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Lenten menu in Moscow restaurants

From February 19 to Easter (April 8), Orthodox people observe Lent — they seek spiritual purification and abstain from “animal” food and carnal pleasures.

And for Moscow restaurants, fasting is an excellent opportunity to prove oneself.

Lenten pancakes and fritters, pies with mushrooms and potatoes, cereals, green cabbage soup, mushroom soups, pickles, fruit drinks, jelly and kvass — Russian cuisine is famous for tasty and healthy meatless dishes.

But there are also suitable for overseas «overseas dishes»: Italian pasta, French ratatouille, Thai salads and much more!

The main thing — to remember, on what occasion all this abundance.

Restaurant Shinok address: 1905, ul. 2B
Tel .: +7 (495) 154-8364

Ukrainian restaurant Shinok stays hospitable and generous even during Great Lent: for those who plan to abstain from animal products for seven weeks, Chef Elena Nikiforova developed a special Lenten menu.

Snacks and salads:
Vinaigrette with boars — 420 rubles
Aspic apples — 500 rubles
Nettle caviar — 390 rubles
Salad with pumpkin and celery — 510 rubles
Salad with champignons — 790 rubles
Fresh vegetables served in a box — 650 rubles
Assorted pickled mushrooms — 720 rubles

Lentil soup — 420 rubles
Mushroom noodles — 790 rubles

Main dishes:
Cabbage rolls with white mushrooms — 790 rubles
Dumplings with cabbage — 590 rubles
Grilled pumpkin (260 rubles
Buckwheat porridge with mushrooms and onions — 310 rubles
Baked eggplant with adjika — 510 rubles
Roast with porcini mushrooms — 780 rubles

Bird cherry cake — 420 rubles

Restaurant address Voronezh: Prechistenka st., 4
Tel .: +7 (495) 695-0641

In the three-storeyed mansion Voronezh, where they usually cook marble steaks, they were not a little surprised: the restaurant prepared a huge Lenten menu in which more than three dozen dishes fit on any day of Great Lent — from the most ascetic to the rather rich.

Snacks and salads:
Vegan carpaccio of thin slices of zucchini with tofu cheese and ponzu sauce — 470 rubles
Non-Soviet salad with salted cucumbers, sauerkraut and olive oil — 220 rubles
Quinoa salad with broccoli, dried tomatoes, sesame dressing and pesto sauce — 580 rubles
Marinated with horseradish and cumin beetroot — 280 rubles
Fragrant salted milk mushrooms, fried in sour cream with garlic — 450 rubles

“Moscow” solyanka with homemade tomato paste, cabbage, mushrooms and lime — 320 rubles

Main dishes:
Bulgur wheat with avocado and pine nuts — 530 rubles
Barley with pumpkin, chickpea and spicy zira — 350 rubles
Pearl barley with pickles — 350 rubles
Buckwheat porridge with porcini mushrooms — 360 rubles
Vegetable stew of eggplants, zucchini, bell peppers and tomatoes — 450 rubles
Spaghetti with smoked cucumbers and tomatoes — 390 rubles, or with truffle and porcini mushrooms — 720 rubles
Baked kundyum with mince from buckwheat and white mushrooms — 450 rubles, with cauliflower and pine nuts — 450 rubles, and also with potatoes and basil — 380 rubles

Chia seed puddings: with baked apple — 350 rubles, chocolate and raspberries — 460 rubles or fresh ground berries — 580 rubles

SimpleWine Chef&Bar Pavel Annenkov believes that Asian cuisine is one of the best options for fasting.

Buckwheat soba noodles are considered the most easily digested of all types of carbohydrates, and it does not contain gluten, cabbage is rich in vitamin C and healthy dietary fiber, and tofu is a complete vegetable protein.

Salad with homemade hummus, grilled vegetables and dried tomatoes — 300 rubles
Traditional cabbage salad, but with spicy Asian sauce — 340 rubles
Japanese style salad: buckwheat noodle and fried tofu — 460 rubles
«Buckwheat» with vegetables, she is noodles with coconut sauce — 390 rubles

This year, the brand-chef of the “Jonjoli” network, Rusiko Shamatava, offers nearly four dozen authentic and colorful Georgian dishes, in the recipe of which is fire with spice, freshness of almost spring vegetables and the brightness of national recipes.

