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Lenten dishes with legumes — learn to cook with Natasha Skvortsova

Lenten dishes with legumes — learn to cook with Natasha Skvortsova

For two weeks Fasting I lost 3 kg. I can not say that I am glad.

Scales show minus three, and the volume remains the same. I understand that weight loss was not due to the reduction of strategic reserves — fat, but due to the loss of muscle mass. Total lack of protein in the diet manifested itself.

I decided to pay attention to legumes — even vegetable ones, but still proteins.

Monday — warm red lentil salad with spinach
I fry two cloves of garlic in vegetable oil and a teaspoon of cumin and ginger.

Add lentils, mix, pour in some water and cook for about 20 minutes on low heat. Season with salt and pepper.

Then add finely chopped mint, cilantro and red onion. Spinach leaves sprinkled with nut butter, lemon juice and spread on a plate.

Add lentils and lemon zest.

Very refreshing!

Tuesday — hummus

A glass of chickpea chickpeas soaked overnight in cold water. In the morning I cook for an hour in water without salt (salt increases the cooking time). Then, using an immersion blender, I turn chickpeas into mashed potatoes with half a glass of olive oil, 4 cloves of garlic, lemon juice and salt.

Previously, I also added crushed sesame.

But this time he was not at home, he did without him and it turned out no worse.

Ready hummus is usually spread on pita bread or tortilla tortillas, add a lot of lettuce leaves and greens, wrap and eat with tomatoes.

Wednesday — pea cutlets

At night, soak half a glass of peas in a glass of water with the addition of a tablespoon of soda. In the morning I drain the water, dry the peas and grind in a blender together with onions, garlic, parsley, salt and pepper.

Add 2 tablespoons of flour and knead well. I make small round burgers, roll them in flour and fry them in deep fat.

Served with tomato, red onion and cilantro salad.

Thursday — white bean salad with mint
A can of canning white beans otkidyvu on a sieve to the glass moisture.

In a separate bowl, mix olive oil, turmeric, hot peppers, chopped mint and red onions.

Stir in beans and season with salt.

Friday — Phali
Boil a kilo of green beans, pre-cut her tails. Then I squeeze well from excess moisture and pass through a meat grinder along with walnuts (about a glass).

Adding adjika and special dry mix for phali (brought from Abkhazia). Mix well. If the mixture turned thick, I can add a little water in which the beans were boiled.

Served just like that.

Tasty and satisfying.

Saturday — Bean Curry
I take on a handful of red, white beans and beanswith a peephole«.

Soak overnight in cold water. In the morning I put on a strong fire, after boiling I reduce the heat and cook for an hour and a half to full readiness. I heat 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil in a pan and fry mustard and cumin seeds first, then add onions, garlic, ginger, curry and chili pepper.

When the spices reveal the flavor, pour in a can of grated tomatoes (about 400 g), salt and carcass for another 5-7 minutes.

I add ready beans, finely chopped cilantro and let it brew with minimum heat for half an hour.

Curry is delicious both hot and cold.

Sunday — Bean Burgers
I fry 1 onion, 2 cloves of garlic and 1 teaspoon of coriander and cumin seeds in vegetable oil.

Add four handfuls of finely chopped champignons and fry until all the moisture boils away.

I put the canned white beans on a sieve to drain the glass and knead it with mashed potato mash.

Add finely chopped parsley, fried mushrooms, mix well and season with salt and pepper. I form burgers, roll them in flour, sprinkle with butter and fry in the oven in grill mode for about 5 minutes on each side.

Served with green salad.

Illustrations: Natasha Skvortsova

Natasha Skvortsova:
“I have four children and, of course, most of the time I spend in the kitchen. I perceive any information from the point of view of its application to cooking. When I meet a new person, I look into his eyes and try to guess what he eats for breakfast and what his lunch consists of.

Very often, according to eating habits, you can make a psychological portrait of a person.

I do not have branded recipes. I cook so many and varied that there is no need to repeat the same dish several times.

I like to experiment.

If something touches me in a dish, I take it as an idea as a basis and develop it. I do not like the phrase «author’s cuisine.»

All the basic culinary techniques invented before us. You can only change something, customize for yourself, to your tastes.

I can stand at the stove all day and get an incredible thrill from it.

I like to watch the soup gurgle in a saucepan and the clear broth overflows with amber bubbles. I love the smell of fried onions and garlic.

I like the warm softness of yeast dough and the flavor of cherry pie with cardamom.

If it were possible, I would live in the kitchen. ”

Learning to cook with Natasha Skvortsova

Pasta with pesto sauce

Our family is quite Italian. First, a lot of children.

Secondly, the cult of pasta. We eat them every day: boiled, fried, sour, sweet, spicy, with sauce and without.

See below.

Yeast dough

Never be afraid to cook a new dish and do not tell yourself: this will not work for me. Fear in any business is a bad helper, and especially in the kitchen.

See below.

Lenten soups

Natasha Skvortsova decided to devote the second week of Great Lent to soups — actual recipes for every day. First of all, I don’t want refreshing salads: spring is not in a hurry.

See below.

Dishes from frozen fish

As from frozen fish of dubious gastronomic merit, to prepare dishes that are excellent in all respects is the personal experience of Natasha Skvortsova.

See below.


Meringue is very easy to prepare, although at first glance it may seem difficult.

I myself thought so for a long time, until I started doing it.

See below.

Cabbage Salad

The first days of Lent are always the most difficult for me. It is necessary to enter the post without shock for the body.

And if earlier on the eve of Lent I arranged gluttony days.

See below.

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