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Liquid Muffin Cake, Step by Step Recipe with Photos

Once we sat in a favorite Moscow institution with the beautiful name “Simple Things” and thought: what would you like to have for coffee?

And chose this cupcake.

What was our shock when we brought this little miracle, in the middle of which was found thickest hot chocolate!

  • 200 g dark chocolate (70% cocoa)
  • 100 g butter plus for molds
  • 2 eggs
  • 3 yolks
  • 1/3 cup brown sugar
  • 2 tbsp. l flour
  • a pinch of salt

The dough for these muffins is very convenient to prepare in advance (it can stand in the refrigerator without any damage to the quality from 24 to 36 hours), cover with a film and cool.

In this case, you will need a little more time for baking — about 10–12 minutes.

Muffins are often confused with small cupcakes. Indeed, American muffins often bake.

Hot chocolate is a drink that necessarily includes melted chocolate as well.

Cocoa is a liquid drink made from cocoa powder, slightly sweetened and diluted with water and milk. .

Prague Cake and Sacher Cake

Handmade chocolate figurines will be a great gift for little kids, and.

For a long time I got accustomed to this recipe after I saw it in a magazine. But I don’t remember exactly whether I prepared it or not.) So much positive feedback.

It must be done, if that!

In the meantime, add to the cookbook.

chocolate fondant almost

Cooked according to your recipe. Everything turned out the first time, happy and proud as an elephant walked. My sooo liked my family, they said that now this is my signature dish :)) But I confused and bought 100 grams of chocolate. But it didn’t get worse.

And I baked about 11 minutes since I put the silicone tins on the baking sheet and it was probably because of this that it was longer cooked.

Thanks for the recipe.

Yes, this is such a special kind of chocolate baking, with not fully baked dough in the center.

If you do not put chocolate in the inside, how is the liquid middle?

Is this just not baked dough?

Wonderful cupcakes! Always baked in the oven, and today made in a slow cooker) 20 minutes and the cake is ready)))

Cupcakes are delicious! Instead of the usual flour, you can add as much almond flour, I also added 1 tbsp. spoon and brandy bake until the first crack on the surface.

The taste and aroma is simply amazing!

Made cupcakes on the weekend. Wonderful recipe! And hot and out of the fridge cupcakes are just wonderful.

With fruit, what you need! I advise

How much do you get roughly muffins from a given number of ingredients? Only 6?

Interestingly, is it possible to bake a cake like this?)) Will there be a liquid core? Has anyone tried?

Many times she made these cupcakes, deliciously.

I want to try with different chocolates.

For the guest who left a comment 04/22/2013 14:36:32 Of course you can.

Is it possible to replace brown sugar with plain (white)?

For the Guest who left a comment 02/11/2013 12:07:45 In this recipe, you do not need to put chocolate in the dough.

The liquid middle is obtained in the process of baking chocolate, which is in the dough, it melts, it turns out a liquid filling.

tell me, how to put the chocolate inside the dough?

For Irina, That’s right: flour need 2 tablespoons.

These muffins should have a liquid middle, so flour is used a little.

Dough when baking give chocolate and eggs.

Please specify the number of flour (2 tablespoons).

What superskie cupcakes turn out! Inside the liquid chocolate and chocolate flavor! And so easy and fast!

Thanks for the wonderful recipe!

For Elena, That’s right.

We need to take five eggs: three have only yolks, and separate the whites in a bowl. With proteins you can make meringues later.

And two whole eggs, with protein.

Very much wanted to do. only if I understood correctly, eggs 2pcs. whole and yolks 3 pcs. from separate three eggs? It turns out only 5 eggs are involved, but three of them without protein?

the recipe is very good, it turns out great

Sooooo chocolate cupcakes.

For chocolate lovers the most!

I put the cookie cutters on the tram and then in the oven for 7 minutes, it was possible to hold it longer, since hard to get cupcakes from molds (very tender) Served with vanilla ice cream, husband delighted!

I agree with Olga, it smells just super! ))))))) bake cupcakes better about 5 minutes, and then every 30 seconds to look into the oven until you see that the edges and the top have been baked. I know it sounds silly, but for me they stopped being liquid inside once in 20 seconds, so it’s better to be safe.

And I accidentally overexposed, and the middle one turned out not to be liquid. It is a great pity. So in no case do not bake long. And the aroma is crazy.

delicious. It is best to bake it in paper or silicone tins, or it will crack when taken out. in general, the cupcake is just super.

Thanks for your recipe, the cupcakes are amazing, as an option you can fill it with cherries and bake until ready =) so I won the heart of my husband!

very tasty and simple cake))) I cooked, the center, however, liquid, which is very pleased)) for breakfast on Sunday — the most it)

umm is a song. very tasty with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! The main thing is not to overdo it in the oven, bake no more than 8 minutes! I take this opportunity to thank the team of this site!

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