger. It turned out a great snack.

Only here some familiar feeling did not give rest. Once upon a time I had already experienced it …

I first tried mangoes in the mid-70s. My great-uncle from Odessa, a pilot of international airlines, often brought from long-haul trips some strange gift for metropolitan relatives.

Once I brought a fruit with a melodious name — mango.

My grandmother and I went to wash the overseas thing in the communal kitchen, where, in addition to our table, there were tables for another 18 neighbors.

Unnoticed, our actions did not remain.

— What is it with you, Shura? — coming up to the sink, Sarah Iosifovna asked with curiosity, with whom I personally had no relationship.

As soon as I rode a tricycle into the 40-meter corridor of the communal apartment, Sara Iosifovna demanded to immediately stop this mess.

— This is a mango! — fervently answered grandmother, a supporter of home cycling. — It grows in Thailand.

And you, my dear, have not you ever tried?

Sara Iosifovna contemptuously pursed her lips: «I have not tried.»

The rest of the hostesses present in the kitchen looked at her grandmother with respect.

With head held high, we went to our room with valuable cargo.

Foreign product laid out on a large white dish. My uncle cleaned the fruit and explained to us how to eat it properly — with a fork and a knife. It seemed that nothing more beautiful in my life, I have not tried.

The mango seems to have mixed the taste and aroma of my favorite bananas, peaches and melons. And for some reason oddly smelled of coniferous forest. Within minutes, only a bone remained from the mango.

I dried it and bragged for a long time in front of my friends in the yard.

Many years have passed since then.

Mango has long been freely sold in Moscow, and I have bought it many times in the hope of reviving childhood memories.

In vain! And the taste of chips suddenly turned out to be very similar to the taste of my very first mango in my life.

And it is not surprising — chips are made from ripe fruits using a special technology that fully preserves the natural taste and aroma of the fruit.

Sugar, flavorings and dyes are missing.

Although mango chips belong to the new generation of nutritious snacks, they are also excellent as a dessert.

Drinking tea with such snacks is a pleasure.

But my son Levochka ate a box of chips without any tea.

Mango Chips, Greenday, Thailand, 40 g, 206 rub.

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