Snacks and salads:
Fried eggplant rolls with nuts and red adjika — 250 rubles
Jonjoli — pickled unblown buds of the gnaw (shrub in Georgia) with red onions and cilantro — 270 rubles
Georgian salad: cucumbers and tomatoes with a mountain of fresh greens — 260 rubles
Ajapsandal — 340 rubles
Megrelian Lobio — 210 rubles
Lobio kharkalia — 280 rubles

Eggplant with hazelnuts and cilantro — 320 rubles
From string beans and red onions — 230 rubles
Spinach with nut butter — 240 rubles
Beets and walnuts — 220 rubles

Hot dishes:
Fried or boiled khinkali with potatoes and mushrooms (3 pcs.) — 160 rubles
Kutaby with pumpkin — 240 rubles, parsley with dill — 240 rubles
Fried potatoes with mushrooms — 260 rubles
Potato pancakes with oyster mushrooms — 360 rubles
Cabbage rolls with red beans, sweet peppers and zucchini — 360 rubles
Buckwheat with mushrooms, onion and garlic — 170 rubles

Churchkhela with hazelnuts or walnuts — 290 rubles
Pelamushi — 150 rubles
Cherry dumplings — 180 rubles
Chocolate manna with cranberry sauce — 350 rubles

Restaurant address: Kuznetsky Most ul., 21/5
Tel .: +7 (495) 135-1413

Avocados and cashews, banana chutney and pumpkin, green curry and rambutan, sour cream from nuts and vegan Tom Yam — a Carne / Vino restaurant have introduced a fast-food menu. The basis of the diet in Lent in the restaurant of Yulia Vysotskaya Carne / Vino took dishes and products of South-East Asia — colorful, bright, savory and even spicy.

And necessarily satisfying.

Raw food salad of avocado, green apple and cucumber — 310 rubles

Vegan Tom Yam on coconut milk with chili pepper, galangl root and lemongrass leaves — 420 rubles
Pumpkin cream soup with banana chutney — 380 rubles

Main dishes:
Green curry with jasmine rice with sweet pepper and zucchini — 490 rubles
Grilled artichokes with grapefruit and almonds with honey-citrus sauce — 420 rubles
Panko steak from cauliflower in breadcrumbs with nut sour cream and tomato-sesame sauce — 470 rubles

Restaurant Address: 26 Tverskoy Blvd., bld. 2
Tel .: +7 (495) 651-8170

For someone restrictions — a reason for frustration, and for the chef Fahrenheit Victor Titov — this is another opportunity to shine all the faces of talent.

Snacks and salads:
Quinoa Falafel, teriyaki sauce, paneer cheese, hummus — 380 rubles
Zucchini carpaccio, watermelon radish, pesto sauce, kohlrabi, salad mix, black truffle — 580 rubles
Vegetable salad with asparagus, radish, zucchini, lettuce mix, avocado, peanut, tomato, aloe sauce — 640 rubles
Broken cucumbers, kimchi, peanuts, cilantro, sesame oil — 380 rubles
Hummus with vegetables, pak choi, oyster mushrooms, zucchini, chickpeas, peas, rustic bread, — 380 rubles
Quinoa and crisp eggplant, salad mix, tomatoes, grapefruit sauce, cilantro — 550 rubles

Cream soup of asparagus and zucchini, olive oil, shallot, thyme, chips — 450 rubles

Main dishes:
Baked beets and pears, quinoa, coconut, cilantro, fennel — 550 rubles
Scallops of oyster mushroom, lentils, celery root, spinach — 940 rubles

Chickpea mille., Chickpea meringue, condensed milk soy custard, persimmon, mango, chia seeds — 480 rubles

Restaurant address ΜΟ Λ Ν Λ: Bol. Gruzinskaya st., 39
Tel .: +7 (495) 542-8080, 272-0047

The restaurant on Bolshaya Gruzinskaya offers a fast-food menu in Greek tradition, in which the main roles are given to dishes from vegetables and seafood.

Eggplant caviar on the grill of Melidzana, served with grissini — 350 rubles
Fried artichokes with Psiti Aginara olive paste — 420 rubles
Marinated octopus with Htapodi Ksidato olive oil — 480 rubles
Kolokifokeftedes cutlets (290 rubles and Domatokeftedes — 290 rubles from zucchini and tomatoes

Spakanopitakya with spinach (270 rubles
Manitaropita Me Patata with potatoes and mushrooms — 270 rubles

Beetroot pazarosalata with walnut — 310 rubles
Carosalata Me Kolokifa carrot with roasted pumpkin and honey — 320 rubles
Horyatika Village Salad — 330 rubles
Potato patathosalata — 310 rubles

Pumpkin Kolokifosupa — 350 rubles
Bean Fasolada — 370 rubles

Main dishes:
Greek pasta Crifaroto Me Domato with baked tomatoes — 390 rubles
Buckwheat with champignons and olives Fagopiro Me Manitaria — 370 rubles
Vegetable garden grill Psita Lakhanika — 480 rubles
Vegetable Moussaka with mushrooms — 450 rubles
Assorted sea reptiles Pikilia Falasinon — 2350 rubles, which are allowed in the post according to Greek traditions

Halva — 250 rubles
Portokalopita orange cake — 270 rubles

“Mad chef” Maxim Volkov pulled himself together and also developed a special menu for Lent.

