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Lenten table: traditional dishes in excellent performance

Lenten table: traditional dishes in excellent performance

Traditional Russian blanks: pickles, vegetable snacks and fruit juice they save us in winter and in early spring, when there is practically no fresh local gifts of nature.

During Lent they are also very relevant. Undoubtedly, many handy and skillful housewives prepared these goodies even in the summer, but what to do to everyone else — who had already eaten everything, or simply did not pickle, did not roll into the banks and squeeze? It remains only to go to the city or online store.

We have chosen for tasting a set of Lenten products from online store Ogorod for Gorod and not lost!

The high demand and popularity of traditional blanks led to the appearance on the shelves of a large number of similar products. It seems they all look spectacular, and bright labels in every way praise the canned product, but many still prefer to buy cucumbers and sauerkraut from grandmothers selling pickles near the subway. The main advantage of such sales «from hand to hand» is the opportunity to try the proposed product on the spot.

Consider that you are already involved in such a sale, we have done only the tasting of the blanks for you.

So, the lean set from the online store Ogorod for Gorod — These are pickled cucumbers, sauerkraut, eggplant caviar and apple juice.

Salted cucumbers exceeded all our expectations. They are wonderful. it barrel salted istobensky cucumbers, grown in open ground and cooked according to the original technology.

They are crispy, moderately salty, with a bright and memorable taste.

Eat them and rejoice: good cucumbers!

Eggplant Caviar prepared from vegetables grown in the Volgograd region in the floodplain of the Akhtuba river. During the spring flood, dry chernozem is saturated with essential nutrients and turns into fertile soil.

In such a soil, without any additives and fertilizers, eggplants and tomatoes grow, from which vegetable caviar is obtained.

Before chopping them, the vegetables are fried on a brazier to a characteristic crispy crust. It provides a recognizable and beloved fragrance «with smoke».

To caviar there are no questions!

Homemade, distinct consistency — not puree, but caviar, minced or chopped in a blender.

It seemed to us brackish, but we ate it — for the sake of the purity of the experiment — without bread.

Sauerkraut Sour with salt, without vinegar and any additives. For the necessary sweetness meets carrots. At production the traditional recipe is used.

We cabbage seemed a little lethargic.

Probably, temperature storage after salting was not observed.

Apple juice — a great. Transparent (without pulp), pleasantly sweet with light sourness.

As it turned out, to get a bright taste, slightly frozen apples are used and the drink does not require the addition of sugar.

In general, we were very, very pleased with the lean set, which is relevant and always good.

The only remark: it would be good on the package, regardless of weight, to indicate the composition of the ingredients and the place of gathering vegetables and fruits.

After all, targeting, openness and honesty bribe much more than bright spectacular labels.

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