Although the names of the dishes cheer even the most peaceful fasting.

Snacks and salads:
Crudo of raw vegetables with soy sour cream — 780 rubles
Salad ½ avocado with expensive vegetables — 720 rubles
Not a Small vegetable salad with dressing to choose from — soy sour cream, olive oil, fragrant oil) — 720 rubles
Green salad and green vegetables and Yuzu — 570 rubles
Quinoa with Baku cucumbers, beans and different tomatoes — 540 rubles
Pink «Crazy» tomatoes with Yalta onions and capers — 870 rubles
Fresh artichokes carpaccio — 1580 rubles
Bruschetta with crushed avocado, tofu and tomatoes — 580 rubles

Ribolitto soup with savoy cabbage — 400 rubles
Soup of 5 cabbage puree without white cabbage — 400 rubles
Soup with non-Russian mushrooms — 540 rubles
Pumpkin soup and galangal root — 400 rubles

Main dishes:
Fried Potatoes with Onions / Porcini Mushrooms — 420/580 rubles
Grilled vegetables — 370 rubles
Black Thai rice — 280 rubles
Roasted Spinach — 340 rubles
Penne Arabyato without Parmesan — 640 rubles
Pasta Picchi with porcini mushrooms — 680 rubles
Spaghetti Ale Olio — 680 rubles
Spaghetti with artichoke and asparagus — 1780 rubles

Restaurant address Ded Pihto: Myasnitskaya st., 37, p. 3
Tel .: +7 (495) 915-8383, (903) 974-8700

Vegetable salads, vegetarian chops and fruit desserts prevail in the lenten menu.

Salad with pickled tofu — 400 rubles
Salad from fresh red cabbage — 220 rubles
Vinaigrette with sauerkraut — 390 rubles
Georgian vegetable salad — 340 rubles
Ajapsandali — 290 rubles
Salad of pickled Chinese cabbage with peppers — 420 rubles

Vegetable soup — 300 rubles
Mushroom soup — 300 rubles

Thai pancakes with vegetable filling with sweet and sour sauce — 250 rubles
Fried potatoes home-made with onions and mushrooms — 390 rubles
Buckwheat with onions and carrots — 190 rubles
Udon noodles with vegetables in sweet and sour sauce — 280 rubles

Baked apple with lingonberry jam — 170 rubles
Panacotta made from coconut cream — 210 rubles

Lenten menu in the restaurant Russian Geographical Society

Restaurant Address: Novaya Square, 10/2
Tel .: +7 (495) 760-0898, (985) 760-0898

The restaurant’s chef Pavel Kulagin has developed a simple menu with elegant flavoring notes.

Snacks and salads:
Tabule with fresh vegetables and couscous — 370 rubles
Salad with baked beets, pickled grapes, goji berries and zucchini weed — 390 rubles
Warm salad with oyster mushrooms, avocado and new potatoes — 430 rubles

Soup with porcini mushrooms and homemade noodles, seasoned with greens — 320 rubles
Cream of Jerusalem artichoke with chestnut and lime granite — 360 rubles
Tomato soup with gnocchi and crispy cauliflower — 340 rubles

Main dishes:
Bean steak with roasted celery and vegetable sauce — 480 rubles
Dumplings with baked potatoes and mushrooms, with spinach cream and roasted capers — 570 rubles
Ratatouille with tomato sauce and romanesco cabbage — 460 rubles

Restaurant Modus Address: 1st Workers Lane., Ow. four
Tel .: +7 (495) 221-1023

Chef Victor Beley has created vitamins-rich dishes that we need so much after a long, cold winter.

Unusual combinations of products, delicate textures, beautiful presentation — the post will be beautiful.

Snacks and salads:
Light green salad with artichokes and avocados and dried tomatoes — 990 rubles
Sports Fit Salad — 440 rubles
Warm tartar from mushrooms — 670 rubles

A hearty lentil soup with spinach — 320 rubles
Zucchini cream soup with smoked tofu cream — 340 rubles
Artichoke cream soup — 560 rubles

Main dishes:
Mini dumplings with mushrooms — 620 rubles
Mini dumplings with spinach and smoked tofu — 760 rubles
Artichoke risotto with fried oyster mushrooms and black truffle — 1200 rubles
White mushrooms with tomatoes — 970 rubles

Chia with coconut, mango, quinoa and raspberry popcorn — 690 rubles
Classic American cheesecake with coconut — 580 rubles

Restaurant addresses: 14/2, Nikitskaya ul., Bldg. 7, Tel .: +7 (495) 968-5373
SEC «European», 2nd floor, atrium «Berlin», Tel .: +7 (495) 799-6163

Burger Chef&Pizzetta Bili Shabani made sure that during the Great Lent the guests at the restaurants on Bolshaya Nikitskaya and in the “European” shopping center had an impressive choice of tasty and healthy dishes: about 30.

Snacks and salads:
Warm salad of baked vegetables with quinoa and Asian sauce — 360 rubles
Hummus with baked bell pepper — 290 rubles

Cream soup of broccoli with almond petals and truffle oil — 290 rubles
Baked sweet potatoes with corn, avocado and cashew sauce — 490 rubles

With vegetables, corn and tofu — 390 rubles
With falafel and tahini sauce — 350 rubles
With a mix of mushrooms and fresh tomato sauce — 420 rubles

Falafel burger — 330 rubles, with tofu in almond breading, Vietnamese salad and eggplant — 450 rubles
Eggplant patty burger — 450 rubles
Assorted 3 meatless mini-burgers — 550 rubles

Apricot share — 250 rubles

Chef Mikhail Gerashchenko during the fast does not get bored himself and does not give fast to those who fast.

In his view, a lean dish is not a sentence, but a rare opportunity to embark on experiments with allowed ingredients.

Snacks and salads:
Salad with roasted romano leaves, broccoli, edamame beans and tofu cheese — 550 rubles
Salad with spinach, confit tomatoes, Kalamata olives, rice popcorn with honey mustard dressing — 380 rubles

Tomato with cauliflower and parsnip chips — 370 rubles
Vegetable with savoy cabbage, Blanche beans, shiitake mushrooms and chickpeas — 300 rubles

Main dishes:
Petite with dried tomatoes, Kalamata olives, baked pumpkin and salted lemon — 420 rubles
Dumplings stuffed with baked potatoes, mushrooms and truffle paste — 430 rubles
Buckwheat with porcini mushrooms — 420 rubles
Eggplant in tempura and with tahini sauce — 350 rubles
Marinated with confit tomatoes, mini romano leaves and tahini sauce — 550 rubles

Broken chocolate cake with nuts and raisins — 450 rubles

Restaurant Address: 18 b Lev Tolstoy St.
Tel .: +7 (903) 253-4141

Having lost meat, fish and seafood, Chef Mirko Kaldino easily finds a way out, without forgetting about the concept, famously twirled around the grill.

Three types of carpaccio with fennel and fried tofu — 610 rubles
Spring rolls with nut sauce, tofu and eggplant from the grill — 570 rubles
Pumpkin cream soup with artichokes, baked vegetables and almonds — 650 rubles
Risotto with asparagus — 670 rubles
Strawberry soup with almond blancmange — 450 rubles

Uilliams Restaurant Address: 20A Malaya Bronnaya Street
Tel .: +7 (495) 650-6462

Chef Luigi Magni made a Lenten menu of laconic dishes in Middle Eastern style.

Snacks and salads:
Tomato Carpaccio — 880 rubles
Vegetarian salad — 750 rubles
Pepper / Guacamole Ceviche — 590 rubles
Mushroom pate — 400 rubles

Pumpkin cream soup / black rice / almond — 400 rubles
Minestrone with lentils / legumes — 390 rubles

Main dishes:
Yam cutlet and seeds / avocado / beef tomato / hummus — 600 rubles
Tabule / baked eggplant / pesto — 750 rubles

Coconut pudding / chia / raspberry seeds — 520 rubles
Baked apple / nuts / coconut sorbet — 550 rubles
Sorbet: black currant, mango, coconut, lemon — 150 rubles

In Japan, there is no concept of fasting, but vegetarianism, restraint in food and respect for other people’s traditions are typical of the Japanese.

Snacks and salads:
Marinated lotus — 280 rubles
Wok-fried bamboo — 120 rubles
Carrots marinated in ponze — 120 rubles
Salad of chopped white cabbage seasoned with truffle oil — 120 rubles

Vegetable or lean ramen — 680 rubles

Main dishes:
Juicy broccoli, fried in teppan with leek and miso sauce — 380 rubles

Tapioca in coconut milk and with mango — 280 rubles

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